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  1. F.Michael

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Does it involve more than 'just the tip'?
  2. F.Michael

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Gets his nose dirty and has good hands, but with him being injured often you tend to forget that he's a Red Wing...Possibly not for long.
  3. F.Michael

    Howard = Average

    At this point - any rival other than Chicago...
  4. F.Michael

    Howard = Average

    Osgood apparently felt Cossa was a better risk than Wally and voiced his opinion to Yzerman... Yeah...Not gonna happen
  5. F.Michael

    Saul and Cokey - A Feelgood Story of the Ages

    I'd like to see Yzerman add some toughness to the roster...
  6. F.Michael

    Saul and Cokey - A Feelgood Story of the Ages

    Truth be told I'm curious as to what will become of Zadina...
  7. F.Michael

    1/26/23 GDT Wings @ Habs

    Indeed...Funny how everyone seems happy for Fabbri...IMHO it was a combo of Seider/Rasmountain lugging the puck up ice and Rasmountain with the sweet deft deke and subtle pass over to Fabbri with a half empty net to seal the deal (mind you if it was Zadina he would've shot it high/wide/into the goalie's chest).
  8. F.Michael

    New New Prospects Thread

    Truth be told - I wanted Wallstedt since by most scouts analysis he was more likely to make the NHL as a regular...Maybe not flashy - although a few said they saw Lundqvist like qualities...But the 'high end potential' of Cossa apparently won Osgood/Yzerman. One report that really caught my attention - and I for one will claim ignorance when it comes to prospects/drafting/etc...A scout mentioned about how a guy like Cossa - playing in Major Jr in Canada - be wary of his inflated numbers when he has a good team in front of him...Inflated #'s at that level can be misleading...
  9. F.Michael

    New New Prospects Thread

    But we have Cossa...Right?
  10. F.Michael

    Jake Walman Megathread

    Wouldn't surprise me to see Walman traded by the deadline.
  11. F.Michael

    Larkin & Bertuzzi Contract Watch? Red Wings TDL Discussion.

  12. F.Michael

    Larkin & Bertuzzi Contract Watch? Red Wings TDL Discussion.

    Flames are a fun team to watch...Too bad Markstrom fell apart in the playoffs against the Oilers of all teams.
  13. F.Michael

    1/16/23 GDT Wings @ Avs

    Seems like with Lalonde we're still down 2 or 3 goals after the 1st...Blashill part deux?
  14. F.Michael

    Rumors Thread

    If we had Edmonton/Buffalo type luck at the draft lotto I'd say sure - lets sell at the deadline...But we don't have that luck...Our luck is another 3 or 4 years of Svechnikov, Cholowski, Zadina, etc.
  15. F.Michael

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

  16. F.Michael

    My Fandom

  17. F.Michael

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

  18. Clean hit - unfortunate outcome.
  19. Saul Goyzerman would approve.
  20. I'll have to wait until after this season to agree/disagree here, but as of now there's similarities.
  21. Yeah - watched it all...That 3rd period would've made Blashill proud.
  22. Husso as usual is the reason the Wings are still in this game.
  23. 1st time this season I'll watch the game from start to finish.
  24. F.Michael

    Howard = Average

    I assume most here have heard of the singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett? Well how about Jimmy's Buffet? Can have 'Cheeseburger in Paradise' play as the intro...
  25. F.Michael

    Dr Jeckylalonde and Mr Hydezerman

    I’d be happy with a stale box of Timbits from the dumpster.