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  1. Saul Goyzerman would approve.
  2. I'll have to wait until after this season to agree/disagree here, but as of now there's similarities.
  3. Yeah - watched it all...That 3rd period would've made Blashill proud.
  4. Husso as usual is the reason the Wings are still in this game.
  5. 1st time this season I'll watch the game from start to finish.
  6. F.Michael

    Howard = Average

    I assume most here have heard of the singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett? Well how about Jimmy's Buffet? Can have 'Cheeseburger in Paradise' play as the intro...
  7. F.Michael

    Dr Jeckylalonde and Mr Hydezerman

    I’d be happy with a stale box of Timbits from the dumpster.
  8. F.Michael

    Phoenix Coyotes To Be Renamed Arizona Coyotes

    Fort Worth is what - 50 miles from Dallas?
  9. F.Michael

    Phoenix Coyotes To Be Renamed Arizona Coyotes

    How so? I was under the impression that SJ has sound owner/s and with a strong fanbase that shows up for games. If I recall Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta didn't want to pay 'expansion fee' prices ie approx $500 million for a relocation franchise such as the Yotes...That was a few years ago, but I don't know where he stands today nor Bettman/BoG.
  10. F.Michael

    David Perron $4.75 x 2

    Is there sumthin wrong with eastern Canadians?
  11. F.Michael

    Phoenix Coyotes To Be Renamed Arizona Coyotes

    Yeah - saw this a few days ago on HF Boards...No surprise really when taking into consideration the ups/downs of this franchise since they left Winnipeg in favor of Phoenix back in 1995. I honestly hope it stays there - just to piss off and f*** over both Bettman and the BoG. financially.
  12. F.Michael

    David Perron $4.75 x 2

    Pic of Chiarot's grandparents on their wedding day prior to emigrating to Canada...
  13. F.Michael

    David Perron $4.75 x 2

    He's Italian you Swedish meatball. "The name Chiarot is derived from the Italian word "chiari," which means "clear," or " luminous." As such, the Chiarot surname was likely originally a nickname for a person with a clear or light complexion. Nickname surnames were derived from an eke-name, or added name, and usually reflected the physical characteristics or attributes of the first person that used the name." https://www.houseofnames.com/chiarot-family-crest
  14. F.Michael

    David Perron $4.75 x 2

    French-Canadian...Like inbred French...Like French rednecks...They ok in my book.
  15. F.Michael

    Ben Chiarot $4.75 x 4

    You're upset because he's Italian-Canadian and not another Swede...