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  1. F.Michael

    21-22 Season opener vs TBL (7:30pm)

    Next time the Wings face the Bolts we need a few guys that can make their life hell.
  2. F.Michael

    Cholowski Waived by Seattle

    Just like in the wild where mothers abandon their young...
  3. F.Michael

    Cholowski Waived by Seattle

    Looking forward to the Canucks/Oilers game tonight...Quinn Hughes
  4. F.Michael

    Rumors Thread

    Eat your heart out Elliott Friedman…
  5. F.Michael

    Young Guns 2021/22

    Just the thought of us landing in the top 2 when the lotto goes our way and having to hand it over to the Sabres is a bit gross - however a healthy/prime Eichel makes up for it.
  6. F.Michael

    Young Guns 2021/22

    Do we make said 1st round pick/s conditional? If the 2022 1st round lands in the top 5 we retain it - then it'll automatically become a 1st round for 2023 (regardless of where it lands), or are we comfortable wherever it lands? I'm thinking we may have to sweeten the deal a bit (depending what it all includes) if we have next years draft pick top 5 conditional.
  7. F.Michael

    Young Guns 2021/22

    Agreed. If Yzerman can low-ball and the medical staff in Detroit can perform the surgery - then why not?
  8. F.Michael

    Young Guns 2021/22

    With or without his neck surgically repaired?
  9. Zadina was at his best when forechecking last night - getting the puck to Raymond to work his magic.
  10. I noticed the exact same thing last season - his accuracy is well below average (I think our former logo hunter Mikeal Samuelsson was more lethal). Same goes for his ability to receive/corral the puck from a teammate - just not very good.
  11. F.Michael

    2021 Training Camp, PTO's, Pre-Season Chat

    I'd prefer to see him stay where he's at on wing and get some experience/confidence. He's another Kane/Marner type winger.
  12. Belle Tire on the Blackhawks helmets. EDIT: https://www.nhl.com/blackhawks/news/release-belle-tire-named-helmet-partner-and-official-tire-retailer/c-326272664
  13. My 1st time watching the Wings this pre-season...Would be criminal if Raymond was sent to GR.
  14. Just switched over to the Blackhawks feed on ESPN+...Nice to hear the opposition broadcast speak glowingly of Raymond.
  15. Indeed...Wonder if Tanguay might be penciled in for Blashill's job in the future?