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  1. Tied 3 -3 .
  2. Same goes for the Leafs...I guess it's an improved roster. Anywho - Oilers 3 - Ducks 1 so far.
  3. Indeed...Is it wrong for me wanting to see the Oilers win this series? I mean - it only took them 10 years, and numerous 1st overall picks to pull themselves outta the dumpster.
  4. So far it's been entertaining...Nice amount of chippy play...Good to see the Oilers sticking with their retro 80's jerseys - now only if the lame Ducks could do better in that dept.
  5. Flames were only team from the Campbell Conference that gave the Oilers any trouble throughout the 80's. Gotta love Hunter's crazy bent nose...
  6. This looks like a job for
  7. Mike Komisarek for me stands out. Was doing well in Montreal, but just had to go for the extra $$$ from Toronto.
  8. Which is why I prefer our 97, and 98 Cup winning teams over our 02, and 08 teams.
  9. The Red Wings didn't want a Czech player...This fella known as Petr Klima sorta ruined it back then.
  10. From this video Tippett reminds me of LA Kings center Jeff Carter.
  11. From what I've seen he's done well in NY...Good for him!
  12. Watch Stan Bowman ship a few players to either Vegas, or Arizona.
  13. Only saw part of the game last night...How's Ovie after that Kadri hip-check?
  14. Sounds like sumthin Holland would offer up 5 years at 'X' amount of $$$ for.
  15. Are the Yzerman girls of the appropriate age to mate with the Lidstrom boys yet? I want superhero quality hockey players to grace the ice of the LCA while donning the 'Winged Wheel' in about 20 something years from now.