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  1. IHMO - you swapped their respective teams - I bet Tavares would be pushing close to 90 pts (considering their linemates etc). I do agree with your projected cost/term - however I would be shocked if he stayed with the Isles.
  2. Apparently Franson is gonna get a try out with the Hawks.
  3. I for one won't be heartbroken with only a 1 yr deal. He's gonna have to bust his balls this season if he wants what he thinks he's worth, and that's good for the Wings.
  4. I for one would love to eat crow, but again with Tatar (and Nyquist) I just don't think he'll do it.
  5. Doesn't he play the Russian national anthem before the start of Chelsea's home matches?
  6. Agreed. I honestly don't see this guy hitting the 30 goal mark, nor exceeding the 60 pts mark. He's a decent 2nd line winger, but nothing special.
  7. My #1 concern with this kid...Will they be able to fit his name on the back of his jersey?
  8. $4.5 is a bump up from his previous $3.75, and his #'s haven't gone up, and has yet to hit the 30 goal mark. I know I may come across as picky, but I can see this as another Ericsson/Abby/etc type deal in the making where his performance does not meet his salary demands. I'm ok with him getting a 1 yr deal from arbitration.
  9. $4.5 seems fair.
  10. You forget that Yzerman has Jedi like abilities...He'll use his 'mind tricks' to work out a trade to acquire Tavares.
  11. Dunno...Haven't tried to explore either. But to answer your previous question...12 years ago I would've answered scotch, but these past 4 years I've gone 'MURICAN, and discovered how bourbons are just as good (if not better than scotch - especially if you consider the cost, and bullpoop E150 that scotch distillers add to their product). So...Bourbon BBQ or pizza?
  12. A quality stout (preferably one with a hint of sweetness) is a great complement to a cigar.
  13. Personally I'd rather enjoy 3 to 5 'quality' brews with a nice cigar than engorging my bladder with beer flavored water.
  14. You enjoy killing 'zombies' eh? Better not cross my path in WoW...I'll chew your face off.