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  1. F.Michael

    Cholowski v McIsaac

    Scots/Irish > Polacks
  2. 1996 Phoenix Coyotes. And current 'ringleader' of the BoG aka Jeremy Jacobs claiming that a franchise in Quebec City is 'unsustainable'.
  3. To the bold. A majority vote by the BoG is all that it would take for sumthin like this to happen...And yeah - I'd expect the Wings to get screwed in the process.
  4. 'Fair shake' meaning picking 3rd, or 4th overall - then yes I'd agree with you there. Draft lotto odds are simply against us.
  5. Just another depressing moment of an already crappy season.
  6. What’s your plans for today? Why not pick one up this afternoon? Well he is a dweeb.
  7. CRL, and I post often on Discord...We share personal info from time to time, and not long ago he shared this photo of himself...
  8. Aren't you the one who doesn't own a firearm, or was that someone else here? If so - you plan on using a bow, or be like Rambo, and jump upon your unsuspecting prey from a tree branch high above?
  9. F.Michael

    2020 Draft Thread

  10. F.Michael

    2020 Draft Thread

    Within seconds after this video ended both the cameraman, and beaver were run over by an 18-wheeler driven by a guy named 'Buck' who was near the end of an 18 hour amphetamine high starting from New Orleans enroute to Quebec City with a load of sex toys...
  11. More like bend over, and straddle...
  12. F.Michael

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    No wonder his scoring is down...He wears glasses.
  13. Like I’m gonna tell you...