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  1. I've heard the same...Been down there myself 10 years ago...It is a ways west of downtown Phoenix, but that said they're not the only team with issues (a buddy of mine recently visited Ottawa, and was at a playoff game against the Pens, and their barn was a ways outta the way so to speak). If I recall - even when the Yotes were downtown, and shared the arena with the Suns - they still lost $$$.
  2. Can this shtick get any worse?
  3. That Vegas jersey
  4. No way - I'm currently having some Chinese leftovers while discussion what I might come up with for the new Pens sweater.
  5. Must the recipient of the 'Mark Messier Leadership Award' be guilty of stripping away the 'C' from the previous beloved 'C'. Truth be told - I lost all respect for him when he signed with Vancouver, and I'm glad he never played a single playoff game from that point forth...Serves him right for such a d-bag move.
  6. Bobby Carpenter - use some sunscreen. It reminds me of what I ate at a 4th of July picnic when looking into the toilet.
  7. Battleship grey, mustard yellow, black, and a bit of red...Did the Las Vegas 'School of the Blind' come up with this color combo?
  8. Holy chit - those are some horrendous jerseys!
  9. He's not too bad - however he looks like he's been spending the past few nights with his pal Seth Rogen - as in hitting the bong, and drinking cheap Canadian beer.
  10. As much as I am interested in the expansion draft - the rest is nothing more than Hollywood cheesiness, and fellatio for egos.
  11. So does the league offer the obligatory water soluble lube to the 30 GM's for the expansion draft?
  12. Unlike the Yotes - the Canes seem to have 'just enough' support from the area, and a good enough owner/s where the chance of them moving is sorta slim right now...Then again the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg was a bit of a surprise since it was all deals under the table, or so it least seemed that way.
  13. Hossa has been in the league for many years.