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  1. F.Michael

    Rumors Thread

    That and/or have all the rival GMs gather around Cheveldayoff - pointing their finger, and say...
  2. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    Wenn Sie den Tank für witzig halten, ist der Low Rider sogar noch besser!
  3. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    Seider be like...This is me patrolling the blueline...
  4. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    That kid with the droopy eyes either played too close to the reactor, or his dad is 'Droopy the Dog'...
  5. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    Yeah - last year we seemed to have gotten lucky, and picked guys in the 2nd round who could’ve been 1st round picks. We’ll see.
  6. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    Holland still has nightmares over that signing.
  7. Does this German kid understand that driving a foreign car in Detroit is taboo ?
  8. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    Unless of course we trade back with a rival, and get additional draft pick/s, or prospect/s... Yeah - sounds like a distant cousin of Horwitz bros circa 1930...
  9. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    ‘The cow says “moo”.’ ’Yzerman says “we’re looking at the bpa when we pick”.’ To me - it’s all semantics...Every team worth a damn employs several amateur scouts that covers N.America, and Europe...We all know that as human beings we all have our preferences...It’s a meeting of the minds during the days ahead of any particular draft that determines which player is deemed ‘bpa’...NHL final rankings - Button’s final rankings - etc - be damned...After the top 2, or 3 picks - anything can happen, and it can be a total crapshoot. Yzerman has proven to be a more than competent GM in Tampa...I’m certain he’ll have his $hit together for tonight. Lets Go Red Wings !!!
  10. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    Many 'poker faces' starting with Chicago...I could be wrong, but it appears that this draft has had more 'ups & downs' with regards as to who are the top 10.
  11. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    We're now drafting Turcotte... https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/2019-nhl-mock-draft-predicting-turbulent-first-round/
  12. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    That could very well happen, but I believe it’ll be Turcotte, or Byram. As for Yzerman potentially not taking the bpa, and instead going for a specific need Makes me think...Was Cholo considered a bpa by Holland, and the Scouts, or was he a need? I’m thinking bpa, but considering he was looked at as a 2nd rounder...
  13. F.Michael

    News From Around the NHL

    Good point.
  14. F.Michael

    2019 Draft

    Like everyone else I haven't a clue as to how this would go down...That said would it take our #6, 35th, 54th, and 60th for their 10th, and Q. Hughes?
  15. F.Michael

    News From Around the NHL

    Wow - overpayment, but hey - it's not my $$$. This made me chuckle...More silliness outta AZ. https://www.tsn.ca/gary-bettman-nhl-board-approves-arizona-coyotes-sale-new-arena-needed-1.1325309