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  1. irishtemper14+25

    Jagr back in NHL ?

    It wouldn't be because we're not signing him mid-season
  2. irishtemper14+25

    Very Sad To See

    I have it from someone very close to Ozzie that he doesn't have it in him anymore, he might come back after he thinks it over more but thats unlikely. Sad day in red wing nation...these next years are where the new generation takes over
  3. irishtemper14+25

    Who has better future: Blues or Wings?

    I'd say their future is the brightest I've ever seen it with their current GM's abilities. I mean he pretty much roofied and raped the colorado gm earlier this year...and the org. is obviously good at drafting outside the top 10 of the first rd...I mean look at Oshie and Tarasenko. Speaking of him, I wonder what it would take for the wings to get him...he's the ******* ****.
  4. irishtemper14+25

    Leino, Flip Snr who's next years surprise pick up?

    Don't be a dick...he's slow sure, but you can't say he has no talent.
  5. irishtemper14+25

    I love the GDTs we have...

    Yea...Aflac had the high quality GDTS
  6. irishtemper14+25

    Edzo BINGO

    It would be a pretty easy bingo game to make with java...but I don't have any clue as to how to get it on a website after the program is written.
  7. irishtemper14+25

    If there was ever an article that shouldn't be written...

    "Jesus Jimmy....(shakes head)"
  8. irishtemper14+25

    Stephen Johnston

    I liked how he looked in those fights for being a guy who doesn't do it regularly
  9. irishtemper14+25

    Possible Deal With Atlanta?

    Smith isn't a righty. Pyett is though
  10. irishtemper14+25

    A Griffin and a former Wing on Twitter

    I mean come on, you can't see how he spelled fir instead of for...look at the i and o on the keyboard and then imagine them much smaller on a phones keyboard.
  11. irishtemper14+25

    Possible Deal With Atlanta?

    YES YES YES DO THIS NOW KENNY!!!!! If we could trade for Bogosian and only give up somewhat of spare parts for a cornerstone on the d-line
  12. irishtemper14+25

    2011 NHL Trade Deadline Thread - February 28th, 3:00 PM ET

    not that strange of a move in my opinion It certainly makes Pit a much more complete/threating team if Crosby is back in the playoffs
  13. irishtemper14+25

    steal the face of a franchise!

    Doughty or Weber
  14. irishtemper14+25

    Hudler Haters - Don't let facts get in the way...

    now thats a win of a post if I've ever seen one
  15. irishtemper14+25

    Off the wall trade idea

    how much did he sign for? are you sure he's cheaper than kindl oh and regardless of the answers to the previous questions, I don't want him on the team...he hasn't been the same since his face got broken and he got the concussion. I would much rather keep Kindl up as the 7th dman...who were you planning on taking out of the line up for Lilja? In fact I would rather have Salei as the reserve/7th dman and roll with this: Lidstrom - Rafalski Kronwall - Stuart Ericcson - Kindl