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  1. cupforwings

    12/21 GDT: Red Wings 5 @ Maple Leafs 4 (SO, yes, SO)

    Do you realize who is on our team right now? Or more importantly, who is not playing right now? lol. There is zero reason to pessimistic after this win. Great game!
  2. cupforwings

    Nyquist taking things in stride, with class

    There is a difference between being bad on defense and turning the puck over. Tatar backchecks well enough, but he does turn the puck over, and he does it in the wrong areas. So I can see why Babcock is weary of putting him out there. If you are turning it over at the blueline or in the neutral zone, you are not helping your team. But I also think Babcock realizes they need offense, and Tatar obviously is very gifted. Tatar will learn to be smarter with the puck. It is more of an experience thing I think. But I don't blame Babcock for sitting someone, anyone, for turning the puck over.
  3. cupforwings

    Lines Thread

    Ha wow... major some major sensitivity going on here. We could have attempted a trade for bobby ryan, or maybe tried out Alex Semin last year. I guess my point was Z and D are elite centers and playing them together makes us a one line team. We should split them up for the same reason Crosby and Malkin are split up. That being said, I do agree that there not a lot of winger options out there this year, and Weiss is a solid pickup. I just think, like in past years, splitting up D and Z make us deeper. It doesn't seem that outlandish as you guys are making it sound.
  4. cupforwings

    Lines Thread

    I think the best lines with what we have would be: Franzen-Datsyuk-Bert Alfie-Zetterberg-Nyquist/Cleary Tatar-Weiss-Cleary/Nyquist Abby-Helm-Miller/Eaves Holland should have got a legit top line winger in the offseason. We already have two of the best centers in the league. Dats and Z play better apart anyway. I am still surprised that they think its a good idea to play them together.
  5. cupforwings

    Will young talent ever speak out against Wings philosophy?

    Just to disprove your outlandish, and idiotic comments:
  6. cupforwings

    10/5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Bruins 4

    Franzen-Datsyuk-Bertuzzi Nyquist-Zetterberg-Alfredson Cleary-Weiss-Tatar Anderson-Abdelkadar-Miller I feel like something like this gives us the most depth. I don't think Nyquist will instantly make us the best team in the league. But he really is our 3rd most dangerous forward and should be playing at this point. The one thing I question is going for another center. Z and D play better apart. They are both dominate two-way centers. They have played better apart for years now. So they basically went and got a number two center when they should have got an elite winger, via trade or FA or whatever. I think Babcock will figure it out pretty soon.
  7. cupforwings

    10/4 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Hurricanes 2 (OT)

    Thats fair. Its a good thing if they dominate a period and still aren't playing the best hockey they can.
  8. cupforwings

    10/4 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Hurricanes 2 (OT)

    What were you guys watching? lol. We completely dominated that period. We had the puck in their zone the entire time. There was some great movement as well. They got a lucky goal, we missed some chances. If the Wings continue that play they will win this game.
  9. cupforwings

    Red Wings popularity in Detroit/Michigan

    Wha? I have never heard Valenti or Foster (assuming this is who we are talking about) make an intelligent conversation regarding hockey. Foster is an absolute idiot when it comes to hockey.
  10. cupforwings

    Maple Leafs plan cup parade?

    It seems like this guys "power of positive thinking" has paid off for him pretty well.
  11. cupforwings

    Red Wings popularity in Detroit/Michigan

    Its 97.1. I think that is enough said. They know nothing about hockey.. Their proof for people not liking hockey in Michigan is nobody ever calls in their show to talk about it. They make this argument all the time. In reality, nobody calls in because they don't want to talk to THEM about hockey. Maybe its just because I grew up playing hockey, and everybody I know loves hockey, but it seems like the Wings are up there at the top. Especially in my home town. Some of it is also that the Wings have been good for so long, while the Lions and Tigers sucked for that same period, and they are finally getting good.
  12. This team is better then a borderline playoff team, especially in the Eastern Conference. I agree with whoever said we are probably around 3rd or 4th best in the conference. I'm expecting a pretty good year, and I don't think that is unrealistic at all.
  13. cupforwings

    Bergeron gets 8 yr extension

    As good as their top 6 is, they still don't have an elite center. I would say they have a top 10 top 6, but not the best.
  14. cupforwings

    Brunner Contract Talks

    Eaves and Bert are easily in front of Emmerton.
  15. cupforwings

    Abby in for game 6... Who draws out?

    Bert has been amzing on the 4th line. He as given us real depth and made that line really dangerous. Really, we out match the Ducks on every line except the Getzlaf line (which is equal to the pav line). Move Bert up to the Filpula line, keep Sammi on the first, and put Abby on the 3rd and take out Emmerton.