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  1. It is funny, I still look at the Joe as a new arena. It was the new girl of the NHL back in the day,...sad, but I am sure this new "Red Barn" will be very nice!
  2. Time out, and turn around time now!
  3. From what I see, two fluke goals, and the Wings are down by one. Bring it back for the win like when we played St. Louis! Go Wings!
  4. Please,...get the momentum back now!
  5. I think the Wings will score over 6 goals in this match-up. Just a gut feeling I have.
  6. Not even worth mentioning the quote to be honest.
  7. Have not been able to see a complete game this season due to my work schedule, and not buying Center Ice, but tonight, I watch the Wings on the NHL Network, and I can't wait. Go Wings! (I am really thinking about getting Center Ice again!)
  8. Lids just blasted that shot in the net. Fans were pretty excited, hope things continue for the good guys (Wings)!
  9. The Wings embarrass the dirty dogs of Phoenix! 3 games to none then,...YES!
  10. I really hate the Blackhawks! Great rivalry though, and I love that! GO WINGS BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF THEM!
  11. Cascade Hops! As for pics, we have to wait until next year. I did brew at one time, enjoyed it but with all the animals, toys, and farm equipment I don't have the time to do so at this time. ..My wife says I have too many hobbies as it is.
  12. Yes,..I am from Fraser. Michigan, but I live in Seabeck, Washington,..outside of Seattle, about two hours. Micro brews are outstanding here. But, this is what I have to say about beer. It depends on what you are doing,..for me,..if I am outside doing some work on the tractor, in the barn, or in the garden, I drink the cheap stuff. Stuff like Milwaukee's Best, is about quench, not a taste testing event. I have been told I shouldn't drink that cheap crap, but when I ask them what would they drink, they say Miller! Miller makes Milwaukee's best,...same crap! On the other hand,..if it is a festive event like Thanksgiving, or a festival for example,..I like something with great taste, a stout, or a porter does well. One can never go wrong drinking a fine-crafted pilsner, or heavy ale brew either. I grow hops on my farm just for the beauty of the flower, and there is nothing like the aroma of it either. One sniff, you want to drink a gallon of some fine brew! Beer is just good food, no matter what style or brand it might be.
  13. I would love to see an original six division to be honest,..but I know I am dreaming!
  14. I'm in stinkin Seattle,...what is the score?
  15. 4-3,...what kind of crap is that!