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  1. It's been a great playoffs so far, with only one s*** bag team moving on in Pittsburgh. Hopefully Ovie and the boys can finally get over the hump and knock these clowns out.
  2. Maybe after back to back bottom 10 finishes management will get that Holland isn't the answer anymore. The Kings miss the playoffs after two cups in 5 years and clean out Lombardi and Sutter, we make the playoffs on the last day of the season for three years in a row then bottom out and no changes are planned. Funny how things work.
  3. Incredible that Sheahan scores in the last game of the season, hilarious.
  4. Goddamn Dallas Stars stink so bad we're losing games and still not getting any lower in the standings. Too bad Mantha is out for the last few games, hopefully we call up someone who can contribute to get a look at them and not another re-call for Ben ******* Street.
  5. RIP to the streak, it didn't end as badly as the Undertaker's did so we can take solace in that. Wish the goddamn Dallas Stars weren't so ******* bad so we could make up some ground in the race to the bottom. Goddamnit it, I thought my Undertaker reference would've been original.
  6. We're winning too many games now, but hard not to get excited watching AA fly down the ice and bury.
  7. New Jersey won tonight, and Arizona, and Vancouver is leading with five minutes to go. I'll take a beatiful Mantha goal and beating the piece of s*** Canadiens tonight. But certainly we can start losing for the rest of the year now, it's time.
  8. I'm 50/50 on Sheahan scoring. I'm not actively rooting against him, but I think it would be hilarious to have a former 1st round pick go an entire season without scoring a single goal. (Hilariously sad, but still hilarious)
  9. Losing twice in regulation to the Avs wasn't going to happen, so for today I'm happy we beat Colorado for the last time at the Joe. Really like what Larkin is doing at center now that he's playing where he should be, that's an encouraging sign. Plus, we just finished three games against the two worst teams in the league. We'll go back to our losing ways once we play actual NHL teams again soon
  10. Outshot and outplayed by the worst team in the league. Miller played more than Mantha, Sheahan and Helm. Sad! Either Blashill is fully engaged in the tank or he's a worse coach then I thought.
  11. Mantha only played 9:41. I'm sick of having a moron behind the bench, you can make whatever argument you want but it makes no sense at all to have Drew Miller and Riley Sheahan play more ice. We are a bottom four team in the league, why is he shortening the bench??? Mantha and Callahan got the short end of the stick for established guys. This is backwards thinking, and it's part of the reason we are where we are. #FireBlashill
  12. Wow, I fell asleep after the second period. We now own the distinction of having the least amount of regulation wins in the entire league. We may not be the worst team in the league, but we are certainly the least competitive. #FireBlashill
  13. As weird as it sounds, I could actually respect a tank job right now. But we both know that this coach actually thinks this is his BEST lineup....
  14. With a regulation loss tonight, we'd be bottom in the NHL in regulation wins. So, there's that. Also, Miller in for Callahan again? What the f*** is the justification for playing a guy who 29 other teams passed on over a younger guy who might provide some grit and chip in at the NHL level? We'll never know unless he plays some games, we know what Miller is, an old boat anchor who provides nothing. We're a bottom five team and still playing vets instead of kids... I'll never understand it. At least Mantha is back in tonight I guess.
  15. I'd sign off, maybe the last game of the season? Lou_Siffer, Kp-Wings, bring all the pro enforcer boys back.