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  1. Would've rather lost Sheahan than Nosek, but glad to not be losing Mrazek or Ouellet.
  2. Based on who could be there at 9, this would be my thinking as well. Makar/Lillegren would be good gets, but if not I really like the looks of Glass.
  3. While I wish they were, Holland has said no rebuild under his watch. Not protecting Mrazek, and any moves he makes this summer are made with one thing in mind: Getting back to the playoffs next year. It's not going to work, but that's what his mandate is.
  4. I actually do like Smith, but his numbers have been trending down for years now and he's going to be turning 36 this year. The comparison to Howard is a fair one, and shows that Holland isn't pushing as hard as other GM's. Not just on goalies either.
  5. That's a talking point, and nothing more. All the beat writers ever do is say how hard Kenny tries to make deals, and never does. And wow, wouldn't you know it? Other teams around the league actually do make trades while Kenny sits in his office "trying". Arizona dealt an older, more expensive and worse goalie than Howard yesterday in a hockey move. Holland just doesn't have it anymore, people are judged by what they do. Since 2009, Kenny hasn't done enough to make us anything more than the mediocre team we are today.
  6. Right. If Columbus is going to be able to ditch Clarkson who can't even play anymore, we hypothetically could've got rid of Ericsson. Except Holland never thought for a minute about moving Ericsson. Now it's fairly obvious he never thought about moving Howard either, if he was going to do that he would've left him unprotected. It's gonna be an interesting few days I guess...
  7. Side deal or not, this shows again that Ken Holland is out of touch. There was absolutely no reason to protect Jimmy Howard. None, zero. I've been skeptical in believing Kenny could turn over a new leaf and approach things differently, and here we are.
  8. I'd much rather lose Sheahan than Ouellet. This expansion process is way too drawn out, if the lists are going to be made public tomorrow morning, Vegas should announce its team on Monday night. Waiting until the NHL awards is stupid, though I do understand the league wants to build up hype.
  9. What a great run by the Griffins, huge for a lot of guys and their futures. Bertuzzi and Nosek are for sures, but I'd like to see Kenny shy away from any free agent signings. Trade for a defenceman? I'm in. But f*** anything else, time to let the kids take over.
  10. Is there anyone at this point who doesn't believe Bertuzzi will, and should be, on our NHL roster in the fall? Honest question, and if you exist, what are you watching? He is exactly the type of player we need, and he's got the big game factor. Haven't bought a jersey in a while, thinking about it now...
  11. You could say it's.... FAKE NEWS Being serious, Chelios has always been a PA guy and he wants to get involved so more power to him. Team stunk it up all over the ice last year, so losing any coach won't hurt too bad.
  12. After getting his taste of the NHL last year, Bertuzzi is showing he's ready to be a full time contributor this fall. His AHL playoff numbers are crazy, but it's the all around play that's so exciting. We haven't had a player like him in a long time. Nosek absolutely has to be on the roster as well. His size and ability to protect the puck makes him a real effective player, and I think as a bottom 6 center in the NHL that will translate. As far as the Calder Cup, I still think the Griffins get it done. Just might not be winning tonight
  13. It's been a great playoffs so far, with only one s*** bag team moving on in Pittsburgh. Hopefully Ovie and the boys can finally get over the hump and knock these clowns out.
  14. Maybe after back to back bottom 10 finishes management will get that Holland isn't the answer anymore. The Kings miss the playoffs after two cups in 5 years and clean out Lombardi and Sutter, we make the playoffs on the last day of the season for three years in a row then bottom out and no changes are planned. Funny how things work.
  15. Incredible that Sheahan scores in the last game of the season, hilarious.