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  1. Team played like s*** and got two points. As someone who is very critical of Jimmy, someone better buy him a beer tonight. He was lights out. Hard to fathom the next time the Wings are in action I'll be at the Joe to see it live for the first time in my life.
  2. The Griffins were down 3-1 to Iowa at one point, but Mantha didn't like that much. They just won 4-3, Coreau is now 3-0 on the season. Callahan has 4 points in the three games as well. Lots of good happening down in GR.
  3. Since the prospects section didn't mention the AHL by name I figured I'd put this in here. I don't know about other people, but I follow the Griffins pretty closely throughout the year to see how guys are doing. So, to kick things off. Anthony Mantha has 5 goals in 3 games so far, just scored a hat trick tonight against Iowa. As Blashill would say, "not an elite player at the AHL level"
  4. Great game. Love seeing Green score a hat trick, I've thought he's been good since he signed here. (Obviously not great defensively but we knew that) Ericsson still sucks, and Miller is still an elite penalty killer. Let's keep it going on Wednesday!
  5. Vanek and Helm the new Z and D
  6. Hah, I'm gonna be at both games Friday and Saturday. Go figure.
  7. This Saturday?
  9. I just saw on twitter, we're halfway to last year's total (8) through three games
  10. I believe with that fighting major we have surpassed last year's fighting total! Congrats Wings. I think we'll see Lou_Siffer posting on the boards again in no time!
  11. And 38% on the draws, I retract my statement. He was bad.
  12. Honta Yo Baby!
  13. He wasn't bad, but no one was any good tonight except for Petr. Tough for any of the fast forwards right now, we can't breakout at all. No speed in our game and we have three of the fastest forwards in the league. Big problem.
  14. Z and Green equally awful on that game ender.
  15. Mrazek makes an INCREDIBLE save, and no defenceman around to clear the crease. Embarrassing.