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  1. At least Downey (previous record holder) brought leadership, truculence, and physical play. Sheahan just skates around like a wannabe Kopecky, that's how bad this guys is. (Yes I'm kidding a bit about Downs.... only a bit though) Only two pages for a GDT, man I remember when a regular season game against Phoenix would get at least 15 pages. Speaks to the state of the team right now. Sell, sell, sell!
  2. If we had Ott when he was Glendening's age, signed at Glendening's current contract I'd be thrilled. Which is of course to say Ott of the two choices here. More physical, and one of the top faceoff guys in the league.
  3. Hey GMR, why didn't we repeat in '09? Was it injuries? Or Malkin not getting suspended in the finals? No. Aaron Downey played 56 games for us in 08, and only 4 in 09. The proof is in the pudding.
  4. Well, tonight definitely for sure ended anyone's ridiculous hopes for a "late season red wing rally" towards the playoffs. What a pitiful performance. Time to start moving some bodies out, and get more young players in the lineup. Oh and I'm totally on the Fire Blashill train, but not until after the season. His coaching style guarantees a bottom five finish. We need that to get this bus turned around.
  5. I know he was never coming here, even IF we were to fire Blash, but f*** sakes did he have to go to the Canadiens?? I was looking forward to watching those tools fall apart two seasons in a row.
  6. Starting to create some space at the bottom of the East. There's a chance we could finished as low as 3rd last in the league depending on how Dallas and Winnipeg do the rest of the way. This is for the best long term. Especially while watching Mantha, AA, Larkin, Ouellet and Jensen all develop over the last few months. We might get a longer look at some other young guys if Kenny does decide to sell.
  7. Last place in the Eastern Conference. Mrazek wasn't great tonight clearly, but oh man were most of the D even worse. Especially Dekeyser and Smith, insane that Ouellet sat out. Veterans aren't held accountable on this team at all, why is Ericsson still playing (well, not anymore) or Sheahan? (no ******* goals in February and a -18) Kids are the answer, look at AA and Mantha. That's how we'll get better, play the kids. If Kenny doesn't understand that we're sellers after tonight's game, he never will. We have one more regulation win than COLORADO, you know, the WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE.
  8. I'd rather he be healthy and sitting in the press box for eternity, but we all know that was never going to happen. Injuries breed opportunity, we'll finally get to see Ouellet/Sproul/Jensen all in the lineup at once next game/.
  9. Except Lilja had the grit and intangibles advantage:
  10. Awesome performance by Mrazek. Hopefully this is the start of his mojo coming back. Plus another point for Mantha tonight. Good all around.
  11. "Q: Coach Blashill speaks with you? What´s your relationship right now? M: Well, I would say that we had good relationship back in Grand Rapids. Other players would say the same. Now it has changed little bit, but I don´t want to go deeper." Well, that doesn't sound very good.
  12. Last place in the Eastern Conference really speaks for itself as far as the season is concerned. It's not all bad though, we're seeing young players contribute each and every game. Mantha, AA, Ouellet, and Jensen have all turned into solid young NHLers'. Larkin is having a tougher season, but he's proven he can play already. If we get a high draft pick this year, we'll add another young player that's close to helping out too.
  13. Miller on waivers, Marchenko a healthy scratch.... Kenny and Blash have been reading LGW clearly! Great decisions. Now if E could spend a night in the press box...
  14. We agree on that. I'd love to ship out Nyquist, but teams aren't taking on salary and term at the deadline. Although, Tatar is an RFA this summer, so I'd be all over looking at moving him too. I like Vanek, think he's been a great fit and yes, one of our best players this year. It's for that reason I want the team to move him for assets, and then look at bringing him back in the summer. But it doesn't matter anymore because this three game winning streak probably has Kenny thinking... 26 YEARS BABY
  15. Now maybe Blash will run with Mrazek and give him a chance to get on a run.