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  1. Detroit # 1 Fan

    10/05 GDT | at Red Wings 4, Minnesota Wild 2 (1st Game @ LCA)

    Real happy for Marty Frk, worked his way up, earned a spot in the lineup and buries in his first game. Love it. All of the young guys looked good and Howard was great. Nice way to open the season.
  2. Detroit # 1 Fan

    Athanasiou Signed 1 year $1.4 mil

    2007 was a great year on the forums. The Brad Norton experiment, the rise of Pain Train, the beginnings of Hasek vs Osgood wars, and then getting the cup in 08 after losing to the Ducks in 07. Lots of highs and lows
  3. Detroit # 1 Fan

    Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    All the arguing about Butcher can stop now, from Craig Custance: Red Wings haven't called on Will Butcher. Not considered serious contenders for the college UFA defenseman.
  4. Detroit # 1 Fan

    Off-season moves

    He's the guy who injured Mantha in that fight towards the end of the season. I love fights, and tough players but we just signed Dylan McIlrath who would serve the exact same purpose if need be so I hope we don't sign Witkowski.
  5. Detroit # 1 Fan

    Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I voted yes because mediocrity is OK by the Wings standards these days as long as they have a shot at getting 8th seed. If we bottom out and finish top five again, then I could see a realistic possibility of Kenny moving upstairs and fresh blood being brought in.
  6. Detroit # 1 Fan

    Targets for the Wings

    Daley for 3.5/4 for 2 years isn't the worst deal ever. I certainly hope that's it and Holland leaves room for kids up front.
  7. Detroit # 1 Fan

    Off-season moves

    What's scary is Smitty probably would've gotten more on the open market. Gonna be interesting to see what Girardi, Daley, Hainsey and Kulikov haul in.
  8. Detroit # 1 Fan

    Off-season moves

    I couldn't believe those reports the Wings were in on all those dirt defenceman. Hopefully they all price themselves out of our price range. Vanek coming back short term, I could live with.
  9. Detroit # 1 Fan

    2017 Draft

    Nope, just checked. Not related to Doug. Still, a good looking player. Saw him on a list of the top 10 OHL prospects.
  10. Detroit # 1 Fan

    2017 Draft

    I like a lot of the picks today, all in all looking like a decent draft. No one outstanding, but some interesting prospects.
  11. Detroit # 1 Fan

    2017 Draft

    From his scouting profile: Models his style of play after Canadiens goaltender Carey Price. Well, if he can be half as good as Price he'll have an NHL future.
  12. Detroit # 1 Fan

    2017 Draft

    Keith Petruzelli is 6'5, 2nd ranked North American goalie. Good value there.
  13. Detroit # 1 Fan

    2017 Draft

    From Zablocki's scouting report: Compares his style of play to Bruins forward Brad Marchand. I like it.
  14. Detroit # 1 Fan

    2017 Draft

    So based on what I'm reading the reason he was ranked so slow was because of injuries. Apparently he's more of a top 50 talent, which is more reassuring.
  15. Detroit # 1 Fan

    2017 Draft

    Kasper Kotkansalo, 92nd by central scouting and we grab him at 71.