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  1. 1 minute ago, AtlantaHotWings said:

    Thats the name that keeps coming up on tank along with 

    Mich. Brandsegg-Nugard

    Everything I read about the kid reeks of an Yzerman type player. He's also exactly what is missing in the top 6. 

    Seems like the obvious Yzerman pick it he is still on the board.

  2. 32 minutes ago, Jimmybigrigs69 said:

    Basically he will be the Edvinsson next year. One of the reasons I see ZERO need to re-sign or replace Ghost. We are 0-1 seasons away from adding a serious backend puck mover. 

    It's also why I think Yzerman should focus on a top 4 LHD and not a RHD. Seider and ASP will have the right side taken care of. Get a guy like Chychrun, and Chiarot could play on the right side until ASP is ready for that role. He has experience playing on the right side. 

    Also agree on Ghost. He was a good fit this season. But let Seider and Edvinsson run the pp units next season. 

  3. On 4/16/2024 at 4:56 PM, Jimmybigrigs69 said:

    Stamkos is a great player, not a PP specialist, would love to have him. But I think he will get a team friendly deal done with Tampa and retire a bolt. 

    Oh for sure. By no means do I think the additions in the lineup I posted are expectations. I feel guys like Guentzel, Stamkos, Chychrun, Markstrom would be the best players to target, with the hope that one (maybe two if lucky) can be acquired.

    Plenty of options out there outside of those players. Those are more or less off the cuff thoughts of I think who would be great fits in the lineup.

    15 hours ago, Jimmybigrigs69 said:

    Agree with all except ASP. He will be an NHLer very soon. 

    He is one season away tops. Wouldn't be surprised and see him pull a Raymond and make the team out of camp this fall. 

    At worst he will need an adjustment period in GR.

  4. 3 minutes ago, kipwinger said:

    I really liked Husso two years ago. But again, if they upgrade I'm not going to throw a fit.

    I genuinely don't understand the Stamkos love around here. He's not good. He's the Erik Karlsson of forwards. He's going to get paid a bunch to score on the powerplay and be an absolute liability at even strength. He plays on a team with a +21 goal differential and he's a -22. He's scored 39 even strength points (that's Rasmussen level production) and has been scored on 61 times at even strength. You put him on a line with Kane and you're basically handing the opposition goals. And you're going to pay a premium to do it.

    He's not JUST being let go because of the cap. He's being let go because he's expensive AND he needs to be heavily sheltered in order to produce.

    They have had no depth until trade deadline and have had s*** goaltending for half the season. Point is a minus player as well. Kucherov is only +10 despite scoring over 140 points. I don't buy for one single second that he needs to be sheltered to produce. That whole team struggled for many stretches this season. Not gonna ding him over an outlier minus season. 

    While I agree some may overrated him, I think you are underrating him. I don't see him as some saviour, but merely an addition of legit top 6 scoring on a short term deal if one were to be reached. 

    I'd still rather sign Guentzel either way. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, kipwinger said:

    There's a reason Tampa is letting their captain walk...just sayin'.

    I do completely hear you on the goaltending issue and it's tricky. Did our goaltending collapse because our defense is complete trash or did it collapse because Husso and Lyon suck? I genuinely don't know but I do know that both Lyon and Husso have played extremely well for stretches during the last two seasons. Enough that it makes me wonder if we couldn't squeeze more consistency out of them with a better defense and a more equitable workload. But I also wouldn't hate if we upgraded.

    Yeah. Cap space. Their depth took a huge hit, and one of the big guns have to go. Stammer is the obvious choice based on his age and contract expiring. He'd be a huge value add on a short term deal. Once again, not my number one choice. But an easy number two. 

    If Yzerman rolls with Husso and Lyon again he should be fired. They'd be competing for WC1 with competence goaltending. 

    I like Lyon as a backup. But Husso is not it. We need experience in that position. Legit experience, not washed up Reimer experience. 

    Also, Markstrom would make a great mentor for Cossa. 

    And yes, I'm not serious about Yzerman being fired for that. But it would sure be ass to roll with that tandem again haha.

  6. 10 minutes ago, kipwinger said:


    You and I have very different ideas of what should happen this offseason. The LAST thing I want is more expensive 30+ year old free agents. You look at all the bright spots for us this season and it's clear the the future is now with respect to the youth. The ONLY UFAs I'd look at are guys that you can get on reasonable deals (Matt Roy). Otherwise I'm bringing in as many young guys as I can to take advantage of their entry level deals. I'm trading for 25 year old Yegor Sharangovich to play 2C, and I'm probably running back Husso/Lyon with two caveats, 1) we've got the cap space to upgrade at the deadline (or earlier) if we need to, and 2) a full season of Walman, Seider, Edvinsson, Roy in the top four such an upgrade that Husso/Lyon hopefully won't get exposed.


    Dcat-Larkin-Mazur (Debrincat comes alive when he's with Larkin)

    Kasper-Sharangovich-Raymond (Raymond can carry a line and his playmaking will pop with Yegor)

    Ras-Compher-Fabbri (utility line)

    Veleno-Copp-Fischer (matchup line)




    Chiarot-Gost (this bottom pair is just a placeholder and is determined by who's re-signed/traded)






    I just want to let it be known that Guentzel would be the primary target haha. I'd be fine with Stammer for 2-3 seasons as a consolation prize, if the price is right. At least Stammer can still absolutely bring it. Outside of that exception, I'd def want high end players in their 20s.

    I think Markstrom would be a great fit based on Cossa's timeline. We absolutely need a proven goalie this offseason. Three straight years of goaltending collapsing in the second half cannot happen again. 

  7. Trade for Markstrom (picks/prospects + Husso)

    Trade for Chychrun (picks/prospects +Walman)

    Sign Stamkos or Guentzel

    Re-sign Kane

    Trade/Buyout Holl

    8 year extensions for Seider and Raymond 
















    No Berggren because I figure he would be gone in one of the trade scenarios. 

    Chiarot has experience on the right side. Man the fort until ASP is ready. 

    If Johansson isn't in the vision, sign a defensive dman who plays with an edge for that third pair with Petry. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Scott R Lucidi said:

    my favorite is being told we cant afford a top pair dman (Hamps) at 10.5 mil x 8 years, but then signing a bunch of regards (Chiarot, Petry, Gostisbehere, Holl, and Maatta) at 14 mil.  Regard @marcaractac

    Nice to know I still live rent-free in your head. 

  9. Yzerman is the one keeping NHL-ready players in the AHL. It's also not Lalonde's fault that the roster has a first pair and two 3rd pairs on defense. Don't get me started on goalies not named Lyon. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, Scott R Lucidi said:

    Seider has now taken 2 slap shots in his career and scored on both.  This is going to open up our power play huge.  Big Mo is one tool away from being Norris worthy, imo.  Once he learns how to drop his mitts and wrestle fight istead of gloving, he will be the most complete defenseman in the NHL.

    Elite dmen don't sit in the penalty box for fighting. That's an advantage for the opposing team. 

  11. 2 hours ago, kipwinger said:

    What's the deal with Stamkos? I haven't heard anything about this?

    He is annoyed that he is in the final year of his contract and the team has not approached him about an extension. Detroit gets brought up as a potential trade partner because of Yzerman. 

  12. Just now, kipwinger said:

    You may be right. I guess I read it differently. I'd imagine one of the big hurdles that rebuilding teams must overcome is the fact that any veterans playing for your team either A) suck, or B) don't want to be there. I remember the Ottawa players griping in the Uber a few years back. When your team blows and you know you're not going to be around long it's probably hard to stay positive about it.

    Ideally you'd want someone like Bedard (who is supposed to be the future leader of the team) to be part of the solution and not gripe that he "wants out". But that could all be overblown as well. My knee jerk reaction was that this all seemed a little too Lindros for my liking.

    In the end, PRIMETIMESNOOP with its 2725 followers is probably not a legit source at all and is just spewing bulls*** for engagement. At least we're not giving them what they want by discussing it in their replies on Twitter haha. 

    Bedard has always come off as a pro who wants to do things the right way. So I take tweets like this from accounts like this with a grain of salt.

    Though I do hope he ******* hates that franchise haha. 

  13. 9 minutes ago, kipwinger said:

    Why is it a clown show? All the Kyle Beach people were fired already. Perry was fired for whatever he did too. Promptly. Most of the guys in that locker room had nothing to do with any of that. And now they've got a rookie (supposedly) complaining that he's not getting enough respect from guys in the locker room. These are professional players, not fans. I'm sure Bedard is used to walking into the rink and being fawned over. That's basically Canadian hockey culture in a nutshell. But if he thinks well respected veteran players like Nick Foligno, Tyler Johnson, and Seth Jones should fanboy out over his presence he's completely out of touch.

    Perhaps they should treat him the way Toronto treats their prima donna stars. I mean, that's clearly working out really well.


    I don't read that as him not getting respect at all, but rather the locker room lacks respect in general. Two very different things. My guess is whatever is being reported on here stems from whatever the Perry incident is. 

  14. 10 hours ago, kipwinger said:

    Boo hoo. You mean a room full of career NHL players didn’t fall all over themselves trying to accommodate an 18 year old rookie? What a clown.

    Props to this kid for thinking that organization is trash. This furthers my respect for the kid. It's clearly a clown show over there. 

  15. 11 minutes ago, Motor City Mullets said:

    To be honest I was hoping for 2 seasons...If he and Cat light it up - another season would have been great - oh well - I'm pumped regardless!

    Perry sounds like my kinda guy...He needs to come over on draft day for the milfs.


    One year is definitely less risk if he can't perform. I'm guessing if things do go well, Detroit will be high on his list of teams to sign with in the offseason.


    Edit: Berggren also called up! 

  16. 9 minutes ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    Do you remember the Alfredsson season? He led the team in points. 18G/31A. Dragged them into the playoffs. Zetterberg and Datsyuk were very unhealthy for the 2nd half of that season. 

    Richards and Modano were total failures tho for sure. 

    Alfie was a good player in Detroit. The issue was that he was relied upon to be more than what he was at that stage of his career, which was no fault of his own.