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  1. marcaractac

    2024 TDL Thread

    Nice to know I still live rent-free in your head.
  2. marcaractac

    2024 TDL Thread

    Yzerman is the one keeping NHL-ready players in the AHL. It's also not Lalonde's fault that the roster has a first pair and two 3rd pairs on defense. Don't get me started on goalies not named Lyon.
  3. marcaractac

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Methot was a great partner for him because he covered for his lack of defense. Methot allowed Karlsson to fully utilize what he is good at. Offense.
  4. marcaractac

    Eddog vs. Seider

    Elite dmen don't sit in the penalty box for fighting. That's an advantage for the opposing team.
  5. marcaractac

    Rumors Thread

    He is annoyed that he is in the final year of his contract and the team has not approached him about an extension. Detroit gets brought up as a potential trade partner because of Yzerman.
  6. marcaractac

    New New Prospects Thread

    At this point in fine with waiting until the new year to call up Edvinsson. As long as the team performs at least.
  7. marcaractac

    New New Prospects Thread

    GR getting Czarnik in the lineup has helped them a s*** load.
  8. marcaractac

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    In the end, PRIMETIMESNOOP with its 2725 followers is probably not a legit source at all and is just spewing bulls*** for engagement. At least we're not giving them what they want by discussing it in their replies on Twitter haha. Bedard has always come off as a pro who wants to do things the right way. So I take tweets like this from accounts like this with a grain of salt. Though I do hope he ******* hates that franchise haha.
  9. marcaractac

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    I don't read that as him not getting respect at all, but rather the locker room lacks respect in general. Two very different things. My guess is whatever is being reported on here stems from whatever the Perry incident is.
  10. marcaractac

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    Props to this kid for thinking that organization is trash. This furthers my respect for the kid. It's clearly a clown show over there.
  11. marcaractac

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    One year is definitely less risk if he can't perform. I'm guessing if things do go well, Detroit will be high on his list of teams to sign with in the offseason. Edit: Berggren also called up!
  12. marcaractac

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    Alfie was a good player in Detroit. The issue was that he was relied upon to be more than what he was at that stage of his career, which was no fault of his own.
  13. marcaractac

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    I came to post the same thing. Huge win if that is the case. Very low risk. The lowest of risk.
  14. marcaractac

    Rumors Thread

    Fridge has tweeted that Kane chose Detroit. DeBrincat-Compher-Kane time. Raymond has toon too good to get demoted.
  15. In hindsight, sure. Either way, Lyon should be the only goalie of the three left on the roster before the trade deadline. We need a starter. Straight up.