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  1. This. Even when an ENTIRE SEASON was lost, the draft odds that year were based on the rankings of the previous season. Yes, every team had a chance at #1, but garbage teams like the Pens had a far better chance.
  2. If they are willing to play games in September, and then delay next season to start in November (to use Oct for draft, UFA, etc), I can see it happening. Even if they have to limit the playoffs to one city with no fans initially, as they eventually roll back restrictions.
  3. marcaractac

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    My point was mostly in agreement with what you said, while putting things into perspective for others. The three guys we have are young and still growing. The three guys the Blues have are in their prime years. And that the big issue with the Wings is most everyone else on the roster. And that IF the three Wings players in question turn out to be anywhere in the realm of these St. Louis counterparts, we'll be in quite good shape considering the next couple drafts will likely net us first rounders that'll be even better than anyone we have now.
  4. marcaractac

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

  5. marcaractac

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Fun fact: Swap ROR, Tarasenko, and Pietrangelo for Larkin, Zadina, and Seider, and the Wings are still a bottom 10 team.
  6. But you're too much of a wuss to fight without a gun
  7. marcaractac

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    It'll be the most entertaining meltdown in LGW history and I'm here for it.
  8. Bow down to your bidet overlords
  9. The issue with your suggestion is that teams already IN a playoff spot would be bumped out. That is a giant can of worms the league will not, and rightfully shouldn't touch.
  10. marcaractac

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    I'm not convinced you could lift your ego that many times CRL is disappoint
  11. marcaractac

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Sorry to hear that Larkin challenges your masculinity so badly.
  12. Dude, the likely scenario has already been leaked. 24 teams still with a shot at making it. It's the quickest way to bring things down to 16 teams for the normal playoffs. These lockdowns are expected to last 8 weeks at least. No chance they finish the season, even if shortened. Generating a schedule to get all teams to 72 games opens up an entire can of worms not even worth getting into.
  13. Points percentage or not, it's still s***ty for teams who have games in hand. A small playoff for the wildcard spots make most sense. You go by points percentage, and you have teams LITERALLY IN A PLAYOFF SPOT not make the playoffs. Try telling them that's fair.
  14. Teams have played different amounts of games at this point. That is hardly a fair way to go about it. Doing a quick elimination round with teams still in the playoff hunt is the only right way to do it if the season cannot be finished. Example: Islanders are outside of the playoffs by 1 point, but have two games in hand on the team ahead of them. Try telling them that they are out of it with two games in hand.
  15. I'll circle it back to bidet talk