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  1. marcaractac

    Ben Chiarot $4.75 x 4

    Please enlighten me on which of our draft picks is ready to step in and be a stay-at-home dman on the top pair?
  2. marcaractac

    Mo's Minus Malfunction

    You were Zadina's biggest fanboy. Let's not rewrite history here.
  3. marcaractac

    Ben Chiarot $4.75 x 4

    I just wish the experiment with Mo would ******* end. Swap Chiarot with Oesterle at this point. Or trade for a legit stay at home dman
  4. marcaractac

    11/25 - Antisemitic Coyotes vs. Zionistic Red Wings GDT - 8 PM EST

    Berggren scores. Zadina doesn't.
  5. marcaractac

    Am I Wrong here?

    I too think a Larkin deal gets done. But concern within me grows the longer we go without an announcement. It's only sensible, however, if a deal isn't done by TDL that he has to be moved. Under no circumstance can this team risk losing Larkin for nothing. It would set the rebuild back a couple of years at best. I'd love Bert to stick around for the right price. But yeah, he's as good as gone. Hopefully, Bert's status has no implications on Larkin.
  6. marcaractac

    Am I Wrong here?

    So he IS gonna be moved? Gotcha.
  7. marcaractac

    Am I Wrong here?

    Agreed. And what would really sting is the team wouldn't be bad enough to have a legit chance at a guy like Bedard. We'd get a nice haul for Bert and Larkin. But would it lead to acquiring another potential 1C? I have my doubts.
  8. marcaractac

    Am I Wrong here?

    I agree. The vax thing no longer being an issue all but confirms it tbh. I'm just getting more and more concerned that Larkin has yet to put pen to paper. Before the season started word was they were close to a deal. Nothing since. Because Larkin can't survive the TDL without a contract either. This rebuild could start looking way different if Larkin doesn't re-sign on time.
  9. Goaltending let them down this time. They outplayed the Leafs pretty good. It was nice to see.
  10. marcaractac

    11/25 - Antisemitic Coyotes vs. Zionistic Red Wings GDT - 8 PM EST

    Scott (Jonas) was pretty insistent that he'd be worst than Zadina to be fair.
  11. marcaractac

    New New Prospects Thread

    Wallstedt AHL stats: GAA: 3.24 SV%: .891 Oh look, Wallstedt sucks
  12. marcaractac

    Remaking the defence

    He is not even in the AHL yet. Slow down. He isn't gonna be rushed because of his size. It's s*** like this that lead to people calling young prospects bust when they don't light up the league before they even hit 20.
  13. marcaractac

    Remaking the defence

    I wouldn't say I'm pro-trading Linstrom. But unless we see significant growth from him in short order, I'm not sure where he fits in as other dmen start cracking the roster. I think he'll be in the league for a lot of years. But he'll likely need to end up on a bad team where he can get lots of playing time to get where he needs to be. I don't see where he gets that opportunity in Detroit.
  14. marcaractac

    Remaking the defence

    Says the guy who thinks Cossa will be NHL-ready by the trade deadline