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  1. It's things like him only getting 3 assists 5v5 in an entire season as a center that concerns me. Doesn't exactly scream high-end center. Hope I'm wrong. Would love to eat crow on this one, but it's hard to not think he was the wrong choice at #9.
  2. He's ranked where he was by a lot of sites because of his size. Those who can look beyond that had him ranked as a late first rounder, some cases even in the second round. Holland himself more or less said he is a project and will likely take a few years of development. So please continue to tell me about how I seem to be talking out of my ass.
  3. Because we want to see the best player available get drafted. Not projects, which is what he has done two years in a row now. Two years in a row a gift fell into our lap (Chychrun last year, Vilardi or Liljegren this year) and he goes for projects. It's s*** drafting when it comes to decent first round picks.
  4. Give us the cup now
  5. 2C
  6. But....but... he's tall!!!!
  7. Watch the ******* Leafs get Liljegren and him own the Wings for years to come
  8. Nope
  9. f*** you, Holland
  10. Liljegren or Vilardi please
  11. Tippett and Hague obviously. Sheesh
  12. #liljegrenat9
  13. Maltby scored 50 goals in junior
  14. He isn't even worth kicking tires for
  15. I still can't believe the Islanders want two first round draft picks for him.