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  1. Key for the Caps is to strike early. Pens haven't played in a while.
  2. They better keep the horn
  3. Of course Sheahan will get the last goal at the Joe. Of course lol.
  4. When has that ever been a problem this season?
  5. The moves made to try and keep the playoff streak alive screwed the Red Wings more than anything. On the bright side, that should stop now.
  6. He fleeced NYR for Smith and got less than he hoped for Vanek due to the market for wingers being weak. I fail to see your point.
  7. Buyers dictate the market price when it comes to trade deadline rentals. All sellers can do is accept the best offer. Period. Centers and dmen hold high value in these situations. This year, wingers did not. This is why the Rags got hosed in the Smith trade. The only thing worse than getting less than you hope for a rental is to get nothing at all. And we did get something for him. Just because it isn't what you hoped, it does not mean he was traded for free.
  8. This. There was a lot of overpayment this deadline, but it was all on dmen and centers.
  9. Buyers dictate the cost of rentals. In the end, all a GM can do is accept the best offer they have. This is why I hoped to see this trade happen a couple days ago. The returns get smaller on deadline day. Teams overpay a few days before the deadline to ensure they get their player.
  10. But all the big names were gone before deadline day. Deadline day itself was nothing but scrubs and ahl players being moved. GM's aren't waiting for deadline day anymore. If a player is available, they are going for it. That's why the prices are higher. GM's overpay to get the players they want early. Which is why Holland needs to act now, and not march 1st. Vanek and Smith shouldn't even be red wings by the time we wake up tomorrow.
  11. That wasn't the case at all last year. As for the worry, it stems from the organization being idiots and willing to play a player in tomorrow's game that, going by current market value in trades, can easily fetch a first round pick. If Vanek gets hurt tomorrow, he has zero trade value.
  12. I feel Holland will hold out for too high a price, and teams will just pursue other players. Vanek, Smith, and Ott should have had played their last game as a Wing at this point. Playing them tomorrow would be idiotic.
  13. I'm merely pointing out the fact that they can't use a UFA to fulfill the requirements to expose players.
  14. They can only expose an RFA. Vegas will have a window to try and work out a deal with Bishop before the expansion draft, which would count as LA's lost player if he signs. BUT LA cannot use Bishop as their exposed goalie. It's still gonna be Zatkoff.
  15. Vegas has to submit their draft choices by June 20th. That's before the window to talk to UFAs begins.