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    Red Wings Game 7 Preview Show

    Wingsfan4795, you may not agree with the perspectives but as with most sports radio, people don't always see eye to eye. The great thing about it though is that it adds another element of analysis to the games. Look forward to future debates on the LGW forums.
  3. mmorland

    Red Wings Game 7 Preview Show

    1.) Howard was hardly "stealing" anything in games 1-3. 2.) Colaiacovo provides more offense than Lashoff will -- there's a difference between being an offensive defenseman and providing more than the previous guy 3.) The Wings have gotten plenty of breaks -- if you are watching the same games as the rest of us: 1.) Wings make awful plays in their own zone and have gotten lucky a lot 2.) Wings have caught a lot of breaks in OT 4.) The Wings blew leads in almost all, if not all the games against the Blackhawks this season. That's hardly "bring the Blackhawks to overtime" that's like barely escaping regulation for the Red Wings. If you're looking for just a fan perspective, then may not be your cup of tea
  4. mmorland

    Red Wings Game 7 Preview Show

    Listen to the latest edition of Red Wings SRD as Mike and Tony quickly breakdown the keys to Game 7 Sunday night (a podcast).
  5. Wings Continue to Learn on the Fly Against the Ducks (a article)
  6. Need your Red Wings playoff preview fix? Have time to kill before that 10:30pm start? Then head over to and listen to the Red Wings SRD Playoff Preview Show, the official podcast of Visit to Listen: Subscribe on iTunes
  7. Don't forget, while is limited to the message boards during the site upgraded, turn to for all your Red Wings columns and podcasts. Red Wings Columns Red Wings Podcasts The latest edition of the Red Wings SRD podcast (April 24, 2013)
  8. The latest episode of Red Wings SRD, the official podcast of, is now available. In this edition, hosts Tony Maize and Mike Morland break down the Red Wings inability to close out games, the latest loss to the Blackhawks and what the magic number is to clinch a playoff spot. Listen to the latest episode here
  9. The latest episode of the official podcast of, Red Wings SRD is now available. Podcast: Red Wings SRD (March 20, 2013)
  10. The latest episode of the Red Wings podcast, Red Wings SRD is now available. In this episode of Red Wings SRD, Kevin Liddy returns to radio after a four year hiatus and hasn’t missed a beat. Listen to Kevin and Mike discuss the Red Wings keys to success of making the playoffs for a 22nd year, which young stars are shining brightest and the potential impact of the NHL proposed realignment. > Listen Here <
  11. The podcast, Red Wings SRD will be recorded today. We have some topics we plan to cover, but we also want to know what you guys would like to hear more about this week? Send any topic suggestions to: or post them on this thread.
  12. In the first episode of Red Wings SRD (formerly The Red Line on, co-host Kevin comes down with the flu, so Mike flies solo while answering questions from SRD followers. Topics include injuries issues, prospect insights and early surprises and letdowns of 2013. To listen, visit: To listen on iTunes: Subscribe here
  13. The next episode of the Podcast (Red Wings SRD) will be recorded this week. Obviously there's a lot to talk about, but what do you guys want to hear? Send your topic ideas to us, no later than Wednesday, February 13 at 5pm(est) and we'll get them on the air. e-mail: phone: (313) 638-5000 It's been nearly five years since's partnership with The Upper Deck sports talk show (2004-2008) on WUMD (Dearborn, Michigan, USA) ended. For the first time since the show, Kevin Liddy and Mike Morland are reunited in the latest installment of the podcast. Wings Radio Wings Blog
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    NHL/Red Wings Articles

    While LGW is in the process of being updated, here's a few NHL/Red Wings Related articles from Sports Radio Detroit, the official host of the LetsGoWings podcast: - Less Than 1% of Sports Fans Count - Red Wings Week in Review (Jan 27 - Feb. 7)
  15. After many months of work behind the scenes, The podcast series is set to join with a continued partnership with The Podcast Series, originally called The Red Line will be renamed SRD Red Wings. The podcast will featured as "SRD Red Wings, the official podcast series of" The first episode of SRD Red Wings will debut in February 2013. Sports Radio Detroit is a Detroit-based podcasting, blogging and news website that covers the four major sports teams, the Detroit Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings. Each sport has its own dedicated blog and podcast series from a team of hosts and writers. In addition, the website will have a featured podcast, the SRD Report that will cover anything from general sports talk to in-depth topics like the economic impact that sports have on local economies. In the future, some podcasts will be broadcast live with the ability to have listeners call in and talk with the hosts on the air. For more information about Sports Radio Detroit, click here for the article or here for the podcast To Subscribe to SRD Red Wings on iTunes, click here Old Episodes will still be available on through the end of 2013.