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Found 212 results

  1. LeftWinger

    Farewell To Joe Louis Arena

    With two weeks left, it's time for all of our favorite and least favorite memories to flow like the tears that will most definitely be flowing when that final horn sounds...Thank You Joe Louis Arena, from when i was 9 years old, up until I moved away 33 years later, no matter how luxurious the new barn will be, you will never be replaced. I look forward to reading everyone's good times and bad at our home. Games, concerts, events... Here's the video from NBC Sports today to start is off.
  2. Ok, with the roster almost set (barring a trade for a defender) give us your best guess at what the opening night roster will look like and what line combos you'd like to see. It's a given that we'll get Larkin signed, I am going with a 2 year $4M bridge deal. Unfortunately the chatter about Z is getting too frequent, so I have to go with he is done. So even if we signed Also, just because I have Kronwall listed in the #7 spot, does not mean he will be scratched every night. I just put him there because with his knees there is a good chance he may the guy rotating in and out more frequently than Jensen or Hronek, but he may play 80 games, who knows with him! You could flip AA and Nyquist around, but I like AA in the top 6, plus he had great chemistry with Helm and Vanek prior. Other than that, I really like what our roster will (could) look like come October. It may not be Cup or even playoff worthy (yet) but it's moving in the right direction. (it also may get us about the 11th-12th from the bottom finish, and we know what that means, #1 or #2 overall! )
  3. Is it really the third period and nobody has started the GDT?
  4. A winning streak. Who'da thunk it? Svech gets another goal!
  5. We're tied at 1 in the 2nd. Don't let Cindy get the best of you, Wings.
  6. Ilitch spoke for more than 10 minutes to reporters near the home dugout of Joker Marchant Stadium, the spring training home of the Detroit Tigers. While he was there to talk about the upcoming baseball season, I twice asked Ilitch about the future of Holland. He opted not to address the situation..
  7. Go Wings! Green still not in lineup
  8. Literal meaning VS "The American Twins" Celebrating Black History Month. Here's a message for all Wings fan from Tupac. "Keep ya head up" HYPE
  9. Not mine. All the Red Wings fans lately: HYPE WITH BOBBY VALENTINO and @frankgrimes
  10. MabusIncarnate

    12/5 GDT - Jets at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Just gonna try being extremely negative and maybe it will bring us some luck. Wings lose 7-1. Z is abducted by aliens midway through the 2nd, and the crowd litters the ice with bad pizza after the 7th goal creating bad ice conditions due to hot tomato sauce and cheese and the game has to be forfeited. Howard starting LW C RW GUSTAV NYQUIST HENRIK ZETTERBERG JUSTIN ABDELKADER TOMAS TATAR DYLAN LARKIN ANTHONY MANTHA DARREN HELM FRANS NIELSEN LUKE GLENDENING DAVID BOOTH ANDREAS ATHANASIOU MARTIN FRK DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS DAN DEKEYSER MIKE GREEN JONATHAN ERICSSON TREVOR DALEY NIKLAS KRONWALL NICK JENSEN Now go out there and play like you just don't care boys!
  11. kipwinger

    Why are we better than last season?

    Just curious what folks around here think is the PRIMARY reason for the teams' apparent improvement, if any.
  12. MabusIncarnate

    GDT Sign-up Thread 2017-2018

    Let's get this season rolling! Volunteers wanted, artistic skill or not, everyone should have an opportunity to present one this year and i'd like to see some new people try it out. Looking forward to our regulars and seeing what you guys can come up with, i'll do a few of my own also. Post up and claim your game or games! REMEMBER GDTs can be posted at the earliest of 12AM EST on the day of the game, aka, midnight the night before the game! November 2017 11/2 - Detroit at Ottawa NerveDamage 11/5 - Detroit at Edmonton NerveDamage 11/6 - Detroit at Vancouver 11/9 - Detroit at Calgary 11/11 - Detroit vs Columbus 11/15 - Detroit vs Calgary 11/17 - Detroit vs Buffalo ChristopherReevesLegs 11/19 - Detroit vs Colorado 11/22 - Detroit vs Edmonton 11/24 - Detroit at New York Rangers Dabura 11/25 - Detroit vs New Jersey 11/28 - Detroit vs Los Angeles 11/30 - Detroit vs Montreal
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight's GDT will be a role playing fantasy of the Red Wing's players starring in a fake Dragon Ball production. Click pics to see player names/portraits clearly. Main Cast Information Henrik Zetterberg as Prince Vegeta Anthony Mantha as Goku Dylan Larkin as Trunks AA as Gohan Coach Jeff Blashill as Master Roshi The Villains of tonight's production: Jaromir Jagr as Babidi (old ass wizard dude) Mark Giordano as Majin Buu For those of you who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z or who had children watching the show; please take a seat back to the past and enjoy the two 30 second promos. For those of you who didn't watch the show, watch the promos anyway to witness the hype the kids saw everyday all those years ago. I bring you the year 2002 on Cartoon Network. As the Red Wings struggle to maintain their legacy, one may wonder.. HOW, JUST HOW WILL THEY OVERCOME THIS TERRIBLE PREDICAMENT OF HAVING THE HIGHEST PAY ROLL AND s*** PERFORMANCE? My answer is this. They need a... Desperate Assault at victory. I now bring to you, the Hype theme for tonight's game. Desperate Assault In closing, here is a quick gif of Don Zetterberg (who practically runs the team) and Ken Holland's relationship every night after the Wings lose a game. Blue haired gal is Holland. Safe to say The Don does not like losing. Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball Z, all characters are copyrights of Toei Animation, Funimation, and their respective companies. This is a fan based fiction.
  14. Blues defeated the Oilers 8-3 last night. GDT updated LGRW!!!
  15. Almost game time, Howard in net. Looks like Danny D is back. LGW!