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  1. Hahaha. Man, what crawled up your ass?
  2. All of that sounds good. That still doesn't change the fact that nothing they can do to the all star game will change the fact that it's boring and no one will watch. Sure some will tune in for the first 10 min to see the changes,but will tune our when the score reaches 20 goals in 5 min. Goals are fun when they are tough to get, 3 on 3 in the allstar game the goals will be going in like crazy.
  3. The words convoluted and utterly unnecessary come to mind.
  4. GDT

    Goalpost has been our best goalie, last couple games. We should start him more often.
  5. GDT

    Keep the momentum going. Hopefully the goalposts will show up, and help out again.
  6. They could just be scouting the teams, for upcoming games.
  7. GDT

    Perfect shot by Winky.
  8. GDT

    It's been better, but still stagnant on offense. Let's score here.
  9. We all got a treat this Halloween.
  10. God I hope this is the start of something.
  11. Can we have one ******* blowout?
  12. That goal is Wings hockey. More of that!
  13. The camera angle is so high today, it feels like I'm watching from the ceiling.