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  1. 12/11 GDT - Panthers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    I really want to be excited about this, but the thought of finishing last or close it and getting unlucky with our pick spot is a scary thing.
  2. The next captian: #39 Anthony Mantha!

    It's called modesty. To think Toews is anywhere near an Yzerman type level is crazy. Toews is so overrated it's absurd.
  3. Why are we better than last season?

    our transition game through the neutral zone is vastly improved. It seems like they've actually figured out how to utilize all the speed they have. Also, Howard isn't injured.
  4. 11/17 GDT Sabres @ Red Wings 7:30 PM EDT

    that picture is now my desktop background, thanks for that.
  5. The MANtha watch.....

    Well, at least there's Larkin and Mantha. They're pretty much the only reason I still get excited about games, the occasional flashy Athanasiou move as well.
  6. 11/11 GDT - Red Wings vs Blue Jackets - 7:00 PM EST

    I'm getting real tired of watching Helm and Nyquist right now. Not a bad effort overall tonight though, except maybe a bit during that 3rd.
  7. Rumors Thread

    Ericsson gives the opposition something to think about physically? Since when?
  8. The MANtha watch.....

    it's the anime
  9. The MANtha watch.....

  10. 11/6 GDT - Red Wings at Canucks - 10:00 PM EST

    Lmao holy crap this is great. Honestly wtf is Blashill doing back there with all his weird faces? Definitely not instilling confidence.
  11. 11/6 GDT - Red Wings at Canucks - 10:00 PM EST

    Wow what a game. Haven't seen the Wings play with that much tenacity and energy in what feels like years. Not perfect by any means, but much more entertaining to watch. On a slightly negative note, Kronwall looks very out of place right now. Definitely looks like that move that broke Logan Couture's ankles.
  12. 11/05 GDT : Detroit Red Wings @ Edmonton Oilers : 4:00 PM ET

    Completely agree in that regard. It's our neutral zone and defensive zone play that just looks so disjointed to me. It's as if I can see everyone's gears turning in their head before they do anything. I'm attributing it to the new linemates/chemistry issue. But they're making me eat my words right now so oh well, I'll gladly take it.
  13. 11/05 GDT : Detroit Red Wings @ Edmonton Oilers : 4:00 PM ET

    a little dumb part of me is upset that we're being rewarded right now. They look so bad to me right now even compared to last game. But screw it, go Wings!
  14. 11/05 GDT : Detroit Red Wings @ Edmonton Oilers : 4:00 PM ET

    Change up the lines, look disjointed as f*** with zero chemistry seen anywhere, rinse repeat.
  15. 11/02 GDT : Detroit Red Wings @ Ottawa Senators : 7:30 PM ET