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  1. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Zadina hurt?

    He's nursing a minor injury is what I heard during one of the Griffins games. They thought he may play last game but I guess he didn't. As far as I know, he's not attending the Czech training camp.
  2. Wheelchairsuperhero

    12/8 Window or Isle GDT - Islanders @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    This game is ******* awesome. Who cares if Larkin is Larkin? If the dude wants to stand up for his teammate I'm all for it. This is hockey dammit. Who are these Red Wings and how long are they staying?
  3. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Buyers or Sellers ?

  4. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2018 Prospects Watch

    I'd also like to to add; Being incredibly hot in juniors doesn't suddenly mean you're ready to tear up the pro level. Obviously I'm thrilled and extremely optimistic at this point regarding Joe Veleno, but I'd like to see him continue this dominance for the rest of the season. Get that confidence to an all time high and come into training camp next year looking to impress. Bolded.
  5. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Didn't you just ask this question a couple pages back and already get an answer?
  6. Wheelchairsuperhero

    12/6 Trying GDT - Ref Wings @ Maple Refs - 7:00 PM ET

    Lead me to the promised land, Blash.
  7. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2018 Prospects Watch

    I just haven't watched him close enough for long enough to have formed a decent opinion of him that I would trust. I'd be more inclined to believe your thoughts on him than my own, as I believe you've followed him more closely. My thoughts on him basically boil down to I think he could be great offensively, but will probably always struggle a bit in his own zone (Mike Green), but that's an extremely tentative opinion.
  8. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2018 Prospects Watch

    I won't be upset if he doesn't get called up, to be frank I'm not even that high on Hronek. If it was Mike Green we were losing I'd have liked it to be him, but since It's not I'm neither here nor there about it really. I just thought Blashill's choice of words were stupid and feel the need to poke fun.
  9. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Not great enough tho
  10. Wheelchairsuperhero

    DD out multiple weeks

    Yeah I'm with you. I thought he's looked pretty great lately.
  11. Wheelchairsuperhero

    DD out multiple weeks

    I'm pretty meh about the whole DeKeyser injury though. I feel bad for him as a person that he's injured and can't do his job/play the game he loves, but I also have been thoroughly disappointed with his play this year at times (a lot of times).
  12. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Mantha out 4 to 6 weeks with hand injury

    Who I expected. I was actually surprised we sent him down and called Ehn up, thought he was better than Ehn during his brief stint and he's been good in GR.
  13. Wheelchairsuperhero

    12/4 Red Bread Redemption GDT - Lightning @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    This is a scary one. But what a confidence boost it would be to find a way to win, GO WINGS
  14. Wheelchairsuperhero

    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    Mmmmmmm, passive-aggressive. Love it
  15. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Mantha out 4 to 6 weeks with hand injury

    I don't think he's ready. He's just started to find his game in GR. But what do I know?