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  1. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    After watching a few games of his I'd describe his skating as clunky, It's not even the speed I don't like but the stride and overall mechanics. Can it be remedied over time? Maybe, I'm just not sure how likely that is as I'm not good at projecting what these young guys will look like in 5 years, I simply don't have the experience. So I take it at face value. Other than that I'd say he plays a smart, methodical game. But my worry is how he translates that to the NHL pace. Like you said he can slow the game down, it seems to be the primary way he plays, but I'm just not confident he'll be able to do it in the bigs. So if I'm going to take a small center I'd much rather have Rossi, who I think varies the pace of his game much better while also being considerably stronger on his feet despite being smaller. What I do love about Perfetti is his wristshot, his release is niiiiiiiice. Much prefer it over any of the others outside of Holtz. But still, just too many "ifs" for me for 4th overall. I could be wrong of course, lots of people who know way more than me seem to really like him. But outside of his production and shot I don't see a lot to be excited about.
  2. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    Stay away from Perfetti, that's my new thing. He won't be, and I really hope we don't take him 4th. I hate to say it but I'm really hoping Stutzle falls to us, though I don't expect it. Failing that I'd like Raymond, and to a lesser extent I'd be ok with Rossi, Drysdale. I've a bad feeling about Perfetti though.
  3. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    Raymond is who I've since hyped myself up for. He may not be ready as soon as some of the others, but his ceiling looks insanely high. Also, though not a huge deal, he's a righty. I want a high end righty forward. This is assuming Stutzle is already gone.
  4. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    I'm not calling it good drafting, I'm calling it a necessary part of the "path to glory."
  5. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    I mean, the same can be said for top picks. Look at the past several stanley cup winners, none of them won with just good drafting outside of the first round. You say Kuch and Point, I say Stamkos and Hedman.
  6. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    Yea this is pretty much how I feel. Even when the Wings do come back though, I'm not sure how much more I feel like watching the rebuild be artificially dragged out by a s***ty system. I have other hobbies I actually enjoy, turns out I can live without hockey.
  7. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    I saw this a little earlier. I'm feeling even more annoyed because I feel like the lottery being ******* stupid is apparent to everyone except the league itself.
  8. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    No. The Wings are -8, followed by Vancouver at -7 and the Avs at -6. edit: found on Reddit.
  9. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    No surprise there. Couple this with not knowing when the Wings will even play again, I'll probably tune out for a while. Unfortunately, there's just no fun in being a fan at the moment.
  10. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    Pretty sure I'd take that guy at 2 even, I'm feeling pretty good about Stutzle. Tough call though, Byfield is a specimen.
  11. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    Same. But I'm feeling 4th in my bones.
  12. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    8 PM EST I think. I'm not gonna watch, I'm already salty. I'll wait for the disappointing news here or something.
  13. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    I'm ready to be so pissed.
  14. Wheelchairsuperhero

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but...
  15. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Glendog for Captain

    I'm in a crappy mood today and your posts legitimately crack me up. You sir are appreciated.