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  1. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Glendog for Captain

    I'm in a crappy mood today and your posts legitimately crack me up. You sir are appreciated.
  2. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Glendog for Captain

    don't misrepresent what mackel actually said. He called Larkin overrated, when in fact most of us rate him just fine.
  3. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Glendog for Captain

    Nailed it. At 23 with no supporting cast. You have to try extra hard to argue otherwise, meanwhile It's really simple to portray him as a 1C. That should tell you something itself.
  4. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    Worth thinking about, but I guess my first though after hearing that is that everyone's stats will be inflated. So if we're comparing them to past draft years/players of other leagues sure, but if we're just going to look at them relative to one another and assume the quality of the OHL isn't drastically different this year then It's not really a huge factor. Personally I'm not knowledgeable enough on the skill differences between the various leagues, outside of the typical narrative you hear about the QMJHL being a higher scoring league. That's why I find prospects like Stutzle so enticing, as I think there's no doubt a men's professional league contains stiffer competition.
  5. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    Thanks for the short analysis as I still have barely looked into Drysdale. When you mention Hughes and Makar my interest is piqued. Your last line is the way I think though, and if we don't get Laff I'd really like any one of those guys. Byfield obviously, Stutzle would be cool for the german factor and because I really like drafting guys who've already played in men's leagues. Rossi seems risky due to his skating/size, but he just seems so stinking talented and also appears to have some exceptional balance, which may make his size less of a factor.
  6. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Glendog for Captain

    I bit the bullet and sifted through your nonsense, but see no actual analysis or what you're referring to outside of some stupid Staal/Bergeron comparison (shallow). I may have missed it or not looked back far enough, but I don't care that much to spend more time on it. Feel free to find it for me if you'd like. I'll say again, statistically he's a 1C, It's real easy to figure this part out, so easy I'm not going to do it for you since anyone with any basic reasoning skills can figure out how. He does this while being the sole threat his team has to offer, which if you don't think is a massive disadvantage, you're delusional (color me shocked).
  7. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    I'd give one to Ottawa just because I feel so bad for their fanbase for having to deal with that dumpster fire.
  8. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Glendog for Captain

    I think you're probably right here. I won't mind it, and I think he'll probably make a good Captain. To CRL's point though I just hope he loses a bit of that petulant attitude, or at least makes it significantly less overt. He's only 23 though so I'm not worried about it. I mean, statistically it isn't ludicrous at all and supports me much more than you. But to call a 23 year old who nobody really touts that highly anyway overrated is just unreasonable in and of itself. Though you being unreasonable and having the argumentative depth of a puddle isn't really new at all, so carry on.
  9. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Glendog for Captain

    I'm not sure about the season after but I would like to see what kind of person Seider develops into on/off the ice as well. He appears to have some natural leadership qualities that are clearly visible during games. Bascially I'm just in no hurry to name a captain at this point, just keep doing the A's thing until an obvious choice emerges. Right now everyone of our reasonable options are pretty darn young still, outside of a short term choice like Glendening, to your point. But I don't want a short term choice.
  10. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Glendog for Captain

    personally I just wouldn't name a Captain at the moment. With that said I find it ludicrous to say Larkin's overrated. He's filling the 1C spot on one of the worst teams in modern NHL history with basically zero support, and he's still just 23. I find it hilarious when people suggest we trade one of the only players who ever seems to actually care and give full effort on a consistent basis. I'm not saying he's elite atm, but rather that he's doing an admirable job given the circumstances. Trying to produce while being the only line a team needs to focus on and shut down on any given night is not easy, I imagine. As for the coaches, is it that hard to understand that maybe they just don't want to be here? Or maybe that what Yzerman actually said about not being able to judge a coaching staff with this terrible roster might just be true? There's a couple coaches I would've liked, but at the end of the day I don't really care that we kept Blashill for now.
  11. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    They basically told all the bottom teams to go f*** themselves.
  12. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Offseason

    considering we know the players they turned out to be, that means a whole lot of nothing.
  13. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2020 Draft Thread

    Same. Ball is being dropped here.
  14. has he been overweight his entire career? I've only noticed how bulbous he was within the last couple of years. Also I said I was willing to bring it up, because it's a concern I've had recently. I didn't say it was some hill I was dying on, nice try though. See the problem with guys like you is your superiority complex is impossible to handle, and you think you're so smart you can spin the discussion and put words in my mouth without me noticing. It's why folks find you abrasive. Keep calling me names bud, It's a good look and doesn't appear salty at all. It's fun to irritate him, why would I give that up?
  15. hey relax bud, you won. You figured me all out and understand me more deeply than even I do. Jimmy's feelings are safe now. You need to now focus your efforts on all those teams that cut players for being overweight, how dare they be so morally bankrupt. edit i liked bankrupt better