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  1. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2018 Prospects Watch

  2. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2/16 Philadelphia Doldrums GDT - Red Wings @ Flyers - 1:00 PM ET

    I fell asleep when the loss was firmly in hand and I wake up to us getting a point?!
  3. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Didn't he put up most of those points quarterbacking the PP from the blueline? If I recall he was on the first unit. Now for some dumbass reason they have him playing the wall down low like a forward when he's out for the PP, which is less than it was during that whole injury phase. Anyway that's what I'd attribute to the drop in production, our PP ain't s*** and he ain't where he's supposed to be on it IMO. As for the +/-, he's not exactly defensively perfect all the time right now. Youngster may be getting burnt out during a long season. I'm not going to comment on whether scratching him is the right move or not, I'm not a coach and I don't know his personality. Maybe it is best for him. I do think Hronek should be in the lineup though, it's actually silly he isn't.
  4. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2/10 Maelstrom GDT - Red Wings @ Blackhawks - 3:00 PM ET

    Thank goodness for technical difficulties. I don't know how many cringey Trevor Thompson interviews I can handle.
  5. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2/10 Maelstrom GDT - Red Wings @ Blackhawks - 3:00 PM ET

    What does a Abdelkader have to do to be demoted to a lower line? Apparently single-handedly losing a game wasn’t enough.
  6. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2/9 Edgeplay GDT - Red Wings @ Sabres - 1:00 PM ET

    lol Abdelkader.
  7. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2019 Draft

    I'd list all of the tiny players currently in the league this hasn't been a problem for, but I feel like it's already been done a 100 times.
  8. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2/2 Common Sens GDT - Red Wings @ Senators - 7:00 PM ET

    wtf wings pls stahp
  9. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2/2 Common Sens GDT - Red Wings @ Senators - 7:00 PM ET

    You won't out-tank us, Ottawa. OOF
  10. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    pretty sure Rasmussen had 2, and Zadina assisted on both (one being an empty netter). I didn't watch so not 100% sure on that though. edit: only partly correct, Zadina only assisted on the empty netter I think. 3rd man in on the first one.
  11. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread

    My all time favorite player? I'd love to have him back. Is it best for the team? No idea, don't care. WCSH OUT!
  12. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Liked for poop sandwhich.
  13. Wheelchairsuperhero

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    He's 6'3" 235 lbs, I think he would've been alright. Not to mention his style of game isn't putting him in dangerous positions or anything, he's literally just rocketing s*** in from the outside.
  14. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2019 Trade Deadline

    There's a few things to knock him for right now, this isn't one of them.
  15. Wheelchairsuperhero

    2019 Draft

    Kings beat St Louis today, Wings are officially last place. #HackJughes