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  1. brett

    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    what can we learn? he comes to play every night. he hustles he skates hes not afraid to battle he goes to those gritty spots and not afraid of a little contact. he doesnt sit around and wait for the puck he goes and gets it. hes a pest and doesnt give up.
  2. brett

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    some s*** ass suicides..what happened to blue line red line blue line goal line suicides oh i learned to love suicides go til you puke baby
  3. worst team in league mwahhahahah
  4. id be happy with a competitive team and to make the playoffs a couple times. losing most games isnt something anyone wants to watch
  5. whats the wings record for longest losing streak starting a season?
  6. brett

    10/7 GDT - Red Wings @ Kings - 10:30 PM EST

    cholo with 2 assist safe to say we won the datsyuk trade yet? not in chychrun shadow anymore
  7. brett

    10/4 GDT - Red Wings vs Blue Jackets - 7:30 PM EST

    losing still pisses me off
  8. brett

    GDT 8!!!!!!!!

    the most expensive and overpaid 4th line in the nhl nice
  9. brett


    cholo making the team
  10. brett


    enjoy the wins now...
  11. brett


    vanek is a damn PP specialist dina invisible hronek looked real bad
  12. brett


    so Cholowski wasnt suppose to make the team but now hes looking damn good for this game anyway. hope he makes it. seriously cant make the defense any worse
  13. brett

    2018 Prospect Tournament and Training Camp

    you guys better not start calling zadina Z i will quit the forum
  14. brett

    Henrik Zetterberg has Retired

    depressed only way this is ok is if you sign a top 2 dman or a top center