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  1. Smith headed to 2nd round
  2. yeah sorry i would take toews...well only if they retained salary under 30 top line center. that we lack or will be lacking soon
  3. the bigger question is why would sheahan be protected?
  4. your lucky if #1 and #2 picks make an impact. let alone a #10
  5. good looks at helmer defending larkin..that is all bye
  6. im never going to be able to pronounce his name or spell it but nice moves. good energy fun to watch.. fun game remember when we couldnt win a were undefeated wtf
  7. i just find it amazing what one person can do to a team...ala auston mattews and conner mcdavid. taking a team from non playoff contender to the playoffs but those were top 2 picks wonder what a 5th or 6th will bring us
  8. i wouldnt be surprised if we saw blashill back next season
  9. at least we got a point right
  10. I don't think there's many hockey players in the league that would lose on purpose.
  11. tatar going to be the only 20 goal scorer this year? thats why glendenning is playing
  12. i hope he goes all season with no goals
  13. How blashill still has a job after losing to the worst team in the league is beyond me. Organization is f***ed