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  1. brett

    Back Up !!!

    hughes hype is too much already
  2. Wow congrats bertuzzi I thought Mantha was supposed to be a 40 goal scorer this year lol
  3. a player or 2 away from being competitors. seem to be close game most games
  4. just about anyone but blashill guy
  5. lol i dont believe in a lot of his decisions
  6. hey asshil i mean blashill you need any more proof that aa should be in the shootout yet?
  7. i have a hard time comprehending how were 2-17 or whatever without green and like 11-7 with him. i did not think he was that good come to believe as long as holland is here blashill will be head coach unless he quits.
  8. before the game i was thinking OMG this team could make the playoffs hahhahaha dumbass
  9. brett

    Buyers or Sellers ?

    if we buy someone let it be someone who can properly one time a puck and score.
  10. good game larkin is impressive all over the ice. nice to see he raised his level of play bad call on the bert goal
  11. brett

    In Praise of Tyler Bertuzzi

    what can we learn? he comes to play every night. he hustles he skates hes not afraid to battle he goes to those gritty spots and not afraid of a little contact. he doesnt sit around and wait for the puck he goes and gets it. hes a pest and doesnt give up.
  12. brett

    Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    some s*** ass suicides..what happened to blue line red line blue line goal line suicides oh i learned to love suicides go til you puke baby
  13. worst team in league mwahhahahah