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  1. This trade looking better and better the longer Tatar can't produce lol.
  2. Sedin Twins Calling it a Career After Season

    i think Z done after next season. he wont catch daniel..i want him to get 1000pts tho
  3. Holland and Blashill expected to return

    Cmon I'd like to be a playoff team next year. Guess i won't bother watching unless dahlin
  4. woo looks like hes been pulled A LOT. doubt hell be in the NHL next year..
  5. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    NHL is fixed. How would our last couple games be played against the other worst teams in the league to try to further determine the worst team? chicago for dahlin
  6. Officially Eliminated

    damn i thought you meant from the nhl
  7. the best part is the team will be the same starting next season
  8. larkin been on a scoring streak huh its ok to lose lol
  9. Need to lose out the season try to grab 3rd worst
  10. Green to undergo Cervical Spine Surgery...

    Resign for sure
  11. no reason JT would want to come here. he can get 12 mil from contenders there maybe a slim chance IF wings drafted dahlin
  12. 3/16 GDT | Detroit Red Wings @ Anaheim Ducks | 10 PM ET

    #4 woo as long as hank still racks up points towards 1,000 I'm fine with it. Go Z
  13. I'm done rooting for this team watching this team supporting the team giving a goddamn about the team as long as Blashill coach We're not getting Dahlin. We're not going to be better next year. If we do get Dahlin i'm betting Kenny Holland will fail to build a team around him. Like the oilers.
  14. Standings, the good the bad and the ugly

    ah so we got some more losing to do