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  1. i guess f*** the 1st 2nd and 3rd pick 3 wins in a row hell is going on here
  2. wtf a wing knows how to shoot a one timer?
  3. AA is in a grove right now larkin just coming off injury and has helm but bert with larkin and you may have a different goal scoring leader i hope they both hit 30 but looking far fetched for larkin right now. helm and mantha arent great set up guys
  4. scary..hopefully bad anxiety or something stupid i remember the last time a wing blacked out on a bench i forgot who it was t hough
  5. we can still blow it in the 3rd calm down
  6. lashoff is a ******. the only one who didnt show some love to the 2 young fans
  7. brett

    Let's play "YOU are are league disciplinarian"

    well i had an extreme peewee coach. we had this drill had to stay beneath the goal line to the board and you had to take another 3 people down how ever you could. while i never hip threw someone or got hip thrown people landing on their heads and this was in pee wee dont ask me why this was a drill. but i know i was quickest to take everyone down, good old coach mike reynolds. i dont really see a difference between this and how a fight normally ended when another person wrestles the other guy to the ice theyre both equally dangerous you never know what happens when 2 guys wrestle. and in this case it actually looks like he landed on his shoulder. i knew this was going to happen eventually. i did not think it would be that frowned upon. guys got a helmet and pads.. mma guys dont yeah theyre landing on a softer surface but this guy had a helmet and pads on and i think thats a lot safer then a no pads and a softer surface. i guess nhlers better take some mma courses in the off season get ready whos going to be the first to choke someone out?
  8. I wanted to throw a offer sheet to kucherov so bad. They signed him to an amazing contract too. Question for everyone do you think top teams look at a team like the wings and say oh nice easy game tonight and don’t play as hard as they can? Or do you think the wings show up and play a better game? i ask cause the wings seem to always lose by a goal. Games are usually pretty close. It’s almost like they’re a player or 2 away from being a playoff team.
  9. i think thats the only way they can score deflection
  10. what virus does green have? anyone know? too bad with larkin hope he still get his 30 goals. i know back issues they suck
  11. one goal a game team w/o nyquist now going to be a extremely painful next couple years. spitting imagine of Edmonton
  12. i think one of the worst things to happen to this team was moving to the east.