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  1. sinbin

  2. Is the Sharks diving.....

    and they're good at choking too! We're in their heads!
  3. Game 6 Line-Up

    Sadly, I have to agree....But I think Mo's nose has been rubbed in it enough! PUT HIM IN! IT'S TIME!
  4. This Pens fan thinks the Sharks lost the series

    I love your optimism!
  5. Abdelkader

    experience is the best teacher, we'll see how good of a student he is!
  6. Howard......

    My leading candidate for Conn Smythe!
  7. Happy Birthday

    DITTO! And good luck, Bolts!
  8. Game 6

    and the least mistakes.
  9. Mike Modano Time

    :cool:Our Sharks killer will be used next game! I do hope Babs is thinking long term.... Rest the Mule! We have him covered!
  10. Game 6 Line-Up

    :siren: We have a winner!!!!! :siren: AMEN!!!
  11. The NHL's new 'catch-up' officiating

    you're missing the point.......Do you see the coaches behind the bench with smiles on their faces agreeing with everything that goes on? NO! Please re-read!
  12. The NHL's new 'catch-up' officiating

    I agree. I have watched & played this wonderful game since 1972. The coaches have been and always will, give the refs their 2 cents.I would not want to ref this game as it has become so fast to the nth degree. 4 sets of eyes cannot possibly cover everything. You can never take out the human factor in sports officiating.
  13. Mike Modano Time

    Question? putting in Mo, would we be throwing in the towel? He's bigger than Hudes and faster......... better stick skills........ still a force to reckon with......I'm being sentimemntal and don't want Mo's career to end without playing another game,besides Franzen doesn't look 100% imo. Let him rest... we will need him in the long run...... it's time to get into the Sharks heads, they know Mo's history against them!
  14. Have you got your RED on?

    I wear mine all the time! I had it in my heart since 1972!
  15. Can The Wings Win This Series?

    Think about it......what the difference is in this series is......lucky bounces......puck luck....deflections...... this has been very entertaining to say the least.....did we expect anything different? And it is still up for grabs!