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  1. Just get to OT.. f***
  2. f*** you DK...
  3. Oh boy here we go...
  4. Wings win 4-2. Vanek gets the mumps. We can't trade him. That's our luck.
  5. Toss up, love the way Jensen is so mobile more. Maybe I'm more so on the side of just let the young guys play now. Either way, yes!
  6. Our best D right now IMO! @DetroitRedWings: UPDATE: The #RedWings today signed defenseman Nick Jensen on a two-year contract extension.
  7. Hmm... interesting. Side note, why is new topics getting posted 2 or 3 times. Or is it my browser on my phone?
  8. Honestly I go AA and Jensen. Rest get traded. This is so f***ed...
  9. Honestly, I kind of forgot about him..
  10. So apparently Miller wants to be traded. http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2017/02/22/hopefully-i-get-traded-says-wings-miller/
  11. 2 pages... man what has happened with everything?
  12. Sounds like he had a questionable hit, possible suspension worthy.