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  1. Congratulations datsyuk.
  2. I bought some wings at target the other day in the frozen section..
  3. The f***...
  4. PETA- bunch of little crying *******.
  5. I'll tell you this, he wasn't flashy at all. Did get better toward end of year but still a long way away.
  6. What a 180 from last night. Oh yeah, f*** Blashill still.
  7. Wasn't Chris running it for awhile now already? Could've sworn someone said that but maybe not.
  8. DK is so worthless..
  9. The streak may be over but it lives on forever.
  10. See you guys next year!
  11. Nice tip Larkin, wrong net...
  12. What kind of question is that...?
  13. Fire blashill. I'm a wings fan don't get me wrong. I got a bunch of wings stuff on my car, room and still wear shirts. That being said, I have zero desire to watch them. I check in on scores every once and awhile but that's about it right now. Sucks.
  14. And pretty much game.
  15. Where the f*** you going Mraz?!