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  1. DenJ91

  2. 11/20 GDT: Panthers 2 at Red Wings 1 (OT)

    so osgood is starting? post names him as projected starter than right below in the injury update it says he will not because of the flu.
  3. A case for #91 in the rafters?

    omg, eva unit zero and gordiesid&ted are still arguing, wow i haven't missed anything! haha
  4. A case for #91 in the rafters?

    hey everyone i'm back!! been a while since i've been on this forum. hello to my friends again now, do you really need me to chime in on this? i don't think so, i've been there done that, but i might just get tempted too. haha. it's probably the 100th time this topic has been started and i'm guilty of creating one last season. OF COURSE, feds should have his # retired, and if you can't figure out why you have problems. you gotta leave the departure thing aside and simply go by what he's done and only a couple have done more in the history of this great hockey team.
  5. 5 Most Wanted UFAs This Summer?

    i was gonna do the same thing!! although i have to admit him being on the capitals has been great for him, so i wouldn't mind seeing him sign in washington. i'm going to the game saturday in DC, can't wait!
  6. NHL's disappointing players

    yeah, i think that has more to do with his s***ty thrasher team. i mean the guy stands on his head some nights and doesn't get the win to show for it cause he team doesn't score or gives up 40 shots and lehtonen just can't keep them all out. he's also had some injuries. i like him and i think he's such an underrated goalie, i wish he were on another team. he was really unhappy with his teammates the other night in the capitals comeback, maybe he'll ask to be traded in the offseason.
  7. NHL's disappointing players

    i hear ya, just think what daze would have accomplished by now if he was still playing. he'd have over 400 goals right? pretty safe to say. i guess it's more on the "its a shame" side of things that he could play out his career.
  8. NHL's disappointing players

    gotcha, i see what what your saying.
  9. best website for red wings statistical history?

    WOW, that is the coolest thing ever, it's exactly what i was looking for. it shows as page 120 or so for those kind of stats but could just be showing two pages on the same in this view. i could look at this for weeks and not read it all, that's impressive to put that out every year. thanks icer!!
  10. best website for red wings statistical history?

    well yes, i think i was jumping ahead becase ultimately fedorov will most likely remain 5th all time cause lidstrom will pass him early next season. oh and that doesn't need discussion, save that for another thread, i suppose datsyuk or zetterberg have a chance at scoring 954 pts as a red wing but i don't see it. create a thread for that though, i'm just looking for a good website. haha
  11. NHL's disappointing players

    gordieside and toby91, you're bringing crosby up again, booooo. haha. even though you're tearing him apart again, imisssergei knows he's been owned, we've dropped it. back to the topic. lol
  12. NHL's disappointing players

    wow, nice post eva. that's dedication! do you really feel players like trevor linden, martin gelinas, stu barnes, nedved, keith primeau, mike ricci are disappointments? i think all of them played well or had a certain role like ricci throughout their careers. linden was an iron man, gelinas has a couple cup rings and nedved was a good player although streaky.
  13. NHL's disappointing players

    i personally don't consider any of these players disappointments. all of them have had successful careers. straka is playing for the rangers now of course and has put up some good numbers there recently. yashin was an elite player for many years, he left for russia because he wanted more money. to quackquack, yes chistov is a disappointment in my opinion. had lots of promise, never quite lived up to anything. obviously if he could get more money in russia, that means that teams didn't have interest in him to play here. i liked him, but he could have done/been alot more in the nhl.
  14. NHL's disappointing players

    since this is my thread i compiled the list of players named collectively by everyone thus far so those of you still reading the thread or reading for the first time can skip over the lunacy in pages 3-5. eric daze brett lindros keith and brent gretzky fedor fedorov alexander daigle jim carrey boyd devereaux petr klima patrik stefan igor grigorenko stan chistov dan blackburn radek bonk chris gratton viktor kozlov pat falloon joe juneau zac bierk rico fata brian lawton claude boivin link gaetz pavel brendl maxim afinogenov merely people's opinions, some could be argued of course about being actual disappointments but i agree on about 90% of them.
  15. NHL's disappointing players

    believe me, like i said earlier i didn't start this thread thinking someone would be so dumb as to mention crosby. i've been trying all night to let it die, in fact i'm probably not helping by even mentioning this now. but thanks at least for going back to topic. NO ONE post anything more about crosby in here starting now., imisssergei can start his/her own thread about the very disappointing crosby. lol ok i mean!! haha