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  2. SportsK Question

    Sportsk is great... We have sent a blank jersey to be personalized out to them and have also ordered a couple of Wings jerseys from them to be personalized and a Tigers jersey as well. They are very knowledegable and keep you updated on the status of your order. I just ordered a Sakic Nordiques from them and it should be here tomorrow, can't wait to see how it turned out! We haven't been disappointed yet!
  3. Dish Network and FS Detroit negotiating

    I'm still not receiving any Fox games in HD - And I always have in the past few years (at least a portion of the games being aired have been in HD) This is extremely frustrating....
  4. Dish Network and FS Detroit negotiating

    Ok - I'm still not getting FS Detroit HD as a channel option on Dish as part of my center ice, I'm still just getting the standard def. Anyone else having this problem??
  5. Dish Network and FS Detroit negotiating

    You can say that again, that was the worst feed that I think I've seen in awhile! The sound and picture were horrible! I checked our upcoming program guide and it looks like we'll be getting the Detroit non-HD feed for Thursday's game (fingers crossed!) We tried to watch the Anaheim game tonight and it was giving us a message saying that there were technical difficulties so I called dish and complained for about 30 minutes and they ended up giving me the $5 off my bill for the next 12 months or gave me an offer to cancel the service entirely. I explained to her that the whole reason we buy center ice is to get fox sports Detroit and I don't feel like I should have to pay full price when I'm not getting the channels that I have been for the past several seasons. We aren't under contract with dish since we've had the service for 7 years now but I don't feel like all the trouble that comes with making the switch... we're just going to hold out and hope that this issue gets resolved sooner rather than later!
  6. Favorite Red Wings swede

    Please refer to screen name 'nuf said.
  7. Holmstrom and Wings talking contract

    It doesn't surprise me to hear this and it makes me very happy. He's having such an awesome year! Nobody does it quite like Homer
  8. Hockeytown Cafe Info

    The buffalo chicken sandwich is pretty tasty... that's what I always end up getting anyways
  9. Joe Louis the crumbling arena

    No matter what it'll always be "The Joe" to the people of Detroit. I know when Mile High Stadium was torn down here in Denver and replaced with "Ivesco Field at Mile High" a lot of people were upset but in our hearts it'll always be Mile High Stadium.
  10. Holmstrom will not play tomorrow vs. Pittsburgh

    True that, but if it's not tomorrow's game it'll be the one after that. Will be good to see Homer back in action finally
  11. Anyone ever get a jersey from sportsk?

    I bought an Authentic Lidstrom jersey from sportsk for my husband and he was very happy with it. The jersey got here quick and the prices were more reasonable than other sites. I highly recommend sportsk
  12. Great Red Wings "Coffee Table" Books?

    We have the "A day with the Cup" on our coffee table... lots of great photos in there.
  13. Thanks for the message my Homer pal :)

    Sending sweet Homer dreams your way!!!

    <3 Tiff <3

  14. Intent to blow whistle

    Avs totally got screwed last night - they need to get rid of the intent to blow the whistle rule. It is ridiculous and other teams will continue to get screwed out of goals until the rule is removed.
  15. RBK Jersey Question

    I'm going to agree with the others and say that sportsk is the way to go as far as the best prices and products. Also, the new Premier jerseys are very cheaply made. If you're looking for a nice jersey spend the extra money and get an Edge, you won't be disappointed. I bought my husband an authentic Lidstrom jersey from sportsk last year and it's awesome. I will repeat, don't waste your money on the RBK premier jerseys... they are nothing like the KOHO and CCM replicas from a few years ago. I still wonder why Reebok would put out such a low quality product such as the premier and still have a $150+ price tag for a personalized jersey.
  16. Gary Bettman interview

    I saw his stupid face and couldn't even begin reading the article... I went completely braindead for a second there until I clicked out of the link.
  17. Anyone go to HHOF today in Toronto?

    what else is new? he always seems to be in a bad mood when he comes to Denver.
  18. Zetterberg Autograph?

    If you can catch him on the road he's very good about stopping and signing. We got him to stop a couple weeks ago here in Denver.
  19. Autographed Stuff

    He wouldn't sign our stick last time he was in Denver and I believe that is what Kira is referring to. We put our stick in front of him and he said "I don't sign sticks" but he was more than happy to sign our 8x10. Just sayin'... if you got one you're lucky
  20. Red Wings Womens Clothing

    To me "girls" would mean for kids... usually if they're for ladies it would specify ladies, womens, juniors, etc; Good luck... I would try NHL.com if I were you, or maybe the goalie's den (google them) and they can ship to you if you find something you like. You might also be able to do a phone order from hockeytown authentics... it's worth a shot
  21. Season Ticket Holders - FYI

    Just curious... how much was the discount?
  22. Belleville farmer is an aMAZEing Wings' fan

    Wow, that is really neat!
  23. Holmstrom speculates that this is his last season

    I'm hoping to see him around for another few years... I'll just wait and hope for the best. Homer is a great guy and my most favorite player and I'd just die a little if he had to retire soon
  24. Pre-Season Schedule

    only two months to go! yay!
  25. Joe Sakic announces his retirement

    He won two Cups with the Avs... I realize they aren't the team they once were but Denver was a great place for Super Joe to be. You guys had Yzerman, we had Sakic Just my .02 You will be missed greatly Super Joe!!!