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    STEVE YZERMAN (aka God), The Russian Five, SERGEI FEDOROV, Igor Larionov, Slava Kozlov, CHRIS OSGOOD, JOHAN FRAZEN, Kirk Maltby, The Grind Line, Shanny still, Valtteri Filppula, Brian Rafalski, Niklas Kronwall, Brendan Smith.

    THE DETROIT TIGERS, Alan Trammel, Carlos Guillen, Toledo Mudhens, Lansing Lugnuts, Chicago Cubs, The Twins, Braves, Giants...

    Wayne State Warriors (yes, that's right), FULHAM FC, Arsenal FC, FC Bayern München, Werder Bremen... EHC München (hockey).

    Tailgating, cheering on my my teams like no other, being a Detroit badass, living on the Wings and Tigers, being nostalgic, and I guess listen really, really, good music all the time.

    Dislikes: "Fans" who are Negative Nancy's.

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  1. 2012 Photoshop War: Predators vs. Red Wings

    Okay, guys... this is my first PSW post ever (*gasp*). Doesn't really have to do with the Preds alone, but I feel it fits well with recent comments on the "spearing incident" with Legwands. I like his blunt remark: "He held me," Franzen said. "If he does it again, I'm going to do it again. He got called for it and I'm happy for that. We're a good team 4-on-4, so if he's going to do that again I'm happy to do it. Maybe I'll drag him out onto the ice and sit on him, I don't know … maybe do something else." Johan you are my favorite sh*t-stirrer... but I know you didn't start this!
  2. Did You Get Your Curly Fries?

    Well... if you included the hangover, maybe.
  3. Did You Get Your Curly Fries?

    Oh yeah? Well, I'll up you one. I'll try out of the continent! Sigh... if only Germany had Arby's. I don't even eat fast food-- I just want to take advantage of these joyful situations. I thought about this. "Free tax-day fries? Colder than zero degrees Coke? Hot burger for hale bop anniversary?" Exactly.
  4. Banging on the glass at the Joe illegal?

    I completely feel the same way.
  5. Banging on the glass at the Joe illegal?

    Or, or maybe buy the tickets and do whatever the hell you want. But really, maybe since I'm pretty damn weak compared to a NHL hockey player but me banging on the glass from the other side won't so anything. Nothing will break. I can't barely make a noise for a matter of fact. I'm sure I won't get arrested but-- geez, it's hockey. COME ON. I think there's a time and a place and I can understand an annoying person but I can't understand someone who is a fan and into the game being annoying.
  6. Banging on the glass at the Joe illegal?

    Yes, for realsies... AND the person front row reading the newspaper during the game.
  7. Banging on the glass at the Joe illegal?

    Ahhh, I don't know. I just can't imagine not banging on the glass. I've done that as a child. I mean, it's wasn't every game but when there was celebration for an epic goal or the time D-Mac came back... I never found it that annoying. Sorry if I ticked any of you guys off!
  8. Okay, give me a break because I'm currently living in Germany... but I just received word from a friend that it is now illegal to bang on the glass at the Joe. Please, please tell me this is a joke. I can't find anything about it online and you guys out of all people would know. Keep me updated... thanks!
  9. Rule Changes Explained

  10. Zetterberg Auto signing, 9/23 - Hockeytown Authentics

    JasonNewEra, that's amazing! Good work!
  11. Zetterberg Auto signing, 9/23 - Hockeytown Authentics

    I would go, but I'm moving out of the county for a while on Tuesday! This is going to sound sarcastic, but really, quite the dilemma of not knowing what you want signed, isn't it? I would get something related to the stars if he was your favorite non-wing. Hmm... just wondering, how would he sign it? Old number, new number?
  12. Zetterberg Auto signing, 9/23 - Hockeytown Authentics

    Yes, please.
  13. Zetterberg Auto signing, 9/23 - Hockeytown Authentics

    URGH, I want to go to that so bad! Oh, I've worn by jersey with all 10 autographs. I get a lot of heat from doing that. But I never wear it outside and it's always in a protective bag. It's good luck, that's why. And it's not like I'm ever going to sell it.
  14. Zetterberg Auto signing, 9/23 - Hockeytown Authentics

    I don't think the bracelets were numbered accurately. I'm behind one of the pillars in front of the store. By the way, JasonNewEra, amazing drawing by the way. I wish I had one!
  15. Zetterberg Auto signing, 9/23 - Hockeytown Authentics

    Went very fast once they past out the wrist bands and once Hank was there, everything flew buy.