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  1. Jwo


  2. The arena is going to connect midtown and Detroit. Currently midtown has been the growth all before during and after the recession. Most people at the moment are complaining about rent being high, but thats the stoners who think burger king is a carrer job. The white collar and hipster folks are the ones who are enjoying the $1500 one bedroom apartment or $200KCondo/lofts in Midtown.
  3. Try getting something to live in downtown. 98% full capaicity in occupancy rate thanks to all the things you mention help jump start it all. People are on years waiting list at the moment.
  4. Jwo

    Lidstrom and Perry in Honda Commercial

    Cool Commercial. I love my Honda.
  5. Jwo

    What the heck is the PA guy saying?!

    Pushy advertisements = me not buying the product. Never bought a pair of Nike shoes or even a Nike t-shirt. I have heard nothing but bad reviews of Amway, so I'm gonna stay clear of them. If they offer anything for free at the joe, its going straight in the trash bin at the joe.
  6. Jwo

    Illitch: Definitely a new arena coming

    Things around downtown/midtown are looking better. Occupancy for rentals (Condo's/apartments) are at 90%-95%. A couple suburban companies have moved downtown over the years. If Chrysler, Ford, The GM Tech Center and Nissan Tech center would move downtown, I think things would pick up in-sense for a new arena getting developed fast with all that tax base money.
  7. Jwo

    Why detroit is hockeytown

    I'm not surprised at all.
  8. Jwo

    To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

    I would personally rather have Atlanta move. They are not doing so well either and rumors also about them moving to Winnipeg. It would give Detroit a better shot on moving to the East.
  9. Jwo

    If you want to go to the game tonight...

    Auto insurance, senior citizen, student, ect...
  10. Jwo

    If you want to go to the game tonight...

    I head there's all sorts of discounts at the box office that they don't tell you and if you ask, they will give it too you if you meet the requirements.
  11. Jwo

    To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

    Get your Red on! Be proud of the the Wings!
  12. Jwo

    Bill McCreary

    He is the only ref I liked.
  13. Jwo

    Next year could be big for the NHL

    I wouldn't mind if the NFL decides to do a lockout next season on 2 counts. 1. Could be good for Hockey 2. NFL games always mess up my tv shows by making them late to come on or not airing at all.
  14. Jwo

    Wings fans at road games

    Well with the latest census information, it shows that michigan was the only state to have lost population. The away crowds are only going to get bigger in the next 10 years when more people move out of Michigan.
  15. Jwo

    Wings sporting an ad-badged jersey

    A car being given away in "the motor city." I see nothing wrong with that. Stop being xenophobic. I don't even notice the ad's on the glass. I couldn't even tell you one ad that was even put on the there. If they put that small of an ad on the jersey I won't even notice that also