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  1. I wish I could have been there. Ugh, might have had a heart attack tho. lol. For those who went, to the Wings Ducks Game 7: in 09, Was it comparable to that? My ears rang for a day and a half after that game.
  2. A coach might if he has been under-performing and is liable to sit in the box on more than one occasion. I don't buy concussion, or flu-symptoms. It must be something else.
  3. He said he wishes the shots he had at Abby were Kronwall instead.
  4. I think he has been taken out because of his "hot-headed"-ness. Right now he has to be the most notable shark to take a stupid penalty(not something they feel they need to risk at this time). When he is publicly calling Kronwall out, no matter what he does the refs are looking for it.
  5. Game is only a few hours away! C'mon Wings! Get it done! What is everyone drinking tonight?
  6. Thank you for this. After having missed the last game due to work, I would hate to miss this one too!
  7. Round 2 boys and girls!
  8. OMG IM SO LATE ON THIS THREAD!!... sorry friends. =)! I shall do my part! ;D!!!
  9. Round 2.. that good nervous pit in your stomach.. LOOOOOOOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!! :thumbup: L.G.R.W!! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*!
  10. Thank GAWD its game night. Sheesh. 4 Hours till I am free from university for another semester! :siren:
  11. *yawn* what's fer dinner?!