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  1. Deke

    Shanahan returning to Detroit?

    He's got quite the salary contract. Who would you cut to pay for him? Me? Nobody. Hossa > Shanny.
  2. Deke

    O'Hallaran - Default call is 'interference'?

    No, it pretty much is blatantly wrong. By your logic, it'd be perfectly OK to for a ref to call interference on someone for staring at the goalie menacingly. It's the ref's digression, right? If the interference didn't happen, then it's not digression, it's imagination. There was no contact that the rulebook says is interference because, as you've pointed out, there is no clear definition for interference outside of the goal crease when the goalie initiates contact. Put down the pipe pal, there is really very little to argue about.
  3. Deke

    O'Hallaran - Default call is 'interference'?

    Wait a second, so first you're arguing that the rules are clear and it was interference. Now you're saying that the rules are ambiguous. Interference is actually pretty simple. Don't make contact with the goalie INSIDE THE CREASE that impedes his ability to play his position. Which includes making saves, deflecting passes, and playing the puck. Inside the crease, the goalie has default authority. Outside the crease, the rules are less clear, but the heart of the rule remains the same: No contact that impedes his movement our ability to make saves. Fluery kicked his skate out to STOP his movement well before homer's stick was on the ice. This movement alone means his movement was not impeded. Furthermore, a man can skate through a stick. Had the stick actually impeded the goalie's movement, you would have seen the stick flex. There was no stick flex or movement in homer's arm indicating any type of resistance. Your argument's are changing as they are shot down.
  4. Deke

    Detroit's Marked Man

    You're right, that's very sad to say. And also wrong. 2 completely false calls in the stanley cup finals. The video evidence is proof that homer was not in the wrong, so why should homer change? The refs, and the way refs make the ultimate call is what should change. Any other outcome means that the league is willing to compromise on getting it right. If they are willing to compromise on getting it right, then they are essentially allowing refs to play favorites. The calls should be black and white.
  5. Deke

    Suspension Update

    Agreed, the butt end of the stuck would hurt someone's face. Osgood didn't come anywhere near his face. Hit his arm at most, and it was a tap. If he actually butted him Riberio would have smacked into the boards and fell down.
  6. Deke

    Suspension Update

    Osgood definitely did it on purpose, he was looking straight at him as he skating by. But it was just a little tap. Everyone saying it was a butt of the stick hasn't seen someone actually get butted or speared apparently. What Ribeiro did was inexcusable though, even if it was on purpose. You don't respond to a "Hey, slow down TAP" by 2hand swinging your stick like you are Mel Gibson in Braveheart at someone's neck. Go get in his face if you want to be a tough guy. Both incidents are pretty stupid and I'm glad they both got fined. Screw all this suspension talk, no one got hurt, let them play.
  7. Deke

    If we lose this series, will Holland be fired?

    I say yes, and give the job to Bowman.
  8. Deke


    Guess that tells you something about the Nashville fans who keep them under their hats. Or maybe they bring a bucket full of live critters n catfish, in case they get hungry during the game.
  9. Deke


    Since I can't go to any of the games (unless they play Dallas), I need someone to do this for me. You'll be a hero. Get an Octopus. Get a catfish. Cut head off of catfish, stick catfish in octupus and wrap a couple of the legs around it like it's being eaten. Throw it on the ice. Bonus points: If detroit sweeps Nashville, Wrap one of the other legs around a minature broom. Rinse and repeat as neccesary with a duck, or a shark. Don't run into any peta people though.
  10. Deke

    Lineup for Tonight

    You guys could debate the line up until your blue in the face. But you guys are forgetting one key thing. It's Nashville, mmmkay? Yes I know anything can happen in the playoffs. I know that's what we thought about Edmonton a couple of years ago. But, it's Nashville. Tootoo is really nothing to be afraid of. You don't need Downey out there for Nashville. It's better to get McCarty back up to playoff shape so you can play them both when you need to. Downey has got a good attitude and while he'd love to play, he's just happy to be part of the wings organization. He's probably got one of the best tough guy gigs around. He's nothing but "Yes Sir Coach, No Sir Coach, Jump Coach? How high Coach?". Not to suggest he's a blooming idiot, quite the contrary. That's why Downey is good for the team, he does what he's told, and he's not going to go stomping on people to vent frusteration if he doesn't get ice time. By the way, it's Nashville. I'm already ashamed I spent this long writing a post about Nashville.
  11. Deke

    Belfour failing yet again

    You will never complete anything in your life that even remotely compares to what Beflour has done. But you win, afterall, you made fun of him on the intrawebz!
  12. Deke

    Washington Capitals vs Florida Panthers

    As far as individual effort goes, he's been the best player in the NHL this year. What is wrong with recognizing and praising Ovechkin for his accomplishments? Few players reach that mark, one is hardly a fan boy for recognizing that.
  13. Deke

    Mac is Playing on Friday

    McCarty in his heyday would have taken King on. King is a beast, but I doubt McCarty is scared of him.
  14. Deke

    Canucks' postseason hopes have taken a hit.

    Facing Luongo in the play offs would be great. It's like putting a donut on a baseball bat. After the wings are done lighting up one of the best individual effort goalies in the league, they will be warmed up to score on anyone. Don't be afraid of Luongo, he might be beast, but he has no team to be afraid of.
  15. Deke

    All Time Favorite Fights

    hahaha I've never seen that one before.