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  1. Great kill, needed that one. Go Wings
  2. Make it two in a row.............Go Wings Go
  3. Helm from the seat of his pants lol
  4. Datsyuk with nice pass to Zetterberg
  5. Wow nobody could touch it there
  6. Should be a good game, I expect Detroit to play better than the previous two games at the Igloo. Road Warriors Go Wings
  7. Good another Power play
  8. That was priceless with Hossa running into Garon
  9. 16-2 in shots for the Wings. What a period
  10. They look like rented mules out there, the Penguins.....and they still got another period to go.
  11. Helm's getting to the Penguins
  12. Gonchar penalty.............. time for another goal
  13. Keep it going Wings
  14. Almost a goal by dats and flip scores...... Whooooo