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  1. mtuhockey7

    2018 Season Ticket holder open house

    Hey gang, I am going to try to make the trek from Iowa for the 2018 season ticket open house. Does anyone have any info or predictions on when it will be? I need to give my job as much notice as possible before taking vacation and I have one week left so I'd love to plan it right if possible. Any help is appreciated!!
  2. mtuhockey7

    2015 Round 1 Photoshop War: Tampa Bay Lightning

    Does anybody have the 16 to 1 countdown Facebook cover photo file kicking around from previous years? I used to have it but my computer crashed and when re-installing everything, the photo got lost.
  3. mtuhockey7

    Quincey re-signed by DET. 2 yr s $4.25 mill AAV

    Detroit, Ottawa, Edmonton, Buffalo are my picks to land McDavid.
  4. mtuhockey7

    Classy move by Tootoo.

    Way cool!! I'll never forget when I got Kronner's stick 5 years ago after the game, BEST. WINGS. GAME. EVER!!!
  5. This x1000. Franzen has been by far our worst player out there. The one forward out there with size to match the B's and who has the potential to create havoc a la Homer is simply coasting around from shift to shift. The 08 run was 6 years ago, Mule, time to produce or pack. Sent from my Dell Keyboard that probably needs to be dusted.
  6. I agree 100%. He wants the Cup but doesn't want to play or work for it. Hate to break it to you Danny boy, but Uncle Gary isn't just gonna give it to you on sympathy.
  7. Another day, another lackluster effort. Halfway to the golf course boys, you better wake up and FAST! Not sure what Babs has to do to light a fire under some of these guys but they definitely need to start putting it on net and hoping for some bounces, it's how we got our goal in Game 2 and we need to get in Tuukka's head a bit. He blocks everything he sees so somebody needs to get up front and raise holy hell. We're playing timid hockey and timid hockey doesn't win in the playoffs.
  8. mtuhockey7

    THN: Top 10 free agent flops - 2013/4 edition

    Sure would be nice to have a dependable #2 center with our offensive woes we've had these playoffs...
  9. I'm thinking bringing Leino back would fit into this team's offensive philosophy.
  10. Can the game 1 Wings please come back instead of this pile of hot garbage I've witnessed for the last 80 minutes (and counting)?
  11. Doug Glatt. He will instill some toughness in this team so that we don't get manhandled by Boston's physical play in the Eastern Conference playoffs.
  12. mtuhockey7

    Bryz to Oilers

    I'm surprised they didn't go after one of the Ducks' goalies. They have 4 solid ones. Hiller, Fasth, the rookie Andersen, and the prospect Gibson. It's not like Anaheim can't spare a goalie as trade bait.
  13. mtuhockey7

    Bryz to Oilers

    The Hemsky deal was made through a fake Twitter profile, no truth behind that one. The Bryz and Smid deals are legit, however.-
  14. mtuhockey7

    Rookie you're most looking forward to watching this season

    Darnell Nurse. Hopefully he makes the Oil (I can't see why he wouldn't with their D issues). He's got one of the craziest slapshots I've ever seen and he is tough as nails.