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  1. Butch

    2012 Baseball thread

    Isn't Valverde supposed to be a free agent at the end of the 2012 season? Bench him now, never let him screw up another Tiger save. Let Dotel finish the playoffs as closer, he has been a good one in the past and he doesn't seem to choke like "Papa Grande Loser".
  2. Butch

    Thornton slash on Z

    Thornton better watch out or JR might forget all about Marleau and target him for the gutless thug that he is.
  3. Butch

    Which NHL player have you met

    I was in D.C. over the weekend and met Bill Clement in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. He seemed nice to talk to, asked where I was from. Told him Michigan and that I was a huge hockey fan. I'm an old fart and told him I used to watch him (on TV) with the Flyers in the Broad Street Bullies days and Atlanta and Calgary. He seemed to appreciate it.
  4. Butch

    Training Camp!

    My wife and I (and a couple of friends) will be there for the Sunday practice/scrimmage and the Red and White game on Tuesday.
  5. I hate to throw politics into the mix, but............... Maybe Obama asked him to apply the Shizburg decal during their recent "Liberal Lovefest" at the White House.
  6. Butch

    How big of a Wings fan is your Wife/Girlfriend/Significant Other?

    My wife stood in line at Center Ice in Traverse City for several hours in freezing weather (with rain in the forecast) to get tickets to the Red and White game at Wings training camp for us and a couple of friends. That must stand for something!!!! And she paid for 'em!!!
  7. Butch

    LOL at the Sharks

    I don't hate the 'Hawks either. I hope they lose in the finals because their fans are assholes and Hossa is a dick. Oh yeah, and then there's '20 cent'. As far as the Sharks are concerned, they never should have gotten by the Wings. They got what they deserved. Go Flyers!!!! (or Canadiens!!!)
  8. Butch

    Red Wings Training Camp 2010

    Be sure to try and hit the Prospect Camp if you get the chance. It runs Sept. 11,12,14&15. It's a round robin tournament with prospects from eight NHL teams there (Wings, Thrashers, 'Canes, Rangers, Blues, Wild, Jackets and Stars). There are four games each day, two each on the two rinks, so basically you can watch two full games and parts of one or two more. Tickets are $8.00 a day at the door. These kids play some serious hockey, they're playing for positions on the NHL, AHL, or other minor league teams. My wife stood in line and got tickets for the Wings Training Camp Red & White game and the Sunday practice/scrimage while I went fishing. Now, that is a great woman!!!!
  9. Butch

    DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

    Did ya' ever notice when Cyndi's helmet comes off, just how much he looks like Butthead of "Beavis and Butthead" fame?
  10. Butch

    Ovie Suspended

    pockets, on 16 March 2010 - 03:44 AM, said: idk why people are still saying Cooke needs to be punished. Why what rule did he break, even though it was a malicious hit and knowing Cookes history he probably did have intent to injure, you cant punish him. Then I guess, by this logic, it should be OK for the Bruins to go headhunting for the Penguin's best player when they meet on Thursday night. Suppose Boston's most physical player (goon? thug? clean but hard checking player?) takes out Cyndy Crosby the way Cooke took out Savard. When Bettman regained consciousness, he would demand that the guilty party be banned for life for a "clean" (?) hit on the "face of the NHL". Above all, Political Correctness must be observed!! Remember how Konstantinov used to play the game? He hit like he meant it and took everything the opponents gave him without a whimper. Personally, I would love to see every player in the league play with the intensity that Vlady brought (and Ovechkin brings) to every game. It would sure be a lot more exciting and entertaining. Remember, it is a contact sport and, like Mickey Redmond says, "It's no place for an nervous person".
  11. Butch

    Hossa scores Cup clinching goal?

    You've had your shower, now turn off your computer and go to bed Sidney.
  12. Wasn't that guy on their blue line the last time they won the Cup?
  13. Butch

    The Weather Channel announces...

    Too bad Pierre McLiar didn't "catch" laryngitis from Emrick.
  14. Butch

    Bob Probert

    He was voted a member of the Campbell Conference team for the 1987-88 season NHL All Star game. He was having a career season offensively while at the same time living up to his enforcer reputation.
  15. Butch

    dan o'halloran

    O'Halleran gives douchebags a bad name. Where's Bill McCreary when you really need a class act ref?