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  1. Lancz

    Paper Wings

    Very cool! I can't wait until my kiddo gets big enough to put them together with me He's only 5 months but I'll hang onto them. They remind me of the pillars at the Joe that have the player pictures on them. Is anyone else having the first page nearly black? I can make out what it's supposed to be. The second page looks fine but the first one each one I download looks as if it's sitting behind tinted glass. It printed out ok though. Anyone figure out how to actually save them? I don't see any options. I'd love to keep them on hand in my dropbox when going over to my friends house who has young wings fans.
  2. This is crazy. May as well get Ott and Cooke, perhaps Pronger if his concussion symptoms subside?!?! I guess it's a good thing when someone you can't stand signs for your team. They bring something to the table that make you dislike them so much... It reminds me of when Chelios signed with the wings.
  3. Lancz

    New forum skin now live!

    I really enjoy that time line mural up at the top. How I miss the Vladinator!
  4. Lancz

    Where to buy "Fight night at the Joe" print?

    It would be great to have one signed by Lemieux and Foote. I would settle for just Lemieux.
  5. Lancz

    Blackhawks song (We love the Hawks?)

    Funny, clever and true. I still don't get how the get Bufflin or Bucklin out of By-Fug-Li-En. Perhaps the Y, F, and E are silent and it's supposed to sound like Buglin? Or is there a way to silently move letters around? Maybe the U takes the place of the Y, and the G and E become silent...
  6. Lancz

    I'm Satisfied

    Yeah he did. Always made me sad because we were turning that series around. Strange how a goal being kicked in or not being kicked in could have a part in Yzerman's last game and possibly one of Lidstrom's last games.
  7. Lancz

    WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

    I'd love to hear someone say something. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to play against the refs. Sharks did play a great game but Detroit played better. If not for multiple phantom calls Detroit would have had it in the bag. Sharks fans are in denial if they can't honestly say they wouldn't be frustrated if refs slanted the ice against them for the first two playoff games. I look forward to the natural and pleasant death of Gary Bettman. What is up with the color guy. He must call Sharks games normally. I know Mickey can be a Homer but at least he points out bad calls either way.
  8. Lancz

    History will be made: Datsyuk/Zetterberg

    Nice that it rewinds back that far and shows pav embrace z in the start. Commercial is for both of them since they were both drafted late. Epic.
  9. Lancz

    Abbys in!

    Woot! Something we all agree on. Now if they can just have a talk with Bertuzzi and encourage him to throw his weight around. I'd say the same for Franzen but I doubt he'll ever drop gloves. Almost forgot about Ericsson. Why doesn't he lay the body on more?
  10. Lancz

    Beard time!

    This is the first time I've been unemployed during playoffs so I can actually grow one out! I think I'll plan on trimming cheeks and neck between series as well. I always figured you would shave the same day the team hits the ice for game 1. So I shaved off my beard this morning and am excited for playoff hockey. :octo: There is no bearded smiley! :beerbuddy:
  11. Lancz

    Early Penalty Watch For Game 1

    I felt like the portion in bold is what happened last season, and will probably eventually happen again as long as Bettman is in charge. I believe at least one of the refs noticed the too many men and chose not to blow the whistle. You can sit there and say they usually even things out but timing and momentum mean a lot in hockey. I agree they do even things out most the time but it can end up being too little too late. It's kind of silly that fans accept bad calls as long as they are hopefully "evened out". I would much prefer refs getting penalized in pay for calls they are unsure of and getting bonuses for making calls that are spot on correct. Then we wouldn't have 2 minute penalties "for playing hockey". God forbid we let the coach challenge a call or use video review to ensure correct calls are being made... I'm pumped about playoff hockey but I'm not looking forward to the poor officiating that has plagued the NHL ever since the lockout. Would it surprise me that there is bias officiating in favor of a failing franchise? Of course not. I don't think it has to, or will for sure happen but it really wouldn't surprise me much if it did.
  12. I'd have to go with Elias. He's on my fantasy team got me a SHG, assist, GWG and is +3 with 1 faceoff win today! I'm guessing he's not on it since his name is spelled "Patrik" lacking the C.
  13. Lancz

    Is it time to rebuild?

    Ha, just read this as Williams scores the PPG!
  14. Lancz

    Anyone tired of the officiating?

    I'm curious to know the response as well. Keep up the good work. It's pretty silly that the fans keep the league in business but are powerless to make any changes for the good of hockey. Bad officiating has been going on for years now, ever since the lockout if I recall. I hope every year things will be different but they are not. It's embarrassing to try to get people into hockey when you have to explain poor officiating. Is there any website out there dedicated to changing officiating in the NHL? If there was I would register to it in a heartbeat and possibly one day if it gained enough numbers and had enough popularity TSN or some other sports news could do a story on it. I don't understand why coaches can't challenge bad calls after seeing a replay and have Toronto give a ruling. It would certainly make fans and players alike much happier. Nothing will probably ever happen with fans complaining about poor officiating, but you'll never know unless you try. Maybe you should address it to Shanny since he isn't a corporate tool.
  15. Lancz

    Hossa nice goal

    Wow, nice! I managed to work a trade to get him in my lineup for fantasy hockey. If I can't follow him on the wings at least I can in fantasy hockey.