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  1. The biggest difference in the Nashville series

    How quickly we forget about that Kevin Klein goal. Game 4, tied 1-1 and jimmay decides to go for a stroll into the corner (albeit with half the red jerseys on the ice) and ices the series. I still like jimmy, but that play made my freaking head explode on so many levels
  2. Another jersey question (sorry)

    F.Michael, that site is awesome thanks! I agree with everyone else about sportsk, I've purchased 5 jerseys from them and they are the best. I looked at their website and didn't see any old CCM jerseys besides already customized Yzerman ones, but I should give them a call and ask if they have any laying around. Thanks for the replies guys. If anybody is reading this in the future and looking for jerseys, sportsk.com is number one. Edit: sorry Copenhagen, just saw the link you posted, thanks!
  3. Another jersey question (sorry)

    Yeah, tried eBay and they were all autographed. I think there may have been one but it was the wrong size. I just find it hard to believe there's not a small surplus of older jerseys out there after the league went to reebok.
  4. Another jersey question (sorry)

    I'm in a great mood after a solid win and being 'turtle day' I couldn't help getting sentimental about the past watching the video in that thread. I really want to buy a McCarty CCM jersey (not the new reebok crap). I did some basic eugoogalizing but couldn't find much that wasn't autographed. That would be cool but I want to be able to wear it. Anybody have any website suggestions? Maybe somewhere that has a stockpile of old CCM jerseys?
  5. SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Luongo is a joke
  6. 2011 Calder Cup Finals

    Congrats. Couldn't hold em in the third
  7. 2011 Calder Cup Finals

    Aeros in seven.
  8. Boston vs. Philly

    Gotta love the history will be made commercial with Boucher right after he gets pulled, haha!
  9. Need Help with this jersey

    I HIGHLY recommend sportsk.com I've ordered three jerseys from them , couldn't be happier. In fact, I just got my Zetterberg winter classic replica in the mail today, just in time for game 4. It looks awesome, $160 including tax and shipping.
  10. Just a thought...

    First of all, sports are great. I'm a die hard Wings fan and a die hard sports fan in general. I love (and hate) how I can become so emotionally involved with a group of people I've never met and when the times are good, they're awesome. But the flipside is, you live with a team, you die with a team. I've been fortunate enough that in the 15 years I've been a hockey fan I've seen my team in the Stanley Cup finals 6 times, and they've won 2/3 of them. Not too many people can say that. I made it up to Detroit last year for the finals and would've made it this year but I'm in training and the Navy wouldn't let me take leave. This loss SUCKS. There's no way to to sugarcoat it. It hurts to the very depth of my being. Something happened though to help put things in perspective for me. I've had some other personal issues going on this week, and after the loss last night I found myself reflecting a bit on what I went through the past few days. For some reason I started thinking about the different stages of the grief cycle people go through when bad things happen to them. I couldn't remember all of them in order so I googled them. Without paying much attention I clicked on the first result and sure enough, I could trace my thoughts over the past week through every one of them. Then I noticed the webpage I had actually gone to. It was for Cancer patients and survivors. It hit me right then that as bad as I thought I had it, I'm still extremely fortunate to be happy and healthy and there are people out there facing real problems that make mine look so trivial. Bottom Line: Last night was a bad night for Wings fans. Mourn the loss this weekend, then get over it. Next season starts in a few short months. :chug:
  11. Game 5 roll call!

    I'm going, glad I bought my game 5 ticket originally. I was getting a little worried I might not be able to go the way we played games 1 and 2, but we had a bad game and sindy got a couple lucky bounces so now we get to win the cup at home!
  12. SCF Game 3 GDT: Penguins 3, Red Wings 2

    Got a feeling about Homer and Samuelsson making a big impact tonight, we'll see... Go Wings!!!
  13. My first attempt at photoshop, Apple introduces its new Crosby edition Ipod:
  14. Stanley Cup Tickets on sale right now

    Yeah, 11th row
  15. Stanley Cup Tickets on sale right now

    Well I did it, got my single seat ticket to game 5, section 209 so I get to watch the wings shoot twice...and all for the modest price of $240 Worth it though...Wings in 5! Clinch it at home!