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  1. 2/17 GDT - Red Wings @ Predators - 8:00 PM EST

    Between the fight highlights from 2003, and "The other Luke" getting his first, this might be the most exciting game I've seen in a little while.
  2. Zetterberg HOF Worthy?

    Zetterberg will get in purely on his manly ability to grow a full playoff beard overnight.
  3. Rumors Thread

    Looks like someone became available after getting called out on TV during last night's NBCSN matchup. That didn't last long.
  4. 1/22 GDT - Red Wings @ Devils - 7:00 PM EST

    Petr should get the next game, but, being a back-to-back, there's no doubt that Howard gets the nod. He had a great game, I hope that he gets Thursday so that he can stone The Black Hawks again.
  5. The Idiot GM

    In even scarier news. Tonight between the second and third periods, Jeff Reiger, from 97.1 fm, played part of an interview with Kenny from last Friday. He actually thinks that we have a chance to make the playoffs, and "just get in, and see what happens". Well, what would happen if we happened to jump all the teams in front of us, just to get the second wild card, is getting rolled in the first round by Tampa. Again!!! He then went on to pat himself on the back for 25 years of making the playoffs, and that that is a nearly impossible feat to do in the league today with all of it's parity. Reminded everyone that drafting Lidstrom's in the 3rd round just doesn't happen anymore, and that Fedorov and Vladdy were a gamble because they were Communists, blah, blah, blah. He then went on to mention that the teams that have been successful since the salary cap all spent years at the bottom, getting high draft picks, and drafting high caliber players. Then mentioned how great we did with Larkin and Rasmussen. Then came the most cringe worthy part of the interview, his praise of Blashill. "He's won at every level that he has coached, and I think that he is really starting to get a good grasp of what it takes to win in The NHL. You know that he was one of the youngest coaches in the league, and he just needed a little bit of experience to get him to learn how to win at this level. I think he's going to be a great coach in this league, for a long time to come." I've always given Kenny the benefit of the doubt, but after hearing him say all this, and looking at our team, I'm not sure if he even follows the sport at all. Talk about head in the sand. I'm hoping that they move him into Jimmy D's easy chair job this year. Maybe they can share an easy loveseat, or something like that. I'm all in on a 3-5 year, "restocking" period, instead of his "reloading" process, at this point. It took me 41 years of life to see our Captain lift The Stanley Cup, I don't think I'll be around for 41 more years, for that train to arrive at the station, at the rate that this team is going. I hope that Christopher I., has a grasp off how the new NHL works, and can accept the fact that the old ways of doing things, don't work anymore, and that he is young enough to see many years of success, if he can just accept that we're going to have to lose, to once again become winners. TL/DR. Kenny gonna Kenny.
  6. Strange Red Wings trade rumor video.

    Go Al Tending!!! Al has a great future ahead of him.
  7. 10/31 GDT - Coyotes @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    Not at all unusual. There are always scouts from other teams in the press box scouting other teams game plans. Wings usually have a few scouts out watching teams that we'll be playing 2 weeks from now, and breaking down their game plan. And yeah, sometimes they are watching players that may be available in the near future.
  8. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    Please, Please, Please, give Zetterberg a linemate that will retrieve a puck in corner, and won't be scared to do some of the dirty work. I'd even be okay with Abdelkader, if that's what it has to be. Just drop one of the two deadbeats that he has to carry, of of his line. LGRW!
  9. Rate our current forward group

    I really think that the people that think that Seattle would be a good place for a team, have never spent any time in the area, and only look at it as a thriving metropolis, therefore, it would be a great place for a new team. My wife grew up in the area, and I've been going out there to visit her family for the past 35 years. Have spent a great deal of time out there in the last 10 years, as her parents were aging, and finally passed on. Not one time in all of those years, have I ever thought that they could successfully keep an NHL club in Seattle. They would be more successful with having 3 soccer teams, than they would one NHL team. I've been to several Thunderbirds games, with around 500 in attendance. And The Husky's program is no better. Hockey really isn't really in the blood of the residents, and for lack of a better word to describe it, the city is too "Metropolitan" for hockey.
  10. Rate our current forward group

    There were lots of women there on opening night. They were dressed in skinny jeans, sporting man buns and long hipster beards, and wearing sweaters with the names of modern warriors like Nyquist and Tatar. I'm pretty sure that the PC term for these ladies nowadays, is, Metrosexual.
  11. McCollum back

    If he was going to bring back an old goalie, it should have been Jim Rutherford.
  12. Former Wings

    Another name that was going to change the world for us that I didn't see any mention of, is Chicken Parm Jr. How quickly he disappeared into never to be heard from again, land. A quick look at the names listed here, makes me think we have a problem in scouting. A lot of these guys were 1st or 2nd rounders. That's quite a few misses that we were hoping that maybe a quarter of them would turn into usable players. It seems that we've done better in the last few years. Is that something that we have to call out Jim Nill for?
  13. 2017 WCQF: Nashville Predators vs. Chicago Blackhawks

    Black Hawks go down 3-0 in the series. Where have I seen this before? Not going to celebrate yet, but I sure have a big smirk on my face.
  14. Tomas Jurco traded to Chicago for a 3rd rounder

    Couldn't stay out of the press box, in 3 1/2 seasons with the big club. Call it a case of mismanagement if you want, but he didn't show anyone in the organization any of the promise that he did when he was drafted. Best of luck, Jurco. In related news. More reason to hope for a first round choke job from Chicago.
  15. Single Game Tickets Pre Sale

    That's a great spot to see everything. The only spot it might be an issue, is if you're in 207 or 208. That's where the main camera that they use for 75% of the game is. There are a few seats in that area where the view can be partially obscured, but I honestly think that row 10 is above that. And I'm pretty sure that most of those seats are STH seats, anyway.