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  2. HZloverrr

    Winter Classic Ticket Questions

    My family and I are planning on going to the winter classic this year...I've been asking the hockey authority in my family, my sister, about when the tickets go on sale but she has been no help whatsoever. Has anyone heard where you get the tickets and when you can get them? thanks guys (and girls!)
  3. HZloverrr

    Yzerman Clip

    ...I just did a quick search on youtube too and couldn't find it either. maybe someone has it??
  4. HZloverrr

    Yzerman Clip

    This is why i LOVE this place!! It was seriously driving me crazy when I couldn't find the clip and I guess I had the wrong person! haha. thanks again everyone...maybe ill be able to find it now.
  5. HZloverrr

    Yzerman Clip

    One of my funniest memories of Yzerman is back in the 02 playoffs (i believe...) when he got put in the penatly box. I'm pretty sure it was an away game because a lot of people, including a woman was heckling him. She had a sleeveless top on and was banging on the glass. Yzerman got fed up and made the gesture of shaving his under arms, basically telling the woman to shave under there! I remember when it happened I laughed so hard. I've been trying to find this clip on youtube with no luck. Does anyone remember what Im talking about? Or possible have a clip of it?! I would SO love to see it again thanks!!!
  6. HZloverrr

    Best Sports Cities

    Just about the only thing Detroit has going for it are the sports teams (and fans for that matter) The economy sucks, The Governor is running us into the ground and the Mayor is an lying, cheating, thug! come on, yahoo, give us SOMETHING to be proud of!
  7. HZloverrr

    The Zetterberg Song

    HAHAHA....ive seen that one before and it still makes me laugh! AND there is TOTALLY a third one...
  8. HZloverrr

    Datsyuk's ringtone

    I found this clip the other night on youtube...its the funniest thing i've seen in a while. He's usually so quiet...but this video shows another side. SOOO funny!!! i don't know if someone else has posted this...and if it is, sorry! haha...but it is just WAY too good to let it go unnoticed.
  9. HZloverrr

    Chelis role?

    my little sister plays hockey with his oldest daughter, shes also very good friends with her. Caylee plays just like here dad...very agressive and a good head for hockey (shes only a freshman too, which is awesome) anyways...word around the CK hockey families is that babcock and cheli got into a HUGE fight during the playoffs and that babcock atcually took cheli out of the games bc he is so fed up with him. the reason cheli didnt play in the finals was (according to rumor) was becuase Babcock hates him and wants him gone. now, i hope coach is a little better at COACHING and not favoring players (it is the NHL and all) but...who knows... anyways...just thought i'd put my two cents in. =)