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  1. signing hossa/hudler/franzen

    i partially agree. from the article i read, it seems like hossa really is willing to sign long term for quite a lot under market value. no way kenny will give him much more than zetterberg or dats. if hossa doesnt go for a cap hit of 7mil or lower than it would be better to sign hudler and franzen. on top of that if hossa would get more than that, think of how screwed over zetterberg would feel for not taking more from another team!! if he gets less, so should other franchise players (which hossa would be if he signs long term). As the mostly likely successor of lidstrom as captain, he'd be really pissed off, thats not the way to treat a franchise player But i dont think it would be so easy to trade flip cuz his contract is over market price...and even if you manage to trade flip you'd still be stuck with cap problem unless he is traded for draft picks...
  2. signing hossa/hudler/franzen

    dont agree... leino can replace hudler, so he can go. apart from that there is no way hudler will resign for 1.2 after this season. he is gonna be looking at franzen and filpula and will expect similiar pay. also, im not a big fan of lilja but he has been playing very well this year. same goes for samualson. why let them go? in contrast, conklin is better than osgood (this year) and played a great season last year as backup for fleury. why not give him ossies spot as number one if he is cheaper? i would much prefer to see: zetterberg-dats-holms franzen-leino-hossa filpula-helm-sam cleary-draper-abdelkader/maltby Lidstrom-Rafalski Stuart-Kronwall Ericsson-Lilja Meech conklin howard
  3. signing hossa/hudler/franzen

    i thought i forgot something. anyway, edited the numbers. the new numbers make it all the more obvious that one of the three will be gone next year. its a shame. im pretty sure it'll be hudler...
  4. signing hossa/hudler/franzen

    Despite the amazing news about Hossa willing to take less $ to stay in detroit for longer term. It looks like it will only be possible to sign two out of the three. This is how i figure: assuming cap limit stay same as this year, which is what most expect, we start with a cap space of about 0.23million. Next, considering the potential of leino and helm, i dont expect to see kopecky next year considering his weak performance, especially compared to the positive performance of leino. Leino will need a new contract, i expect him to get around 250,000 more than currently. As a fourth line center maybe third line, he can expect to get what hudler and franzen currently get, no way he gets more than samuelson i doubt chelios will play next year, so ericsson will come up to replace him. with the limited use of enforcer this year i see holland letting either mccarty or downey go. also, if osgood doesnt peform well in the playoffs i think we will let him go, in exchange for howard. otherwise osgood stays and we dont re-sign conklin and howard comes up. that would mean we have approx. 800,000 less cap space next year. i think samuelson will see his contract renewed at the same amount. no change there with neither datsyuk or zetterberg earning higher than a cap hit of 6.7m i think holland will be aiming for a cap hit of about 7m for hossa. that would be an additional 450,000 Cap space 230,000(current cap space) +500,000 (kopecky) -250,000 (leino) +750,000 (chelios) -900,000 (ericsson) +500,000 (downey/mcarty) +1,400,000 (osgood) -700,000 (howard) +450,000 (hossa) =1,980,000 that leaves approx. 2,000,000 for new contracts for hudler and franzen. both will expect similiar contracts as filpula. i think thats a cap hit of 3.25 or something around that. both hudler and franzen are earning about 1m, with 1 mil cap spac available each, that would allow for contracts of 2m each, and i dont think they will take that. so basically, i think holland will keep franzen, and let hudler go, considering the upward potential of helm and leino. even if holland lets maltby go and keeps helm to a two-way contract, that wont free up enough cap space to for 3m or more contracts for huder and franzen... anyway, these are my predictions....any thoughts?
  5. The Biggest Problem with the Defense and Osgood

    as over simplified your reasoning may be, you are right. here are the two facts that say it all: red wings rank 3rd in shots against but 17th in goals against. osgood is dead last in goal save percentage amongst goalies who play regularily. its quite simple not that many shots are getting through, because our defense is doing a pretty good job. osgood on the otherhand, is not doing a very good job with the few shots that are getting through. The solution to the above is very simple: conklin starts and howard and osgood compete for backup. The thing that worries me far more is our pk. Its AWEFULL! We rank 27th in the league!?! That isnt exactly stanley cup material. We really have to do something about that.
  6. Fantasy Hockey

    Yeah but when do I start signing in/subsribe?
  7. Fantasy Hockey

    This year I want to start an NHL fantasy season. I've never done it before and I was hoping you guys could give me some advice. I have some questions like: What is the best site to do it on? I dont want to pay, and I don't have a huge amount of time. When does the season start? Is it late august? Is it even fun or worth it?
  8. New HNIC Theme

  9. Emery a victim of Racism?

    And in terms of the partiying issue, maybe Emery doesnt know, Mike Toth definately doesnt know and what a lot of ppl on LGW probably dont know either is that the nightlife in Moscow is crazy!!!! The clubs there are open 24 hours a day. And because the difference between rich and poor is sooo big, and the russians love to show their money, you will find people spraying more champagne than miami, london, new york. Probably even more than in St. Tropez! I know because I have seen it. Its crazy.... Oh and btw, speaking of racisim. Russia is the most rascist country in the world. Russians hate Jews and there are practically no black people there because the Russians are so rascist....
  10. Emery a victim of Racism?

    What a load of crap. Mike Toth doesn't know what the hell he is talking about! First of all, we all know that emery is out because of his attitude. He practically admitted it in that in that interview on off the record. He also admitted that he could stay but earn 1/10th of the money. So he is going to russia for the money. (as well as the fact that he thinks it gives him the chance to sort out his life)
  11. 07/08 was Lidstroms 6th Norris. (!) Do you think he will win it again? How many will he still win? And how many seasons do you think he still has left in him (with detroit)...
  12. Player vs. Player

    ellis (based on what i saw in the playoffs this year, better than fleury even) macinnis or leetch
  13. Player vs. Player

    brad Bobby Orr or Lidstrom
  14. Player vs. Player

    the mule.... theoren fleury or chara.....(dropping gloves haha)
  15. Player vs. Player

    common, cleary is great, but nothing compared to the mule...