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  3. Mickey Redmond Carhartt Commercial voiceover

    It's him: http://www.freep.com/article/20111018/COL06/110180363/Tom-Walsh-Dearborn-based-Carhartt-retooling-image-work-wear
  4. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    I've recently ordered from www.jerseyinstock.com. Maggie, who used to work at lightinthebox.com, runs this site. My first order was for a home Boston Bruins Chara jersey, and a Tigers Granderson jersey (yeah, I know he was traded, I actually received it the day before the trade was announced ). I was very impressed with the quality of both jerseys. The Tigers jersey is of better quality than the Inge jersey I bought here in Michigan. I was able to compare the Bruins jersey to an authentic jersey at one of those sports memorabilia shops at the mall, and the jersey was nearly identical in quality. The only deviation was the Reebok patch on the neck was a bit off in color--more than acceptable for the difference in pricing. The Bruins jersey is much nicer than the other NHL jerseys I ordered a year or so ago from Lightinthebox and from "Jack"... It was shipped via EMS, and was delivered USPS 10 days after being shipped. I had to wait two weeks for the jerseys to actually ship, as the Granderson jersey I ordered was out-of-stock, but I was aware of that issue up front. Payment was made via Paypal.... One thing to note with Maggie's site--she has more jerseys available than are listed on her site currently. In the past, she has sent out inventory lists via email on request. I've got a couple more jerseys on order right now, and would be happy to share my experience with those once they arrive if anyone is interested....
  5. Ballard slashes teammate Vokoun in head

    Posters on HFBoards are saying Vokoun has a deep "ear laceration": http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=709072&page=5
  6. SCF GAME 2 GDT: Penguins 1 at Red Wings 3

    Hmmm: 47.22 Fines and Suspensions – Instigator in Final Five Minutes of Regulation Time (or Anytime in Overtime) - A player or goalkeeper who is deemed to be the instigator of an altercation in the final five (5) minutes of regulation time or at anytime in overtime, shall automatically be suspended for one game. The Director of Hockey Operations will review every such incident and may rescind the suspension based on a number of criteria. The criteria for the review shall include, but not limited to, the score, previous incidents, etc. The length of suspension will double for each subsequent offense. This suspension shall be served in addition to any other automatic suspensions a player may incur for an accumulation of three or more instigator penalties. When the one-game suspension is imposed, the Coach shall be fined $10,000 – a fine that will double for each subsequent incident. No team appeals will be permitted either verbally or in writing regarding the assessment of this automatic suspension.
  7. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    LITB has definitely gotten better about getting orders out quickly, but I've also had sizing issues with them. I've gotten a 2XL from them that fit similar to a smallish XL, and then ordered a 3XL as a replacement. The 3XL was identical in size to the 2XL, and it was clear that the original size tag had been removed and replaced with the 3XL tag. Months later (recently) I ordered another 3XL, and had the same issue... it was obvious that the size tag had been replaced, and the jersey was much smaller than anticipated. With this latest order, I also ordered an XL for a friend (same jersey, same name, just different size), and the 3XL was the same size as the XL. It was also a Chelios jersey when I had ordered a Z jersey.... In regards to quality, it seems to vary a fair amount... I've gotten jerseys from LITB that seemed more authentic than Jack's, but I've also gotten LITB jerseys that were quite a bit worse.