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  1. Travis


  2. Travis

    Players Tribune: Shane Doan The Right Way

    Had a chance to do some work with the Coyotes over the Spring. Everyone we talked to in and around the organization said nothing but the best about Doaner. He's their Yzerman, for sure, and does even more around the community than we ever hear about. Looking forward to the read.
  3. Travis

    All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

  4. Travis

    2015 Detroit Tigers/MLB Baseball thread

    Yoenis f@&$ing Cespedes. I am so excited about him being a Tiger it's not even right.
  5. Travis

    Getzlaf calls Ovechkin a diver, O says "I have hair"

    I didn't know Getzlaf lived in Newport. Maybe I'll run into him at Pavilions or something. Don't get me wrong, Newport definitely has its niceties, but for my money - it can definitely be beat.
  6. Just so you know, I shared your quote on Deadspin - who agrees with everyone's sentiments. Hope that's okay.
  7. Travis

    McCollum signed.

    The equivalent of a AAAA player in baseball.
  8. Wow. Seriously? I can't believe the Red Wings ticket office thinks Billy Beane is the team's GM. (But seriously that's totally absurd if true.)
  9. Travis

    Tom Renney could be leaving, too.

    I can understand that, but Blashill has had success at every level he's coached. And with young players, at that. If this organization is seriously focused on youth, it might not be bad to bring the coach along with the youth movement.
  10. Travis

    Red Wings Target Mike Green

    As someone without a real understanding of Corsi, this is a bit over my head, but there's an interesting analysis about Green here:
  11. Travis

    Hockey News: Red Wings ‘D’ hunting

    First, I apologize because much of this has likely already been discussed - but I've been absent from around these parts for quite sometime. Honestly, I've not paid a lot of attention to hockey over the past year, but free agency always gets me. Obviously, the Red Wings struck out on their targets and we're now talking back-up plans. Looking at Capgeek's Free Agent list I see some intriguing names, though. I understand that there are reasons for their current availability, but among available UFA defensemen I see: Michael Del Zotto Anton Volchenkov Shane O'Brien and Joni Pitkanen. Obviously, these aren't top tier defensemen that the team is looking for, but they could conceivably fill serviceable roles, no? I know time doesn't do many favors, but I recall Del Zotto being a productive defenseman for NYR at one point, and Volchenkov and O'Brien being former targets who could provide some proverbial sandpaper. Or perhaps there's some value to signing Pitkanen and immediately placing him on LTIR in hopes that he can someday return to form? Like I said, I've not paid much attention to hockey since the last lockout, so maybe these guys are little more than scraps - but at this point Mr. Holland and Co. need to get creative. I would hate to see them sacrifice their up-and-coming forward corps for someone like Tyler Myers.
  12. Travis

    Grand Rapids Griffins - defend the cup

    To be perfectly honest, my interest in hockey has been wavering at best - failing to watch as much as a period of the NHL Playoffs to this point - but I am extremely excited for the Calder Cup Playoffs and to be at the Van Andel on Wednesday.
  13. Travis

    Ryan Malone arrested

    The wrong way down a one-way no less, with Brendan Smith's ID in his pocket.
  14. Travis

    Naming the New Arena

    Given the fact that it'll no doubt receive some sort of corporate sponsor, I think The ___ Coliseum is a great idea.