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  1. Dimaline312000

    Prospects Tournament

    I really wish I was there right now, but we just couldn't make it up there this year. This summer has sucked I really wanted to make it to both Camps this year. Oh well maybe next year. Go Wings!!
  2. Dimaline312000

    Wings looking to trade before using buyouts

    I would definetly rather see the Wings make a few trades before buying-out players. Perhaps they can get a good deal(s) and get some other quality players that can help us get back to the Cup!!
  3. Dimaline312000

    Winter Class 2014 - Where to sit at the Big HOUSE?

    With any luck I'll be playing at the Big House I won't have to find a seat. My Sled Hockey team may be one of the teams that get's to play as part of the events there. Nothing finalized yet but I'm crossing my fingers we get to play there!!
  4. Dimaline312000

    Howard a top 6-8 goalie?

    I'd say Howard is a top 10-15 but not exactaly sure where. He has been fantastic for the Wings and I expect him to do the same and even get better. If he's not in the top 10 now and the pace he's going he will be by the end of next season.
  5. Dimaline312000

    Trade Smith ASAP!

    Smith definetly made a few mistakes this Season and Playoffs but he's a Rookie and he's still very young. He has a lot of potential we just have to be patient with him and allow him time to get better. He wasn't the reason the Wings are out of the playoffs. Yeah he made a couple mistakes in Game 6 that really pissed me off but he is still learning. Give him time to get better and I think he will become a great D-Man for Detroit!!
  6. Dimaline312000

    Thank You Detroit Red Wings...

    Thank You Detroit Red Wings For 22 Consecutive Playoff Seasons!!!!
  7. Dimaline312000

    Thinking on 2013/14 roster.

    Does anyone know if the cap is going to go Up, Down or Stay the Same for Next season? If it goes up that may help us keep a lot of our depth but be able to go after a solid UFA. There really is no-one that I'm drooling about getting as I don't believe we needs something HUGE we do need someone(s) Big that can help us but not somoene we will have to over-pay for to get. I really would prefer to keep our younger players and get them developed even more. I think that should be our biggest concern especially on D. So many of the kids are still learning and making those rookie mistakes but if we can take the time to keep them on the roster and help them get better that will help the entire team. To be perfectly honest I would mind parting ways with Sammy, Eaves, and Bert but not sure about contracts and if that's even a possibility for this off-season. Personally I would almost rather see us trade away a few mediocore players to try and get a higher draft pick or more Early Round Picks so we can add to our depth but they will be players that we don't have to take forever to develop that can help us within 2-3 years max. Unless we really spend some money this summer to go after a big name or two the draft might be a good option. I think if we want to have a real chance at a Cup again soon we really are going to have to go after a big-name or names this summer to really make a solid push otherwise it's going to be a waiting game to build towards it year by year with developing our younger players and finding the right veterans to help them along the way. I hate to say it but I think we are at that point where we as Wings fans are going to have to wait for a while before we see Lord Stanley back in Detroit. I hope I'm wrong and we can get another one soon but every team has to go through their building or rebuilding phase and we have seen a bunch of our former players that have won us our 4 Cups in 11 years retire. I'm still optimistic we'll make the playoffs this season but who knows. I just wanna see another Parade some time soon.
  8. Dimaline312000

    Thinking on 2013/14 roster.

    Ther Wings roster will have to be Bolstered this off-season or I'd really have to call for Holland's Job and his Head. If he thinks this team can get away with minimal changes and be a Stanley Cup Championship Team. I'm not going to say who should stay and who should go but this team is going to need help for next season and I hope Kenny has the B@LL$ to make a bold move or two this July or even at the Draft. If this team is going to get back to it's winning ways it's going ot need to have all the right peices in place and as of right now it doesn't so something will have to be done.
  9. Dimaline312000

    4/4 GDT : Red Wings 2 @ Coyotes 4

    Let's Go Red Wings!!
  10. Dimaline312000

    Concerned - we might not make it in to the playoffs

    I guess I'm a little concerned about not making the playoffs but I'm still pretty confident we will make them. It will definetly come down to the wire and will be fun to watch but if we can at least keep pace we should make it in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, we'll see what happens.
  11. Dimaline312000

    Official NHL Trade Deadline thread

    Best of Luck to them Both.
  12. IMO we have a decent team, I don't think we have a team that can go all the way. I know as a fan I should support my team all the way but reality is that we have a pretty young Defensive Corps that is still learning and making young people mistakes and I can't see that instantly changing from Regurlar Season To Playoffs. Not saying that I don't still have high hopes for the Wings this season but our younger players have to go through this learning curve just as all of our other players of the past did. Just like Liddy, Holmsy, and yes even Yzerman at one time. Hopefully the Wings will prove me wrong and take us back to the Promised Land but at this point I really don't see that happening.
  13. Dimaline312000

    Could Kenny be working on something HUGE?

    At this point I really don't see anything big happening. I think Kenny is thinking more along the lines of doing something Big in the Off-Season as far as a signing. It would have been cool to see something happen but not just for the sake of making a trade. It may be best to just see how we do in the Playoffs and than see what happens in July. Not to be negative but I'd rather accpet our fate, whatever it may be THIS season and try to make a much stronger push next season.
  14. Dimaline312000

    Anyone else getting pissed that the Wings can't hold leads

    Very True Elec, It really had/has become a norm that the Wings have blown leads. Yeah like you said we've had some injuries and that does make a difference but your right the others have to step up and it's just not happening. I've seen some improvement recently but still a problem. It was another 1 goal lead that we lost against Chicago this past Sunday and yes the Blackhawks are a phenominal team this season and yes it was just one goal but we still need to be able to finish what we start. It was a hard fought battle and I was really hoping that we coule be the first team to beat them in regulation this season but just wasn't meant to be. Still have a lot of work to do and a lot of improvment still to be made but I think we are finally starting to get on the right track. At least I hope.
  15. Dimaline312000

    Anyone else getting pissed that the Wings can't hold leads

    It is definelty frustrating like you all said it lose in the final period is just that much more heart breaking after playing solid for the majority of the game and to watch it slip away. I don't know what the number is as to how many games we've had leads and lost games and as someone said losing a 1 goal lead is still frustrating but not as bad as all those 2 goal leads lost. Clearly I wanted this game from a personal stand point becasue I would have loved to be able to beat last season's champions. Not getting any points in all these hard fought games is definetly not good but it's that much more disheartening being that it's such as short season and the playoffs are quickly approaching and it would be nice to make it into the playoffs for 22 seasons in a row. Hopefully the Wings can bounce back and get two points against San Jose but I'm not as optimistic as I was about last night's game especially since I believe the Sharks are actually doing better than the Kings are at this point in the season. Let's Go Red Wings!!