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  1. Cujo. I Never Liked him.
  2. I didn't see this
  3. He could still (publicly) narrow down the list of teams. A lot of teams are handcuffed right now because they don't know what is going on.
  4. My thoughts exactly.
  5. I don't have a warm fuzzy feeling about this year's playoffs. They are still my team though, so I will be supporting them. However, I live in Nashville, and I really really really don't want to see the Preds knock us out in the first round. I would never hear the end of it. Do I really have to cheer for the Blackhawks tomorrow? :puke: If we are going to get bounced from the playoffs...I'll take any team doing it besides Nashville.
  6. Great job on the website guy. I don't know how hard it is to do, but it would be cool to have some kind of voting feature where the community could rank the top ten hits or something.
  7. I would think it would we classified as the same PP
  8. Thanks for the responses guys. The question just kind of popped in my head while watching that game. I was thinking about how if the wings scored (and the florida player came out of the box) it would result in an immediate man advantage for florida. So if that were the case, then it would probably be worth it NOT to try to score during that time. I guess I'm used to matching majors instead of just one team getting one.
  9. I feel like an idiot for asking this since I've been watching hockey for two decades.... Against florida, the wings got a 5 minute major. After a bit, florida got a two minute minor and it was 4-on-4. If the wings would have scored during this time, the florida player would come out of the penalty box right? Since it's major vs. minor is my line of thinking. I'm sure I've seen this, but I don't remember this happening
  10. This
  11. Wouldn't Nabakov have to clear wavers again? Or does that no longer apply because it's a new season?
  12. This employee just happened to have the motivation to call up another state's radio station to let them know a guy was heading their way? Seriously? I'm not saying that he won't sign in Pittsburgh, but some crazy stuff is going down on Site is having "problem loading page" now for me. haha
  13. This is getting quite hilarious.
  14. I following this on the pen's forum. I am starting to hope that he signs here just to watch a full scale riot to break out in Pitt
  15. Great move for the game. Of course, when he does have to punish someone for giving a flying elbow to the head of a Wing's player, we will have to hear about how he is biased. Better be looking forward to that the next few playoff years