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  1. This is why I think Rasmussen was the right choice. The Wings organization has made the decision to change the make up of their team. To get bigger and be a more physical type of team. You don't draft a sniper over a 6'6" goal scoring center when this is the way you want your team to look now. All of their picks were big and fit into this new image, this new type of team. A player like Tippett does not. As Coach Herb Brooks said when he was building the U.S. 1980 Olympic hockey team: "I'm not looking for the best players - I'm looking for the right ones."
  2. Well it could really be any number of things. Its a team sport, afterall. Could be linemates, strategy, coaching. All the scouts can really comment on is his individual ability which sounds pretty good.
  3. Well several scouting reports disagree with your assessment. "Rasmussen can score goals and for a 6-foot-5 player, scouts are impressed at how well he gets around the ice." - Jeff Marek of Sportsnet "He knows how to use his 6-foot-6, 215-pound frame to his fullest advantage. He has shown more confidence this season with 51 points (30 goals, 21 assists) in 46 games. Does a fine job getting to the dirty areas to provide screens and get deflections, and knows how to protect the puck with his reach." - Mike Morreale NHL.com "A big kid with strong puck protection skills. Works hard all over the ice and has good playmaking skills. Uses his good vision and passing skills to distribute the puck effectively. " - Dennis Schellenberg Hockey Prospectus There are others, but you get the idea. He's not perfect, he has some aspects of his game that he needs to work on, but honestly they all do. No one is going to come out of the draft and into the NHL and be perfect. With all these teams going for the speedy defensemen, I want to know who's going to stop him from scoring goals in front of the net. If we can get a couple d-men that can shoot the puck hard from the point and this kid in front of the net, this is a good formula for plenty of PP goals in the future.
  4. First, I'd like to say everyone dumping on Holland and saying he's an "idiot" or whatever need to understand he's not making these decisions entirely by himself. These draft picks are the collective input from scouts, coaches, staff, ownership, etc. Some of you act like Holland is just ignoring the voices of reason and doing whatever he wants. Ultimately, he makes the decision, but he's making these decisions based on the input from a lot of other people. Second, while there are players I would have rather drafted in the first round, I have to give him credit for going against the grain. Back in the 90's, everyone looks for high octane offensive minded players and we went with speedy two way guys. Since we were pretty much the only team going in that direction, we had our pick of pretty much anyone we wanted. Today, the game has changed and there are a lot of teams drafting those types of players, trying to replicate that success. There's also a lot of teams shifting their defensemen to be more offensive minded puck moving, speedsters. After watching this draft, the Wings are clearly moving towards being a bigger, more physical team, which kind of makes sense. Most teams are not built the way the Wings are apparently going to be built now. Its a copycat league and if everyone is building their team to be fast, who's going to handle these big forwards standing in front of the net? Who's going to be strong enough to get the puck off our power forwards? Maybe this will end up not being the best idea and it won't work, but I'm going to give Holland and the rest of the front office decision makers credit for trying to do something different. Nobody ever got ahead by being like everyone else.
  5. Exactly. Draft picks are kind of a crap shoot. Sure they look good on their junior team, but it may not translate to the NHL. They might be in the wrong situation. Wrong coach. Wrong strategy. Wrong linemates. I'm not a big fan of hating guys that just literally put your teams jersey on their body for the first time tonight. Give the guy a chance to fail before calling him a failure.
  6. I'm really surprised Tolvanen hasn't been picked yet. He was my choice for a first rounder. If we get him in 2nd round, I'll be pretty happy.
  7. I'd love to see Tippet in Detroit. He did pretty well with Dallas when he was there and got the Coyotes to the playoffs twice despite having very little talent on that roster. He always gets great play out of the goalie position too. Unfortunately, Blash isn't going anywhere anytime soon and I doubt Tippet would take a assistant coach position here.
  8. I was expecting either they would go cheap in the expansion draft, hit the cap floor, and build through the draft over the next few years. Or hit the cap limit by selecting the best players available or waiting to sign UFAs in a couple weeks in hopes to lure new fans to the arena with bigger name players. Selecting mediocre players with somewhat sizable cap hits with the intent of trading them for more picks is kind of risky. If the other team doesn't want to waste picks for these players, then you're stuck with them.
  9. The defensemen they got are nothing special, I don't see why these assets are what other teams would want especially at their cap hits. The forwards are way overpaid for their production and again, I don't know who would want them, outside of James Neal and David Perron. If the plan was to trade assets for picks or prospects, they should have gone with players that teams would find tempting. Looking at their roster on Capfriendly, its like a list of bad NHL contracts throughout the league. You're putting a lot of faith in a couple of unknown KHL players, players that don't typically do well in the NHL and Fleury, who's GAA was over 3 playing for the defending Cup champions.
  10. Pretty underwhelmed by this Knights roster. I figured they'd either grab the best players available and be near the cap limit or draft prospects, get to the cap floor, and just build through the draft. Instead they took a ton of average to below average players with some pretty sizeable cap hits considering their quality and are up against the cap limit. If you're going to be against the cap limit, you should probably have some good players. Fleury, Neal, and Perron are the only ones that I would say are worth anything. The rest are overpaid.
  11. I'm inclined to believe this report simply because I see Mrazek making the same mistakes over and over again. I was blaming the coaching for this, but if he is cocky and overconfident, I could see him ignoring the coaches. I wonder if this was the locker room problem that derailed the 2015-2016 season. We were almost in first in our division at the all star break and then collapsed horribly, even with a very favorable schedule down the stretch and backed into the playoffs. Maybe the vets wanted the coaches to do something about him and didn't and that turned them off or maybe it divided the locker room in some other way. This is all speculation on my part, but there was such a sharp decline in play for the Wings in the second half compared to the first half that I figured something had to be wrong in the locker room. Maybe leaving him unprotected is a way to try and knock him down a peg and knowing that there's a high probability he won't get picked, its low risk. Attitude aside, his numbers were not that great last year and the second half of the year before were not great either. With Fleury out there, I don't see why they'd pick Mrazek.
  12. Based on what I saw from Coreau while he was with the Wings and how he played in the AHL playoffs, he is not a suitable option to even be our backup. I think we need to go into a new direction at this position. Similarly, I feel the same way about our defense. If we lost any of them, they wouldn't be missed and there really isn't too much, prospect wise, that's filling me up with any confidence. Maybe Holland should consider cycling in "band-aid" veteran defensemen (Polak, Russell, Girardi, etc) until we have something that looks promising come up. I feel very good about our forward situation. They have lots of promise and letting these young guys take the reigns makes sense, but with the defensemen, not so much.
  13. How much Hasek and Osgood made in 2000-2004 is irrelevant, as I said 07, 08 and 09. It doesn't need to be older goaltenders either and the situation CAN be replicated. 2006: Cam Ward and Ty Conklin 2007: Ray Emery 2010: Anti Niemi and Michael Leighton 2012: Jonathan Quick (made less than $2 mil that year) 2013: Corey Crawford ($2.6 mil) 2015: Ben Bishop ($2.3 mil) 2016: Matt Murray and Martin Jones ($3 mil) 2017: Matt Murray Most of these goalies made less than or around a million and either played in the Finals or won the Cup, so it can most certainly be replicated.
  14. I've been critical of Holland for his activity or inactivity, but with this whole Mrazek or Howard thing, I'm okay with them protecting Howard instead. The truth is, neither is that good right now, I wouldn't mind if we went an entirely different route here. Howard is a former all star that was actually pretty good for a few years, but then got injured a bunch, and lost his confidence. He got some of it back and played pretty decent in the 30 games he played. Mrazek played great last year until February, fell apart and his collapse continued into this season. We really don't know what to expect with Mrazek. He showed flashes of brilliance at times, but other times, he's been downright awful. It probably doesn't help that our defensive group isn't any good either, which just makes these two look even worse. I don't think Mrazek is the next Hasek or anything here, so losing him isn't the end of the world, if LV drafts him. I would like to see us go back to paying next to nothing for the goalies and putting all that cap space towards blueliners like we did in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Osgood and Hasek made barely over the league minimum when they played for us those years.
  15. Congrats to the Grand Rapids Griffins! With all the terrible things that have happened for the Wings over the past year... it feels damn good to win this one!