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  1. Rocket Queen 30

    John Keating is lazy and sucks

  2. Rocket Queen 30

    John Keating is lazy and sucks

    Bwaaaaaaahahaha! I read that "in voice" in my head.. I'm still laughing. Keating's gotta be a booze hound but really ... the entire FSD team blows and Daniels is the WORST of the worst.
  3. Rocket Queen 30

    Does our "Enforcer" suck?

    the power play is pitiful.
  4. Rocket Queen 30

    Rafalski, Stuart, Draper, Maltby, Holmstrom and Filppula

    Datsyuk looked lke a superstar regular season guy but, was getting punked in the playoffs his first 2 seasons... He totally looked like a playoff choker but look at him now.. He's the shiz.... Anyone insterested in trading Filppula or who believes that's going to happen has a screw loose. Flip isn't going anywhere and he's going to get better. There's absolutely no reason to lose Filppula for Hossa. Hossa played 1 season for us and choked when the pressure was on... No thanks... I don't mind if he stays, but if it means losing Val... kick rocks Marian... P.S. Lebda sucks
  5. Rocket Queen 30

    Words that need to be banned from Hockey Vocabulary

    LMAO! I hear that!
  6. Rocket Queen 30

    Words that need to be banned from Hockey Vocabulary

    hahaha Straaaaaaaaiiiight
  7. Rocket Queen 30

    "Crosby Sucks" chant!

    The first time it went around it wasn't because of the slash.... that was the second time.
  8. Rocket Queen 30

    "Crosby Sucks" chant!

    LOL no s***... I was there actually, and I didn't get in on it the 1st time cuz I'm usually against stuff like that but, when that dirty rat faced whiny ***** slashed Hanky Panky it was on! CROSBY SUCKS! CROSBY SUCKS! CROSBY SUCKS!
  9. Rocket Queen 30

    Kris Draper and Dan Cleary Appearances

    Maybe they should be worried about showing up for a game instead... Just sayin'
  10. Rocket Queen 30

    The "Positives & Positive Thinking" thread

    I'm going to respectfully disagree with you. The Pens thoroughly outplayed us. We made several, not a couple of bonehead plays and the Pens capitalized on all of our mistakes and took advantge of every weakness. It happens though, and hopefully now the Red Wings will take this team seriously.
  11. Rocket Queen 30

    Nobody to Blame But Ourselves

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the sharks or the ducks. This has to do with a team that needs to decide whether or not they have any pride at all in what they've done this year. San Jose and Anaheim are LONG gone and they've already proven they can beat this Penguins team without Datsyuk. They just need to focus and get serious.
  12. Rocket Queen 30

    Nobody to Blame But Ourselves

    The D was atrocious tonight, just pathetic and our special teams were a nightmare. A short handed goal?? Seriously? Heavens... What did I miss? Why was Abdelkader out and Draper in? WHY is Leino still in? Who was that guy that guy pretending to be Kronwall? If we're going to be turning the puck over like that why even bother suiting up?
  13. Rocket Queen 30

    Red Wings are the superior team despite loss

    I was hoping for a 5 game series, but whatev. The Wings probably needed this asskicking. Now they can take a moment to decied if they came all this way just to go out like *******.
  14. Rocket Queen 30

    Its game 4, you know what that means

    wow....that was s***ty.
  15. Rocket Queen 30

    Officiating thread

    meh.. who cares.. it's one game... I'm more disgusted by the way the Red Wings let this one get away from them.