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  1. dauidus

  2. RWNW: Game 4 Wings/Hawks Sunday, May 24th

    Count me in! Since I'm new, I'll be bringing a peace offering of Stuffed-and-Baked Bell Peppers... New Mexico style. I'll make some pretty mild and some with an extra Cumen and Chili Powder kick! See you guys there!
  3. Hooray you have an AVATAR now :)

  4. RWNW: Game 6 Wings vs. Ducks

    Nevermind... we have previous obligations to fulfill. Maybe next year, guys.
  5. RWNW: Game 6 Wings vs. Ducks

    I'm thinking about making it 9... if we can be safe about it.
  6. RWNW: Game 6 Wings vs. Ducks

    I'm thinking about showing up... there are tons of tickets left! Here's the deal, though-- I won't go unless we can park together and keep an eye out for each other on the was to the cars. After what I saw after Game 3, I'm just not sure its worth it. And that was after the Ducks won... Somebody get back to me and let me know, please. I would love to go.
  7. Ducks Fans...

    To tell the truth, I'm kind of glad I didn't go to Game 4... I went to Game 3 by myself and some of the crap I saw on the way out to my car was inexcusable. From both sides. I thought about getting tickets to Game 6, but after hearing how this stuff has continued (and even worsened), I'll stay home and watch it. Its pretty ridiculous, to say the least, that security is ok with all of this going on... they'd have to be, to let it continue to happen. Something must be done, or I'll have to restrict my Wings games to the Staples Center... I had no problems there back in March, after a 4-0 Wings win. And I probably won't go there alone, either. Don't get me wrong, I love live hockey. And I hate the idea of missing out on seeing my favorite team. But its just not worth it, plain and simple.
  8. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! It's so nice to have you here!! :) GO WINGS!

  9. Ducks Fans...

    How old are you?
  10. Ducks Fans...

    I agree... this guy gives a bad name to fans on both sides, just proving the point I made earlier... Now, if you could just remove that pesky Selanne banner... (hehe)
  11. Ducks Fans...

    Whoa, there, buddy. I'm a huge Wings fan, and that crap happens on both sides... Just happened more on the Ducks side last night because there were more Ducks fans. I'm sure the drinking holiday also helped fuel the fire. I saw a bunch of Ducks fans hanging around the Wings bench during practice, and they were fine. It was just a couple (one in particular) that let things get out of control. Be more reasonable and realistic. If you would like people to take you seriously, you should think about coming across as something other than a raging angry fan, too.
  12. Ducks Fans...

    It was pretty great... in a sad "I need this much attention" sort of way. And yes, Cleary wasn't looking at him LIKE anything... He was looking at him BECAUSE he was a drunken fool. Drinko de Mayo or not, that was too much!
  13. Ducks Fans...

    I mean, you saw me... I'm a pretty big guy and can hold my own if it really came down to that. But, at a sporting event? That just seems a bit ridiculous for me. We go to be entertained, not to fight.
  14. Ducks Fans...

    As I said before, though, there were some really nice Ducks fans sitting around me. Took pictures and all. One guy even split a bag of peanuts! And, I have been to some games at the Joe (and in Denver) where fans on both sides have been a bit on the rowdy side. But never like that guy during practice or a note.
  15. Ducks Fans...

    No, I have been planning to help out with the youth group meetings at church for the next few months. Maybe for game 6, though? That guy was pretty pathetic! I mean, there are kids around. Perhaps someday when that guy decides to contribute to the young community (or, any community, for that matter) he will stop acting like a primal idiot. When I got back to my car last night, there was a hostile note under the wiper warning me not to show off my Wings gear too much, that's when bad things happen. Needless to say, I got out of there as fast as possible. I'm not sure I've ever been scared leaving a game. This was surely a first for me. Even when I lived in Colorado the Avs fans seemed to look out for everyone around... on both sides. I just moved to SoCal about a month ago and, I have to say, that left a really bad taste in my mouth for sports in the area.