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  1. VladyIBELIEVE16

    2011 NHL Draft Photos

    Hey everyone! I went to the draft this past weekend. I wanted to share my photos with you from the trip. I met A LOT of cool hockey fans and some hockey people from twitter as well along with several bloggers. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150281346711421.374452.513276420&l=1ff71cb859 The trip started about the second leg of the flight there. Tony Dungy was in the row in front of me and joked "I get that all the time" - (that he looks like Tony Dungy). He was decked out all in Oregon Ducks swag too. He was really humble and chatted with the guy sitting next to him who actually was the brave one and said something. After getting to the "X" found out we were not allowed to go down into the lower bowl (which is how I got my Yzerman jersey signed last year at the NHL Draft in LA). Day two was a different story. After finding that we couldn't we wandered around and saw all of the cool things they had out - hockey skills demos, photos with hockey sticks etc for free, Reebok lockers with all the Reebok sponsored players (Dats, Loloungo and Crosby). The Stanley Cup was there with Phil Pritchard who is still one of the coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. They only had the Stanley Cup there whereas in LA all the trophies were out on display and you could take photos of them or with them but not touch them. This time... the Stanley Cup was out and not roped off. You could get right up to it and touch it. In my case, I hugged it and kissed it and late Friday night leaving the arena the security guard stopped me - "Hey you're the girl who kissed the Cup!" I looked at him and said "yes.." He said "Phil Pritchard said that was the most perfect kiss print that's ever been on it and he even took a photo of it, make sure you come back by here tomorrow and I'm sure he'll get your email address so he can send you the picture." Ok yeah that pretty much made my entire weekend... There were Jets fans there Friday night in full force. It was SOO great seeing all their energy and them running around high fiving everyone they met regardless of the jersey they were wearing. I chanted Go Jets Go several times because it's exciting to know they have their team back finally. When the Wings traded their first round pick I yelled "Nooooooooo, Kenny" really loudly and it filled the entire arena as it was dead silent. I'm not sure if it could be heard but it's funny now to hear people say that back to me that I met there. Saturday was a pretty speedy day - of course Round 1 seemed to last an eternity but the rest of the Draft flew by. Saturday we sat over the tunnel where all the GM's etc were going out to use the restrooms etc and I got several photos there. I told Scotty Bowman thank you and he flashed a huge grin at me when I called his name. Mike Ricci was signing autograpahs and taking his time talking to any of the fans that stopped to talk to him. He even waited patiently for me to take his photo. Claude Lemieux was in front of me getting coffee (which you'll see his photo).. I wanted to ask him if he'd let me take a picture with me pretending to hit him while he turtled.... I didn't though lol Another guy actually went up to him and called him out on the time he shoved Hasek down and he told him "I was a jerk back then" (Anger management perhaps Clod?) I stood in line and hugged and kissed the Cup again (and yes the wings have won it after I've kissed it so..no worries there ) Talked to Phil and he gave me his business card and told me he'd email me the photo on Monday which of course he did and it's in proper order on my facebook page. I met Tomas Jurco - and he was SO nice. I welcomed him to the team and wished him all the luck. He was very endearing. Met up later up the street at a local bar called Bennett's Chop House where Mike the Bartender poured my drinks ridiculously strong and I met up with fans from around the country and canada. They were ALL incredible people. I also got to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Minneapolis to get my Hard Rock Pilsner glass (which I've been collecting since the early 90's). All in all it was such an amazing time filled with really cool stories and amazing people.
  2. VladyIBELIEVE16

    Winter Classic jersey

    I was lucky enough to get a Winter Classic Authentic jersey and it is THE best jersey I own hands down. When I finally have it customized it will be with Lidstrom. Sportsk is normally where I buy all my jerseys (except for the WC because SportsK said they were too costly to carry). I don't spend the money on the knock offs. If you're lucky enough to land an authentic - it's worth the money. Good Luck finding one!! Best idea.. then at least you know it's real and the logo or stitching etc isn't wrong.
  3. VladyIBELIEVE16

    RWNW Sunday May 8 5pm PST GAME 5

    Hey Red Wings Nation West Game 5 Where - my place Game time 5pm PST I'm doing some simple food - cold pasta salad and perhaps grilled chicken sandwiches or something along that line. Newcastle on tap chilled to 36 degrees. PM me or post in the thread if you can make it! So far we've got andyinsdca CalWingNut sharomgya Can't wait! See you guys tomorrow! Yes I know it's Mother's day! Thankfully my mother's day takes place at brunch! YAY!!! It's time to THROW your WINGS UP!
  4. wearing her playoff red wing bikini and sparkly red wings polish! Let's go RED WINGS!

  5. VladyIBELIEVE16

    RWNW - Hey that's YOU

    I just wanted to post a reminder that we'll probably have a gathering for the playoffs! I wanted to post something because I know we've had an onslaught of new Red Wings Nation West members here at Letsgowings! Keep me posted if you would like to join us! The more the merrier! Let's Go RED WINGS! Your Red Wings Nation West President!
  6. VladyIBELIEVE16

    Custom shirts: Viva la Octolution!

    I want Viva la Octolution NOW!!!!
  7. Were you missing me so much that our facebook contact wasn't enough? :)

  8. VladyIBELIEVE16

    RWNW - Wings/Ducks

    Hey Red Wings Nation West! Friday, December 3, 2010 at 6:15pm We will be at the Red Wings Bench at the Ponda around 6:15 to cheer on our boys during the preskate! Don't be shy! Come up and say hello! That's Plaza section 209! Be there!!!
  9. Howdy! How're you? Happy hockey seasons back?

  10. Wanted to say hello from N CA. How are things?

  11. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful year!

  12. Almost reg. season time!