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  1. This is a hockey forum, not a fairy tale forum When you say something like this, doesn't it defeat your agrument about critiquing your own beliefs? I'm not taking a side here, just making an observation.........
  2. I'm sold, these guy's are capable of anything. The "amazing rack photo," well thats just inspirational!
  3. AMEN!
  4. Not so sure, that looked a lot like a high stick to Franzen... 4 minutes?
  5. And you're really not that good at it...........
  6. Lol!
  7. get over yourself.
  8. Just like the hawks don't have a chance on this season ;-)
  9. Couldn't agree more!
  10. Get well soon.
  11. Amen! We sure can stay in this.
  12. and "Best player in the NHL" is your opinion. Let others have their own.
  13. That is true, but he's a huge fan of the game too. I remember back in my college years, a roomate of mine got us tickets to see a hawks game in Chicago, James was there. They had him shoot some pucks at intermission. Was a blast to see that!
  14. If it was Crosby, he was sitting on Bettmans lap when he tossed it............. wait, I meant threw it!