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  1. Best sections at the Joe...

    You can't beat center ice. I'm usually priced out of the lower bowl so I make it a point to get as close to the 1st row of the upper bowl when I go. To those saying "any seat," c'mon now.. I've had some nose bleeds behind the score board that weren't exactly the best. When the crowd is thick and the action is good and everyone is standing, you have to stand and your view can be obstructed. It's a whole different experience being close, being able to see facial expressions and hear the chatter. There's a reason center ice are the most expensive tickets, it's because they're the best. You can get the best view of all of the action no matter who's shooting on what side. I'd agree with those that said about 10 rows from the glass in center ice. Or row 1 is always nice too
  2. Datsyuk "Dangle Dangle" on Irbe in the '02 Finals

    I could watch Datsyuk clips all day
  3. I call shenanigans

    you guys know that's Rod Allen right? Color commentator for the Tigers on FSN Detroit! Get em Roddy
  4. FAO Fans who went to game 5

    taken from the Coyotes HFBoard: can't remember where but I remember reading something about some people falling down the stairs during this rumble too. sounds like the Wings fan was outnumbered... imagine that. why start fights in the oppositions barn, or anywhere?
  5. WCQF Game 4 GDT: Coyotes 0 at Red Wings 3

  6. Another "First Trip To The Joe!" Thread

    If you are interested in parking at the free Greektown parking structure and are coming in on highway 75, follow this freeway into downtown Detroit. Once you get into the city keep an eye out for 375 south, (the only option is south so just get on 375) Once on 375 get off at the Lafayette exit which is only a mile or two, and immediately you will see the Greektown parking structure. One time out of about 10 of my trips to this parking structure, it was closed and I had to pay 5 bucks at a parking lot right next door, I don't know why it was closed but the lot was crowded and I felt safe leaving my car there. If you're coming in from out of town you will want to check out or bring a map of the area just in case. Chances are good that the structure will be open, though. I usually arrive a couple hours early, grab some food and/or drinks in Greektown and take one of the many free shuttle busses that are all over the place in Greektown (they work for tips but not required). The people mover (public transportation) is a little harder to locate, but the casino staff or a friendly detroiter should be able to direct you if you prefer this method. There is a Joe Louis Arena stop off the people mover so both are cheap and good ways to get to and from the arena. keep an eye out for which entrance you come in so u can go back out the same one after the game. Hope this helps.. this is the only way I get to and from the Joe driving in from the suburbs. Parking at Cobo is 15 bucks and a pain in the ass to get out of after the game, in my experience
  7. Any advice for a first timer

    inside one of the entrances, i believe it's one that you enter if you take the people mover, you can look up and see larry murphy doing the telecast post game. make sure to make an ass of yourself or start a "LARRY, LARRY, LARRY" chant on TV. a few 9 dollar beers will aid you in this process. have fun and hope the Wings can deliver for you.
  8. Quick venue question

    Nothing against the Joe, but I would be disappointed if that is the way things turn out. I suppose the more I think about it the more it seems this will be the case.. I just think the team would look good in a brand new facility. When I heard they declined the 20 year deal it got my hopes up they would get one.
  9. Quick venue question

    Hey quick question about the future home of the Wings. I remember hearing on the radio that the contract with JLA expired and was up for a 20 year renewal - which i believe was turned down. Also I've heard rumors of a new stadium being built, and that the Wings could call The Palace home for a couple years during construction. I've also heard rumors that the new arena will not be in Detroit's city limits, but in the suburbs. Does anyone know the latest developments and progress on finding a new home for the best team in hockey?