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  1. Man, like I said in the GDT, I don't feel as disappointed in the loss as I did in the past few years. Maybe it's because the Wings barely made it in when everyone expected them to miss the playoffs. If anything, I feel worse about how this is likely the way Datsyuk will end his career as a Red Wing. Well, I guess Lidstrom and Yzerman didn't really have the best ends to their legendary careers either. In any case, I'll always cherish the memories of Pavel Datsyuk dazzling us with his magic. I'm sure I'll be showing my future children and grandchildren ancient highlight clips from YouTube of the Magic Man. Thanks for all the fun, Pavel. It was a hell of a show.
  2. Namingway

    ECQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning, 7:00 EST

    It feels like we've been through so many "must-win" games this season, but today's game, which would possibly be the last of the season, will be a true must-win. Should the Wings lose, I don't think I'd be as disappointed compared to the past few years, but I think the effort they put into it will matter more than anything to me. If anything, I hope the team gives it everything they've got for Pavel Datsyuk, as tonight could be the very last time we see him in the winged wheel. Here's to a great game. Here's to Pasha. Red Wings 4 (Datsyuk, Larkin, Tatar, Green) Lightning 2 LET'S GO RED WINGS!!!
  3. Namingway

    ECQF Game 1 GTD: Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning, 7:00 ET

    Haha, it's all good! Just had to make sure. In any case, that is actually pretty nuts now that I think about it. Early/mid-2000s still doesn't feel so long ago to me.
  4. Namingway

    ECQF Game 1 GTD: Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning, 7:00 ET

    And prolly still playing with coloring books.
  5. Namingway

    Playoff Bracket - Round 1

    Western Conference: Wild v. Stars in 5 Hawks v. Blues in 7 Sharks v. Kings in 6 Perds v. Ducks in 5 Eastern Conference: Islanders v. Panthers in 6 Wings v. Lightning in 6 Flyers v. Caps in 5 Rags v. Pens in 5
  6. Namingway

    4/9 GDT : at Rangers 3, Red Wings 2

    The time has finally come, it's do or die, and I know that we can still make it in even with a loss, but how empty would that feel? Especially knowing that the Rags aren't even going to have their best lineup for the game. Knowing this, I'm hoping to see the Wings put in a full 60 minute effort and play like they want to be in the playoffs. Here's to a good game, and early morning anxiety! Red Wings 4 (Zetterberg, Larkin, Tatar, Athanasiou) Rangers 2 Let's Go Red Wings!!!
  7. Another day, another huge game. It's good to know that the Pens are going to be without Malkin but we've seen how well they can play without him or Crosby, so I think it'll still be a pretty tough one. In any case, here's to a full 60 minute effort from the Wings, and not taking a period off like they did last time against the Habs. Here's to a good game, and also to Zetterberg shutting down Crosby! Red Wings 3 (Zetterberg, Athanasiou, Glendening) Penguins 2 Let's Go Red Wings!!!
  8. Namingway

    Habs @ Wings 7:30EST, FSD & NHLN - US

    Wooo, great win! That ending had my heart racing, especially the last few seconds. Overall good performance except for the first half of the 3rd where they fell asleep back there. I also had a good laugh at the NHL website: After the Flyers lost in shootout. After the Wings won in regulation. I'm used to seeing them go with a cheesy pun or something for these post-game headlines, but something about the way they worded this one makes it makes it sound like it has some kind of passive aggressive tone to it. Maybe it's just me.
  9. Namingway

    Habs @ Wings 7:30EST, FSD & NHLN - US

    Another huge game, and it'll keep being so until the very last game of the season. P.K. Subban isn't making it for the game, so that's always good news for us. In any case, the Wings are going to have to do much better than their attempt against the Lightning the other day and start racking up those points while they can. Here's to an entertaining game! Red Wings 4 (Datsyuk, Larkin, Abdelkader, Mantha) Canadiens 2 Let's Go Red Wings!!!
  10. Namingway

    3/17 GDT - Red Wings at Blue Jackets - 7:00 PM EST

    Wooooo, a win! It looked like the Wings kind of forgot what it was like to win at the end back there. In any case, great job Jimmy, your nachos were on point! Sharp as cheddar, just the way I like it.
  11. Namingway

    3/17 GDT - Red Wings at Blue Jackets - 7:00 PM EST

    This game is going to be huge, and so will the rest of 'em until the season is over, but I'm going to support and hope for the best with everything I've got. The Wings have had it pretty rough the past couple games, but it's soon now or never time to turn it around, and I'm hoping we get to see the beginning of it tonight against the Jackets. Here's to a good game and a solid performance from Jimmy! Red Wings 4 (Larkin, Zetterberg, Mantha, Abdelkader) Blue Jackets 1 Let's Go Red Wings!!!