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  1. godwings19


  2. godwings19

    Mike Babcock is an embarrassment to the NHL

    couldnt say it any better
  3. godwings19

    Evander Kane vs Matt Cooke

    f*** U COOKIE!!!!!!! ask for a trade out of windsor, now look at u ur a goon!
  4. godwings19

    Jarome Iginla

    for some reason CBC thinks yzerman is leaving the wings in the off season.... i dont buy it for a minute, because the wings have been loyal to him his whole career so in turn he will be loyal to them..... rumor is that several teams r interested in the services of yzerman including minny, and st louis.... cbc says so....
  5. godwings19

    Ozzie vs. Edmonton?

    ozzie needs to retire.... howard is the man till he f's up....
  6. godwings19

    Kenny calling Crosby "Cindy"?

    ovi is way better than cindy crosbitch.... ovi leads the leauge in plus minus is second in goals and second in points need i say more.... if u think that cindy is better GO KILL URSLEF U PITSBERG FAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. godwings19

    Kenny calling Crosby "Cindy"?

    yes yes i am... i have thought of a lot of names like crosbitch and crysby but cindy... i love it!
  8. going to kill crysby!!!

  9. godwings19

    Winter Classic 2011

    i would rather watch grass grow.... i agree completely with u man....
  10. godwings19

    Can the wings afford howard?

    thing is that jim carey was a one year wonder... look what happened to him when he got the big contract... the money for howard will come when lidstrom and rafalski retire...
  11. godwings19

    Filppula following similar path to Datsyuk...?

    i think Filppula will be more of a two way foward than Datsyuk... he will always be on a second or third line..... Hudler blows! Too small!
  12. godwings19

    3/23 NHL GDTs

    I think both the flames and red wings will make it and nashville or the avs r out.....
  13. godwings19

    looking for some help

    wish i could have been there to yell crysby sucks, crysby sucks.......
  14. godwings19

    Life after Lids

    it will be Zetterberg or bust.......
  15. godwings19

    88 goals, 118 assists, and 206 points

    I think that you will see a new line in zetterberg, datsyuk, and franzen. Fippula and cleary have to step it up or someone new will be there to replace them.