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  1. Wings sign Ruslan Salei

    as a Ducks fan, the guy is an ok stay at home d-man. his biggest flaw is he is almost a lock to get a hooking or slashing penalty in the last 5 minutes of the game if you have him out on the ice.. for some reason his brain only works for 50-55 minutes and after that he just makes dumb plays. he is tough as nails and a mean SOB on the ice, she he will give you a bit of on edge. I know Detroit didnt sign him to be a minutes eater and playing on the top 2 pairings, so you guys should be fine. anyways that is my imput after watching him here in anaheim during his tenure here
  2. Pre-Olympic Trade Deadline Talk

    Hello everyone, Ducks fan here, i enjoying coming to your site, and reading your insight, I have a tremendous amount of respect for this franchise and love when our teams met in the playoffs. anyways just wanted to post, that they just mentioned on a radio station here in Orange County, ca that Wiz for Cam Barker is almost completed.. I loved what Wiz brought to the team last season, but he has become a turnover machine this year, havent seen Barker to much, since my tv provider does not offer Center Ice, I was wondering if you guys know anything about him?