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  1. TX Wing

  2. Wings Negotiating w/ Nabokov

    Maybe Kenny has a deal with a lower-ranked team to claim him and then trade some pieces for him. i.e. Hudler, Kindl
  3. Winter Classic Prop Bet Challenge

    Who will win? CAPS Over or Under 6.5 goals (not including any shootout)? OVER Will there be OT? YES Will there be a shootout? NO Which Team Scores First goal? PENS Will Ovechkin Score a goal? YES Will Crosby Score a goal? YES Will Backstrom Score a goal? NO Will Malkin score a goal? NO Which team will have the most shots? CAPS Will there be an Empty Net goal? NO Over or Under 12.5 PIM? UNDER Will there be any fighting majors? NO Who will have more points - OV or Crosby (or tie)? CROSBY Who will be the three stars of the game (any order - 1 pt for each correct)? OV, CROSBY, GREEN Will there be any precipitation during the game? YES
  4. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 10

    Friday, December 10 Montreal at[ b]Detroit[/b] New Jersey at Ottawa Colorado at Atlanta Carolina at Dallas Tampa Bay at Edmonton Calgary at Anaheim Saturday, December 11 Philadelphia at Boston Pittsburgh at Buffalo Detroit at New Jersey Atlanta at NY Islanders Montreal at Toronto Colorado at Washington x2 NY Rangers at Columbus Carolina at St. Louis Dallas at Phoenix Florida at Nashville Tampa Bay at Vancouver Minnesota at Los Angeles Chicago at San Jose Sunday, December 12 Washington at NY Rangers Vancouver at Edmonton Minnesota at Anaheim
  5. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 9

    Friday, December 3 Colorado at Carolina NY Islanders at NY Rangers Columbus at Buffalo Calgary at Minnesota Vancouver at Chicago Detroit at Anaheim Saturday, December 4 New Jersey at Philadelphia San Jose at Montreal Buffalo at Ottawa Boston at Toronto Atlanta at Washington Pittsburgh at Columbus Colorado at Tampa Bay Minnesota at Dallas Florida at Phoenixx2 Carolina at Nashville St. Louis at Edmonton Detroit at Los Angeles Sunday, December 5 Philadelphia at NY Islanders Ottawa at NY Rangers Calgary at Chicago Phoenix at Anaheim St. Louis at Vancouver
  6. Weekend Picks '10-'11- Week 8 [Thanksgiving]

    Friday, November 26 Carolina at Boston New Jersey at NY Islanders Calgary at Philadelphia Ottawa at Pittsburgh Nashville at Minnesota Chicago at Anaheim Tampa Bay at Washington Detroit at Columbus Toronto at Buffalo NY Rangers at Florida Montreal at Atlanta St. Louis at Dallas San Jose at Vancouver Saturday, November 27 Philadelphia at New Jersey Calgary at Pittsburgh Buffalo at Montreal Toronto at Ottawa Florida at Tampa Bay Dallas at St. Louis Anaheim at Phoenix NY Rangers at Nashville Minnesota at Colorado San Jose at Edmonton Chicago at Los Angeles Sunday, November 28 Columbus at Detroit Carolina at Washington Boston at Atlanta x2
  7. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 7

    Friday, November 19 Carolina at Pittsburgh Los Angeles at Buffalo Minnesota at Detroit Washington at Atlanta Ottawa at St. Louis Chicago at Calgary Phoenix at Edmonton NY Rangers at Colorado Columbus at Anaheim Saturday, November 20 Los Angeles at Boston Tampa Bay at Buffalo Nashville at Carolina Toronto at Montreal Florida at NY Islanders Philadelphia at Washington Colorado at Dallas New Jersey at St. Louis NY Rangers at Minnesota Chicago at Vancouver Columbus at San Jose x2 Sunday, November 21 Calgary at Detroit NY Islanders at Atlanta Edmonton at Anaheim Phoenix at Vancouver
  8. Campbell calls (likely Savard) "Fake Artist" in email

    i give campbell a week before he is looking for another job.
  9. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 6

    Friday, November 12 Edmonton at New Jersey Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh Colorado at Columbus Minnesota at Florida Calgary at Phoenix Dallas at Anaheim Saturday, November 13 Ottawa at Boston Washington at Buffalo Colorado at Detroit Carolina at Montreal Florida at Philadelphia Vancouver at Toronto Pittsburgh at Atlanta St. Louis at Phoenix Chicago at Nashville Calgary at San Jose NY Islanders at Los Angeles x2 Sunday, November 14 Edmonton at NY Rangers Minnesota at Tampa Bay Atlanta at Washington Anaheim at Chicago
  10. Get ready folks, hitting is about to exit our game

    Two games...what a ******* joke of a league. Honestly, last time I checked it was the Nation HOCKEY League not the National ***** PUCK League... Thornton gets paid to lay people out each night and Perron gets paid to keep his ******* head up. Who didn't do what they were supposed to?
  11. Get ready folks, hitting is about to exit our game

    This. I just don't remember seeing so many players just immediately going down, and not moving after a hit, as I have this season. Between this and the softening of NFL hits it makes you wonder if professional athletes realize why they get paid what they do. They are the modern day gladiators and we want to see aggressiveness and super-human abilities displayed every game. Yes, sometimes this results in the end of a career, but at least, they are getting paid accordingly for the risky job and there has not been a death in the NHL since Masterton. Don't get me wrong, I do not justify hits where the clear intent is to injure, but that was not the case here. If Perron had played the puck successfully it would have been a clean hit, because he missed, Thornton's shoulder misses its target and hits the head making it look much worse.
  12. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 5

    Friday, November 5 NY Rangers at New Jersey Boston at Washington Montreal at Buffalo Carolina at Florida Calgary at Minnesota Phoenix at Dallas Detroit at Edmonton Pittsburgh at Anaheim Saturday, November 6 St. Louis at Boston Florida at Carolina Ottawa at Montreal Philadelphia at NY Islanders x2 Buffalo at Toronto Chicago at Atlanta Minnesota at Columbus Dallas at Colorado Pittsburgh at Phoenix Nashville at Los Angeles Detroit at Vancouver Tampa Bay at San Jose Sunday, November 7 Philadelphia at Washington Edmonton at Chicago St. Louis at NY Rangers Nashville at Anaheim
  13. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 4

    Friday, October 29 Montreal at NY Islanders Carolina at NY Rangers Philadelphia at Pittsburgh Buffalo at Atlanta Edmonton at Chicago New Jersey at Anaheim Saturday, October 30 Nashville at Detroit Pittsburgh at Carolina Florida at Montreal Boston at Ottawa NY Islanders at Philadelphia x2 NY Rangers at Toronto Buffalo at Dallas Atlanta at St. Louis Chicago at Minnesota Columbus at Colorado Tampa Bay at Phoenix Washington at Calgary New Jersey at Los Angeles Anaheim at San Jose
  14. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 3

    not looking too good this week...50% at best
  15. Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 3

    Friday, October 22 Calgary at Columbus Ottawa at Buffalo Tampa Bay at Atlanta Chicago at St. Louis Minnesota at Vancouver Saturday, October 23 NY Rangers at Boston Anaheim at Detroit Buffalo at New Jersey Montreal at Ottawa Toronto at Philadelphia Atlanta at Washington x2 NY Islanders at Florida Nashville at Dallas Pittsburgh at St. Louis Columbus at Chicago Los Angeles at Colorado Carolina at Phoenix San Jose at Edmonton Sunday, October 24 Nashville at Tampa Bay New Jersey at NY Rangers San Jose at Calgary