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  1. Just now, MabusIncarnate said:

    I was gonna say, I hope everything is okay on your end Loo, I wasn't sure how directly you were being impacted but a lot of people are suffering through a major crisis in Texas right now. Glad things are starting to look up as far as the weather at least.

    I am fine here... just a bit traumatized by the disregard of our elected officials here... others have it SO much worse than me.  I am not complaining.   I am scared but it;s getting better, thanks


  2. we are doing better... temps got above freezing here for the first time in a week.  Snow and ice are starting to melt.  Water sources are contaminated, 12 million of us in the state are on boil water notice.  Hard to do when the power has been out for days on end.  

    It will get better.  The trauma and financial ruin will be going on for a long time... so the Wings could at least try to make me happy, right?  :lol:

  3. 3 minutes ago, MabusIncarnate said:

    I think if Brome can finally pot one, he can open it up a bit. He's noticeable each game, and plays with good energy, but still no points on the season and 8-9 games now on the top line. 

    Call me nuts, but I'd go as far as experimenting with Glendening centering the 2nd line between Ryan and Fabbri. His faceoffs have been great and he brings energy. 

    OK, you're nuts.  :lol:  Just kidding.  I love Brome, he's got something to prove and plays like a Little Mule.  Glenny is far more skilled than he's been given credit for, too.