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  1. Personal note to the denizens of this season's GDTs:  I miss you all and enjoyed our chats during the games.  Even though most were awful losses, you were there for the celebrations of the good outings... and there will be more of them.  You are good and loyal fans of our Wings.  Stay well and be safe/sane about this situation we are in, as a nation. 

    I just wanted to say hello to each of you, and hope to see you soon - Dabby, Mabus, Legs, Y19, Neo -- all of you fine people.  Looking forward to next season now.

    xoxo, loooo

  2. 4 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    They dont use the same VPN for office and remote?

    Honest question for work from home lifestyle... Do you even bother to get ready in the morning? I imagine myself and it would probably result in me in sweatpants all day.

    Not sure, but we are gonna find out!

    I worked in an office for 20 years and then they closed my office and let everyone on my team go, except me.  I run everything alone now.  My 'rule' is that I keep office hours (used to work 12-15 hours a day, and weekends, now I do not).  And I get up like usual, and dress, albeit casually, in a fashion that if I had to leave the house for some reason, I could.  Just my weird work ethic after doing this work for 25+ years.  I am a voice on the phone to 100's of clients, so dead VPN will not be a good thing

  3. 1 minute ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    Fingers crossed that all my work trips get canceled.

    God bless you corona virus, may you bring the American economy to its knees so we dont have to work anymore

    My firm has canceled all trips and told everyone to go work at home.  I work at home full time, have done so for five years now.  I can't wait for the VPN to keel over and die at the servers when 2000 extra people hit it up next week.  LOL~  Oh boy! 

  4. Just now, Y19 said:

    Wow, that bites.  :unhappy:  I wan't planning to drive to Tampa any time soon, but that would be tempting.

    If it was closer and not a long plane flight and hotel and all the other stuff, I would have just gone for the weekend.  Such is life.  Ticketmaster said too many people have canceled on the game (March 14) so they are refusing to refund.  I have event insurance, so maybe I will get some of the money back....