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  1. LOL that they think this was a big win... seriously. Dumb asses...
  2. Givani!! I love this kid SOO much... good job!!
  3. funny, since they probably think he's Big Bert's son, not his nephew. whatever... wish it would spur BB to score a few more for us.
  4. this is not on Jimmy Howard, think what you want. He has no chance out there alone... none.
  5. this makes me so very unhappy.... ugh
  6. I am just hallucinating, but once in a while Bertuzzi and Zadimples bring back memory flashes of Hank and Dats... our new Euro Twins. I can dream, yes?
  7. let's face it. We have seen far worse. This is not out of reach, but they have to buckle down and SHOOT the puck and try to score, or the result is basically inescapable. Jimmy has been stellar... he's been shelled and neither goal was his fault. Ozzie said so. I believe Ozzie would know.
  8. I pray over that boy, and hope he grows into his skills. Mostly I just want to smack him, though. LOL
  9. Hi, there! Yes, they do. Agreed on both young men. I am a big Honker fan.. and cannot wait for Mo the Younger to get up to the big club.
  10. for moments this season and last, I thought we might have that. We don't.
  11. Wings have scored their one goal per game limit, so by default, we may be done here... unless Jimmy can score one to tie it.
  12. I missed it.. In the other room, working... but here we go... down the drain in the 2nd... sigh
  13. Some people hope it will force a trade. I hope not. He deserves to retire a Red Wing. He has stuck with them through highs and lows, and deserves to go out on his own terms.
  14. Jimmy brought his Hasek mojo today.. thankfully. Now, if the Wings understand that one goal is probably not enough, this could end better than one would expect, statistically.
  15. that was scary... Jimmy = the Man out there again. Happy to see the refs eventually find the whistle... sheesh
  16. this is upside down and backwards season (as is much of the world now). Things that used to make sense no longer do, and vice versa
  17. they look great... Jimmy Howard is his usual stellar self despite the Storm Trooper helmet. We know this might not last, but they are bringing what serves as their A game here today. oh look ANOTHER PP for the Avs. Let's continue to press our luck here, shall we, Wings???
  18. Refs love dem Avs... aahhooooogaaahhhhh.... dive, dive, dive. Kill it Jimmy/Wings. Jimmy went incognito there with mask. So far the Refs/Avs have not been able to solve him... he is the MAN.
  19. he was a big fat whiny-baby diver as a Maple Loaf, too... surprise!
  20. Some of us work a lot harder to try to watch them than the Wings do, playing hockey... that is for sure. Kadri is a *****.. by the way
  21. I am running back and forth from my office to this computer, trying to watch/listen. I am happy to be in the company of others whose employers do not honor MLK Day either. Money money money....
  22. LOL... Avs forgot for a minute that the Wings are incapable of playing hockey. That is not always true, now izzit? Young Bert can handle some boo's, with his gap-toothed smile... I suspect he enjoyed it...
  23. maybe.. that's a weird shot of Daley, too... he looks confused, or worse. Why am I here???? oy.
  24. Avalunch. I have a feeling we might be the entree of the day, but hey - ya never know with these guys. LGRW!! I notice my Val is in the lineup... so he didn't get boo-boo'ed all that bad last game, which is good. Glenny looks awfully pleased with himself for a guy who took a bad penalty and lost the game for us last outing.. still like him. Please stop the stupid s*** today, Wings.
  25. I am the only person I know who is working today. NHL apparently thinks the US celebrates MLK Day and hence we have this ridiculous game time. I will go back and forth between game and office (I work at home, they closed my office here years ago)... I want to see it if they manage to win this. I never stop believing that is possible, as I have survived worse odds at my job than what the Wings are facing. If I can do it, so can they, LGRW!