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  1. Wings re-sign MacDonald to 2 year contract

    With the exception of one or 2 games last year, I thought Joey was a solid backup when called upon. I'm kind of hoping that they give Ozzie one more (please be) healthy year as a backup/mentor for Jimmy, make this a 2 way deal, and see what next year brings us. I'm sure Ozzie will be very realistic about his future, depending on how well he holds up this year.
  2. Question: Why do Wings fans hate the Canucks?

    Actually the Canucks have been my second favorite team for a while. I like watching the Sedins and their chemistry, and I usually root for Canadian teams because their fans always have the passion that most American fans only get when their team is winning. That being said, I'm glad the hawks beat them up a bit and gave them a reason to doubt themselves, just in case we end up facing each other in round 3
  3. luckiest man alive

    so youre saying that phoenix brought this guy in by choice..? other than maybe the whole publicity stunt thing, that would be one creative way to throw a game if LeBarbera went down.
  4. Wings sporting an ad-badged jersey

    The ad is probably receiving more attention on this thread than it will for being on the practice jersey
  5. Behind the Scenes Look to Howard's New Mask Design

    Well it's been a while since we've had a goalie with a legit mask, Ozzie and Dom dont count haha
  6. Osgood injures his groin in practice

    I can't believe the lack of respect I see from wings "fans" towards our future HOF goalie. (not intended to start a debate on that)
  7. Osgood, & Draper

    Ozzie may have let by 4, but I really dont think either was his fault. A screen, pass in front one timer, weak net-front presence by Kronwall.. I think it was a team loss last night, Ozzie made a few key saves while we were still in it too. That being said, I do see him retiring at the end of the season.
  8. San Jose Game 2 Diving Compilation

    Its probly best not to dwell on it; we lost, its over, and that's that. Now, with that being said, some of these dives (Nichol's at :50 especially) were just pathetic. NO other way of putting it.
  9. Extremely Quick Turnaround (maybe)

    "Perhaps the sharks didnt anticipate advancing to the second round." Oh snap!
  10. 2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

    How sweet would it be to score the first goal? Think about it boys, 3-2 wings!
  11. 2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

    2,000? holy hell, LETS GO WINGS
  12. I have little doubt that Ozzie COULD get back into the zone in the right circumstances (lots of cusion in the standings, plenty of time til the playoffs) but now is crunch time, and the Wings have neither of those. I love Ozzie but he looked pretty slow and unmotivated in that Minnesota game (though nobody can really blame him for the loss, the whole team sucked). Keep Jimmy in, he's done all he can to prove himself. I still say I have some confidence in Ozzie in the playoffs if Jimmy gets too nervous. This season doesnt change the fact that Ozzie is a hall of famer.
  13. Time for Osgood

    As a lifetime Ozzie fan, I say put him in there. The game against Washington was tough but what could we expect? He hadn't played in a month, Babs was throwing him to the dogs for his comments to the press. Jimmy has been about as solid as anyone could ask for as a rookie, but I don't see him in the playoffs yet. Ozzie always seems to kick it up a notch in the playoffs, but he has to have a good strong of games played (at least every other night) to expect that performance again.