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  1. Official Detroit Red Wings Could my leave get any better? Got tickets to the game vs the Rangers on the 26th. THE GAME HELM WILL RETURN!?!?!? wow. #Awesome

  2. Oh yea, Official Detroit Red Wings game on Oct 26th and Here Come the Mummies on Nov 8th. Great leave already planned.

  3. Austrian Death Machine pretty great.

  4. The Kartrashians continue to fall apart. See, good things do happen, even when the government is shut down!

  5. Somethings just make sense. Like Pink Floyd when you first wake up. Breathe in the air.

  6. To the people who are on TV complaining about losing their jobs because of the shut down : Hm, why don't you take that time and go look for a new job instead of complaining? THIS is what is wrong with America. People just hold out their hands, and if what they want doesn't magically appear, they throw a temper tantrum and start complaining instead of doing something about it.

  7. Steve Yzerman wants Game Misconduct penalties for fighting

    I don't normally log in and post, just read, but people, listen. Remember when Drapes got his face ran into the boards? You think McCarty WANTED to fight Lemieux before that? Nope. Fighting in hockey is the equalizer. You make a dirty play on the ice, you're going to have to answer the bell. If you want to get rid of fighting, get rid of all the cheap dirty plays and the players who commit them. That's how you'll get rid of fighting, Hockey is a sport where team mates look out for each other, that should never change, it's what makes hockey different from every other sport. You know when Lidstorm got ran into the boards, SOMEONE was going to come running to politely object. No one fighting in hockey is out to injure another person. Evidence the other night in the Habs Leafs game. Parros was hurt, you could tell Colton wanted to immediately HELP his fellow hockey player, not punch him anymore. Keep hockey hockey. /rant
  8. Holy s***, Joan Rivers looks less plastic than Bruce Jenner!

  9. So excited for the new amon amarth album!!!!!

  10. I miss fort wayne driving. Everyone down here drives like grandma

  11. Just an idea, don't schedule me for a 345 appointment if you can't call my name before 445, and then I sit till 525 in the room. And finally check out at 0545. f*** doctors

  12. Moving to Westfield tomorrow!