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  1. Call me paranoid, but something just dawned on me. Now I hate to be one to again point out the obvious and accuse the NHL of favoritism, but I can't help but notice it. While watching the Wings last night play Nashville and watching all the elbows being thrown at our players I remembered how Franzen continued to take headshots in the 08 playoff run...However even though he struggled through many concussions there was nothing issued by the league at all. However, today once Sidney Crosby is sidelined by a hit to the head and is suffering from concussions the GM's are gathering and putting together meetings to resolve the issue and Bettman's cracking down on the hits to the head. My question is why wasn't this addressed until the golden boy Crosby was finally hurt? Your thoughts?
  2. Good call on Abby's contract Martyrme19! You're like psychic.
  3. Haha it's all in good fun! I normally don't post on the boards but then this popped up and I noticed nobody had bothered to post anything so I had to jump all over it. This is exciting though, Modano in a winged wheel just feels right to me! GO WINGS!
  4. According to the Detroit Free Press Mike Modano WILL be signing with the wings! This gives us unparalleled depth for our first three lines and I just can't wait to see him score in red and white on Turco in a Blackhawks uniform! http://www.freep.com/article/20100802/SPORTS05/100802064/1319/Mike-Modano-will-sign-with-the-Red-Wings
  5. This just makes me want Modano so much more! Dallas is just fueling the rivalry! =D