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  1. Hockey wouldn't be hockey without fighting. I'd hate to see it leave.
  2. How's your face Boychuk?
  3. Western conference finals pre-view. Go Wings!
  4. Sex wax advertisement
  5. I like these.
  6. Win is a win no matter how ugly the game is! 18 consecutive wins!!! Keep rolling wings!
  7. Lets get #18!!!!!
  8. This is why players should keep their head up. And In words of happy gilmore. "He shouldn't have been standing there!"
  9. no one likes vancouver because they riot when they lose and then try to draw attention.
  10. Cant afford to under estimate.
  11. <P>Im excited to see the red wings in 24/7 road to the winter classic.</P>
  12. don't stop believin' by journey!
  13. Watching this game makes me excited for playoffs, the game had the playoff instensity and the playoff type of play. Defense first, offense second. Defense and special teams were a huge part on how the game was won today. Great Job wings! Now go to Montreak and show them that they dont own the game!
  14. Everybody had an awesome period. Howard making huge saves for when st.louis had great chances, Datsyuk with the sickest goal ever, and Franzen capitalizing on the huge pp goal to take the lead, If the wings play like they did this last period, st.louis doesnt have a dream about winning this game. Keep the winning streak at the Joe rolling!!!