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    Bar Down

  2. Bar Down

    David Pope

    Drafted by the Wings in the 4th round 109th overall in 2013, he’s a 6’3”, 200 lbs LW in his senior year at University of Nebraska-Omaha. He’s tied for 3rd in the NCAA with 38 pts in 27 games, and T-2nd in the nation with 19 goals. I really haven’t been able to find much information about him but he seems like an intriguing prospect. Has anyone else heard anything about him? Is he on the Wings radar to be signed after his season ends? The Wings brass let James De Haas sign elsewhere after a stellar senior year at Clarkson last year and he’s having a great season in Philly’s organization. I’d hate to see that happen with Pope, too.
  3. Bar Down

    Naming The New Arena Suggestion

    I'm on board for Little Caesar's Palace
  4. Bar Down

    Mike McKee

    Agreed. Central Scouting's 2013 final rankings has 8 WHL players projected for the first round, compared to the USHL's 2 (and none in the top 20). Small sample size, I know but still worth noting.
  5. Bar Down

    4/1 GDT : Avalanche 2 at Red Wings 3

    Brunner and Nyquist looking like they might have some chemistry. Love it.
  6. Bar Down

    3/20 GDT : Wild 4 at Red Wings 2

  7. Bar Down

    2/28 GDT : Red Wings 2 at San Jose Sharks 1 (SO)

    The sad thing the color guy is Drew Remenda who is from Saskatoon. He sounds like Eddie Olczyk calling a Hawks game.
  8. Bar Down

    2/28 GDT : Red Wings 2 at San Jose Sharks 1 (SO)

    Great comment by the Sharks commentator: "Gutless hit. Pick the smallest guy on the ice, take a run at him. Leave your feet." He couldn't have been more wrong. Absolutely baffling.
  9. Bar Down

    2/21 GDT Columbus 3 @ Red Wings 2

    Pulock is the real deal. I've seen too much of him this season (work for a rival team haha) and he is easily the best player on the ice when healthy. He would look great in red and white.
  10. Bar Down

    2/19 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Predators 4 (OT)

    What more could you ask for out of that game aside from a win? The Wings dominated the Preds for the majority of the game. 60% on face-offs, out-hitting and out-shooting a team usually means a win. A couple of bounces going the Wings' way and this game doesn't even go to OT. I know the Wings are on a losing streak but that was a really entertaining game to watch.
  11. Bar Down

    Bertuzzi's continuing back problems

    We're on the hook for his salary next year even if he does retire. He has a 35+ deal.
  12. Bar Down

    2/13 GDT : St. Louis Blues 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    Maybe Babs is banking on Cleary breaking out of his slump by having some high caliber linemates. He (hopefully) has nowhere to go but up from the start he's had to the season.
  13. Bar Down

    Any NHL'ers from your home town?

    And Jarrett Stoll? I'm from Yorkton and everyone gets so offended when people say he's from Neudorf. Or Melville.
  14. Bar Down

    Actions taken against Windsor Spitfires.

    I work for a small market team in the WHL and everyone in our organization is ecstatic that a deep-pocketed, privately owned team is finally being held accountable. Teams like the Spitfires, London Knights and Portland Winterhawks have been screwing over the rest of the teams that can't afford to hand over stacks of under the table money to European and American talent for far too long.
  15. Bar Down

    Valtteri Filppula - we should get him locked up as soon as possible

    I completely agree. I'm a huge Flip fan but I'd say he's our best bargaining chip for any major deals that may get done. It'd be tough to see him go but if it's a deal to bring a player who puts us over the top and into another Stanley Cup Final, I'm all for it. If Filppula isn't used as part of a huge deal to bring someone else in, I'd hope Kenny gets to work ASAP after July 1st to get him re-signed.